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Donna the Buffalo appeared live on Birmingham’s Fox News at Noon today. They are performing at WorkPlay this evening.

Check out the video here:


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Amelia's Mechanics

Amelia’s Mechanics is fronted by Greensboro, NC singer-songwriter’s Molly McGinn and Molly Miller, and backed by a talented group of musicians out of Nashville, TN.  Despite what the oil-and-iron name might suggest, the women of Amelia’s Mechanics swap that toughness for a more urban, sophisticated take on Americana music, using luxuriating harmonies and classical swells to temper their lyrical frustrations with love and life. The instrumentation and vocal harmonies of Amelia’s Mechanics result in a genre-busting sound best described as “vintage country with a moonshine concerto.”

The band released their debut album “North, South,” produced by Jim Avett (father of The Avett Brothers) in February of 2010 to critical acclaim and embarked on an inaugural spring tour to the delight of audiences all across the southeastern United States. Amelia’s Mechanics will begin recording a follow-up album this summer in Asheville, NC at the wonderful Echo Mountain Studios (whose client list includes Smashing Pumpkins, The Avett Brothers, Band of Horses) with the Asheville-based, Grammy-winning producer Steven Heller and fellow Greensboro, NC singer-songwriter Laurelyn Dossett at the helm. A release date has not yet been set for the new album, so stay tuned to their website for more info.

Amelia’s Mechanic’s  “combines elements of rock, folk and country into a warm conglomerate that touches the soul” ~ Review by Jeff Hahne, Editor, Creative Loafing Charlotte

Show details at a glance:

Amelia’s Mechanics
Jim Avett
Pisgah Brewery
Saturday, April 10, 2010

All ages, $7
Doors 7pm, show 8pm
150 Eastside Drive
Black Mountain,NC 28711

Check out their interviews prior to the show:

Links to Amelia’s Mechanic’s Music:
Lala: http://bit.ly/9XJVmr
iTunes: http://bit.ly/bmP0aX

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Check out this review in Asheville’s Mountain Xpress of Galen Kipar Project’s newest album, The Scenic Route.

SoundTrack Web Extra

by Alli Marshall on 03/29/2010


The last thing I wanted to hear on a sunny afternoon, winter still too close to have forgiven it for its chilly insult, is a song that begins, “October snow is coming down.” But the lead track to The Galen Kipar Project‘s new record, The Scenic Route is luminous and warm; Kipar’s vocals as light and syncopated as water cascading over rocks.

Actually, water is an adroit descriptor for an album rife with liquid references. “Rushing Over My Bones,” “The Shore Rushed By” and “Riversong” — and those are just the song titles. “It’s silent up here, silent as water freezing,” he sings on “How I’ve changed.”

…there’s a sense of sea change. Seasons, natural metaphors, moody meditations allude to darker stirrings beyond the album’s first buoyant offering…

Each song on Routes is carefully orchestrated and worked with the tender care of a master painter at his easel. Kipar elevates this eight-song collection far beyond standard singer/songwriter fare, wringing emotion and texture from each song and adding layers of interest with rich, resonant percussion and an intricate dance of string tones. He pushes the envelope of how many sounds can be introduced without reducing the sum to a fuzzy, sonic snarl. In each moment the symphonic result is shined to a high gloss and, despite more than one turn through the soul’s dark night, Kipar never loses sight of the bright warmth with which he begins the journey of this CD.

If Galen Kipar’s The Scenic Route — a name which at first seems vague, but, on closer examination, proves apt — is not a work of mastery, it’s damned close. Learn more at galenkipar.com.

—Alli Marshall, A&E reporter

READ the complete review here: http://mountainx.com/ae/2010/soundtrack_web_extra4/

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Keller Williams & Larry and Jenny Keel, Keller and the Keels, are proud to get you all pumped up for the release of their 2nd studio album ‘Thief‘ which is due out this spring! Official accurate statements forthcoming!

Look out for wild youtubes, press conferences, and stuff to show everyone what this project is all about! Plus, there’s a sweet sweepstakes that’s going to be launched to promote the release of ‘Thief’… You won’t believe what the winner gets!

Show-wise, here’s the first round list of great big fun events Keller and the Keel’s are gonna be performing at this spring and summer:

April10 ~ Greenfield Lake Amphitheater ~ Wilmington NC
May 22 ~ Smilefest Reunion ~ Pinnacle NC
June 17 ~ Telluride Bluegrass Festival ~ Telluride CO
June 17 ~ Sheridan Opera House ~ Telluride CO
July 4 ~ Grateful Fest at Nelson Ledges ~ Garrettsville OH
July 11 ~ All Good Fest ~ Masontown, WV
Aug. 13 ~ Targhee Bluegrass Fest ~ Alta WY
That’s it for now! More wacky and interesting things to be announced as the world turns… Stay tuned

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Here’s a great writeup about the upcoming Keel Family Function in CatwalkChatt.com :
Keel Family Function returns to LaFayette
by Matt Ledger
Cherokee Farms will come out of winter hibernation, with a musical menagerie known as the second annual Keel Family Function on the weekend of April 2-4.

Early campers will be able to set up on April Fool’s Day, with Soul Grass Rebellion providing music at 9 p.m.

Friday’s acts will begin at 5 p.m. and serenade campers to sleep during the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The lineup of artists has increased from 17 acts last year to 22 this year.

Last year’s inaugural concert featured Larry Keel and Natural Bridge, the namesake of the event.

Jeff Mosier, Caroline Pond, Ralph Roddenberry, and Lefty Williams are just a few of the artists returning from last year — excited about the springtime return to LaFayette.

“We anticipate some great musical energy and fusion among the artists all weekend long,” Thomas Helland, the event’s coordinator, said.

The highlight of last year’s concert for Donna Hopkins was playing in the “Eye of the Dawg” showcase, which had nearly a dozen players jamming together in the round acoustically.

Digital Butter of Chattanooga will add an electorinca sound to the upcoming concert, during the late-night hours, along with Zoogma of Oxford, Miss.

The soulful funky sounds of 3rd Stone, from northern Florida, is a “blend of rock, afro-beat, reggae and funk rhythms into a highly addictive sonic stew that is sure to make your body move,” according to Helland.

Ashville, N.C., will be well represented with Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Virginia Dare Devils, Soulgrass Rebel-lion, and Caroline Pond making the trek over I-40.

The Ragbirds of Ann Arbor, Mich., will be traveling the furthest for this gig, bringing an international flavor that combines Celtic fiddling, African drum beats with Middle Eastern, Gypsy, and Americana stylings.

Future plans for the Keel Family Function are to develop into an annual spring pilgrimage for roots music lov-ers, and “maintain a similar explosive musical energy to Harvest Fest while creating a path all its own,” Helland said.

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Here are some snapshots that I took at PhilanthroPEAK Live on Saturday March 20th at the Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville, NC.  PhilanthroPEAK is the title of the forthcoming Asheville outreach documentary being produced by Concepts4Charity (C4C).  The film tells a story of a community taking action by discussing ideas for developing grassroots projects in Western North Carolina, while also promoting the goodwill and concerns of the local community. For more info visit concepts4charity.org

Shay Amber & Gabriel Shaffer's clay work shop!

Jenny Greer

Jenny Greer

Eliza Sydney

The Secret B-Sides



Underhill Rose

Underhill Rose

Aaron Woody Wood

Filmmakers David Bourne & Kurt Mann in action filming Aaron Woody Wood

Aaron Price & Kellin Watson

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PhilanthroPEAK Live starts at 5pm tonight, Saturday March 20th, 2010 at the Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville! Film, Music, Art, Mon-profits, and more… Read more about it n the Blue Banner Article below:

Charity promotes nonprofits with film

By Alex Hammond / Staff Writer

UNCA’s Blue Banner www.thebluebanner.net


The PhilanthroPEAK Live concert at the Diana Wortham Theatre involves several bands, cameras, a cut rate for students and filming a unique documentary.

“This year, Chris’ idea originally was to develop a film that would show us building relationships in the community, as we’re trying to develop a program in Asheville,” said Kaleem Clarkson, the director of Concepts4Charity.

C4C is a national charity dedicated to the promotion of other charities. Their next production is the PhilanthroPEAK documentary, which deals largely with area nonprofit organizaitions and the artists and musicians involved with them, said Chris Gaspar, the vice president of operations of C4C.

“We’re like a PR company for nonprofits,” he said.

Asheville has a lot of nonprofits, but little in terms of promotion for them, Gaspar said. Filming a documentary on those organizations seemed like a perfect chance to build relationships and to promote an area that gets less media coverage than it should, he said.

“I thought that this place is not really getting covered,” Gaspar said. “We want to introduce Asheville to a larger base.”

Gaspar wants to build another office here, Clarkson said, so they started production and started raising funds to move a pilot program from Massachusetts to the mountains.

“He (Gaspar) felt that it was time to build a physical presence in Asheville. Most of our physical presence has been in Massachusetts and Sacramento,” Clarkson said.

Funds raised at the concert Saturday will go toward a program starting at Asheville High School named Hip-Hop Culture, Gaspar said.

“We basically pick a benefactor, we work with the local talent and the local venues,” Gaspar said.

Clarkson said the program offers several disciplines, including break dancing, poetry or songwriting.

“What we do with Hip-Hop Culture, plain and simple, is we provide kids the chance to select a discipline. They practice that discipline twice a week after school,” Clarkson said.

Students learn the history of hip-hop as well as the techniques. At the end of the semester, they participate in a talent show, according to Clarkson.

“We got the confirmation from the principal that we could start a pilot program,” he said.

One of the filmmakers involved with the PhilanthroPEAK project, David Bourne, is a local who worked with Gaspar on a prior project, A Call to Action. He said the documentary is well on the way to finishing shooting.

“We’re still in production, so we are probably about three-quarters of the way through the project. We’ve filmed in a cabin in Leicester and we have filmed in a hot-air balloon,” Bourne said. “In my balloon, I was interviewing a naturalist who works for a regional nonprofit called the WNC Alliance, and he was able to talk about the region’s biodiversity.”

The unique shooting situation caused some equally unique problems, Bourne said.

“The major challenge was doing an interview when the balloon had to be inflated at different intervals. The balloon blast would go off, and we would just have to have them repeat the last thing they said, just start over,” he said.

Filming in a balloon was a way the filmmakers offered a different take on the area, Bourne said.

“Of course, being up in a balloon you get all kinds of perspective that you can’t get on the ground,” he said.

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.thebluebanner.net/mobile/charity-promotes-nonprofits-with-film-1.1270081

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