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Help Sheila Shine On:
A Benefit Extravaganza for Marshall, NC resident Sheila McGuire, aka “Sheila Shine”
New Mountain’s Outdoor Courtyard on Tuesday, July 21, 2015
7pm doors/ 8pm music; All Ages; Silent Auction/ Raffle
Office: 828.785.1701
38 N French Broad Ave • Asheville, NC 28801

Entertainment by
The Risin’ Shiners:
ft. Bobby Miller, Taylor Martin, Drew Matulich, Josh Stack & Rob Parks,
Adrian Zelski spinning world beats, The Big F’N Deal Band,
Melmac Pink of Asheville Hoops, Kenny the Clown,
a Drum Circle and Other Activities with DRUMSTRONG,

as well as poetry by Barbie Angell and David Weber

DRUMSTRONG is a Supporting Partner
DrumsForCures produces DRUMSTRONG™ events globally raising awareness and funds in support of cancer education, research and survivorship through Rhythm

Stay up to date with more news from Sheila and about the benefits at her facebook group → www.facebook.com/groups/SheilaShineOn

ASHEVILLE, NC — Life has ways of testing the strength and endurance of us in this world. Last year, Sheila McGuire, or Sheila Shine as most know her, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she is now receiving Medicaid, the financial burden of having not been able to work, coupled with other health care and living costs, has put her livelihood in jeopardy. In the midst of her health crisis, Sheila has also been fighting to keep her beloved mountain sanctuary home Spirits Rising, in Little Pine Valley of Marshall where she has lived since 2007, which is facing foreclosure. It is difficult enough to endure a trauma to one’s physical body, let alone have trauma in their sense of security and place of refuge.

Sheila Shine. Photo by Leigh Monson.

Sheila Shine. Photo by Leigh Monson.

Sheila has been a good warrior and has been fighting for life. Since August 19 2014, she has endured five surgeries including a double mastectomy, along with dealing with chronic back pain from an injury she sustained when hit by a drunk driver in 2005. Her final surgery blessedly came back with positive results of being cancer free as of June 19th, 2015. She still has to be careful, especially with her nutritional needs and stress levels. She’s out of the woods and feeling much better, but she still has a long road paved with more surgeries and medication regimens ahead of her.

Now let’s help her get back on her feet financially. With the support of a wide network of friends and festival family, Sheila has been able to open up and talk about her experience with others and is working toward manifesting her dream of making her home a mountain retreat for musicians and others with cancer to recuperate. She has been receiving much support within her community of friends worldwide.

In Asheville, New Mountain has generously offered their space to host multiple benefits, in which Sheila is actively participating in, throughout the coming months with the first being held on Tuesday, July 21st in the outdoor courtyard. Performers set for the evening include The Risin’ Shiners (ft. Bobby Miller, Taylor Martin, Drew Matulich, Josh Stack, and Rob Parks), Adrian Zelski spinning world beats, The Big F’N Deal Band, Melmac Pink of Asheville Hoops, Kenny the Clown, a drum circle and other activities with DRUMSTRONG, as well as poetry by Barbie Angell and David Weber. Doors will open at 7pm and the music starts at 8pm. There will also be a silent auction/ raffle and educational materials on site.

DrumstrongLogo2015DRUMSTRONG is a supporting partner in the “Help Sheila Shine On” events where folks will enjoy great music, solid health resources, great art/raffles, fun activities, and a powerful drum circle to BEAT cancer. DrumsForCures produces DRUMSTRONG events raising awareness & funds in support of cancer survivorship, education & research through Rhythm. All cancers, All populations are represented. DRUMSTRONG’s Scott Swimmer writes, “Join DRUMSTRONG Rhythm as we celebrate survivorship and boost our dear friend Sheila to higher ground. Lord knows she needs your support; and in doing so, also benefit thousands of people globally.” Bring your drum for an opening ceremony to drum in honor of, or in memory of, for your own fortification or just out of the goodness of your heart.

The Sheila Shine Fund will blossom by your participating in committing to share your pulse and making tax deductible donations through DrumsForCures’ 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donate via PayPal at scott@drumstrong.org and note in honor of Sheila Shine.

For each benefit, we are seeking donated items such as artwork, music/ art lessons, gift certificates to local businesses & restaurants, and other creative ideas. We are also in the planning phases for the events further out; if you would like to perform, contribute, or have any other creative ideas, please do let us know.

People Sheila calls “Angels” and great manifestation have kept Sheila moving forward through these trying times, however, it is time for the community and circles of loving relationships that she has created to come back and help Sheila to keep shining. When we give for those in need we are truly giving of self.  Please come and celebrate life with Sheila, reconnect, meet a beautiful shining soul and support her as she travels this road.

Friends of Sheila Shine have also created a Go Fund Me account for anyone that would like to donate: www.gofundme.com/SheilaShineFund. Stay up to date with more news from Sheila & Friends and about the benefits at her facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/SheilaShineOn.

Sheila “Shine” McGuire
has touched countless lives and grew up in the sunshine state where she was an integral part of the alternative music, dance and performance scene. She was drawn to the energy and lush mountains of WNC in 2007 from Fort Lauderdale, Fl with the idea in mind of a place called Spirits Rising, nestled high on the mountains, next to a riverbank, with lots of trees. She found the physical manifestation of this in her home, which was an unfinished shell of a cabin upon arrival, with a mud pit for a road, and needed a lot of work to make it into what it is today. Sheila has since shared use of her home with many a traveler and musicians passing through, providing a safe haven and place to relax in nature and regroup.

This all stems from a vision she had when she was younger. Growing up, the youngest of twelve children, her first hero, a visionary and developer, her father Martin J. McGuire, owned a resort and nightclub in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. A variety of acts passed through to perform at the venue, including The Village People, of whom Sheila recalls feeling empathy for their weariness from being on the road so much and having to stay in hotels all the time, away from family. As she lived her life and became more involved with her “festival family” and network, she held onto this vision. Over a decade ago she wrote of it in her journal, “At Spirits Rising, we are a team, we are a tribe, we were put on this earth to get something done. There will be a teacher, a healer, chef, poet, and a clown.” Sheila now says, “All of these people have all seemingly magically arrived here at one point or another. This honestly is a house that love built.”

The vision of Spirits Rising started as a place for musicians to convene and retreat, a gift back for musicians because she is so grateful for all they do, as well as being a legacy for her father (who passed in 1998) and all he did in life. As she got older, she starting having friends with health problems and terminal illness and envisioned Spirits Rising to be a sanctuary for them as well. When she was officially diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she realized that she also needed this space for herself to recuperate in those same ways. As friends traveled in from coast to coast to help her out, she saw how her childhood vision has become her mission in life: To create a healthy & musical space and support base for those in need.


Sheila Shine standing in the center of the “O” when she motivated folks to spell out “LOVE” at a music festival.

Her life changed completely when she started going to music festivals with the first Langerado (of which she attended every year) and also with her experience at the first Jam Cruise in 2004 and beyond; she immersed herself in the sense of family and community that comes with it. She loves every bit of the festivals, all the love, fun meeting people, dancing, hooping, and hugging, as well as keeping an eye out for anyone in need at the event, and, of course, the music.

After moving to the Asheville area she started hosting an interactive art and music extravaganza “Circles of Love” at various events including Transformus, Bear Creek, AshFest, Loki, and others. Jambase called it, “a traveling circus style art collective… The whole place felt like Never Never Land, where the lost boys finally find a place to call home.” Folks would bring stringed instruments, drums, hula hoops, and lots LOVE; entering a circle of space to just be themselves. Sheila and her friend Wesley Teregan set up a “chill space” with a tent, provided access to free water, had an educational area, and areas for painting, fire performances, as well as an intimate stage. “Participate or Relocate” was the theme, drawing from the creativity of all those who were there. Sheila says she does it, “Because a lot of people really need it; the feeling of being welcomed, accepted, and loved.” She goes on to say, “Usually the ones resistant to participating tend to be the ones that need it most. Sheila believes everyone has an artist inside them and that, “We all shine with love and light, if we let ourselves.”

Circles of community fan out around Sheila like a mandala. Always one to create space for friends, Sheila has provided a loving heart and warm smile for those she has known for years, as well as those she may have just met. Life is full of Angels and possibilities, and circles of love surround it all wherever Sheila goes. Her home has been a respite for the weary traveler, a mountain retreat to find a sense of place and soul, and a sanctuary for musicians where music is integrated into the space like the trees in the forest. Spirits Rising has been a manifestation making its way into reality and has been a place of stillness and peace for all who set foot on the mountainside.

Stay up to date with more news from Sheila & Friends at her facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/SheilaShineOn.

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Barbie Angell Photo by Rodney Smith of Tempus Fugit Design

Barbie Angell – Writer, Poet, Artist, Thinker –
Returns to Illinois for a few Performances

Fri 10/4 – 7-11pm “Just Jim” and “Fun Poetry Show”
VFW Cantigny Post 367 Joliet, IL
Mon 10/7 – Salt Creek Wine Bar’s Open Mic – Brookfield, IL
Sat 10/12 – 2pm Downtown Normal Roundabout

“Barbie’s poems are reminiscent of Shel Silverstein, but totally unique to her sensibility. They are infused with a bright spirit, a heart that seeks & explores, and a gentle insight. Even though the poems are about the gamut of human emotions & the subtle twists of perspective that happen with repeated experience, her words are never proselytizing or lofty. Her ‘anthropomorphizing’ of feelings (‘irony tastes like fudge’) is quirky & engaging. I imagine children & adults both will revel in her work—both her poetry & her wonderful drawings”
~ Rosanne Cash

Barbie Angell is a poet, short story writer, satirist and artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Born near Chicago, Barbie grew up on a farm in Yorkville, Illinois. After her parents divorced, she was placed in Mooseheart, in Aurora, Illinois. Known as “The Child City,” Mooseheart is a home for children, sponsored by the Loyal Order of Moose, whose parents are unable to care for them.

While her first Christmas there was difficult, one of the gifts donated to her was a diary that would change her life. Since an orphanage is not a place where one can have privacy, she chose instead to hide her thoughts in poetry. Barbie’s writing flourished there. After graduation, Barbie attended a small, private school near her family. Since she had her sights set on being a lawyer since the age of six, the attention her writing garnered there was not enough to change her career choice—until her mentor, Lincoln College’s theater director Jerry Dellinger, sat her down for an honest discussion. “So here’s the thing.” Jerry said, “You want to study to be a lawyer, but that’s not right. You’re not going to ever be a lawyer no matter how much you study, because you are a writer. That’s what you’re good at and that’s what you should do.” This discussion changed her major—and her life.

In 1994, Jerry convinced her she should perform her poetry in order to grow as an artist, and Barbie gave her first live performance at the Bloomington, Illinois Barnes & Noble. In 1997, she began successfully performing at a local bar, and also started “The Open Mic That Wouldn’t Die,” which she ran until moving to Asheville in 1999. Her words took her to a poetry competition in DC in 1997 as well, where she placed 12th out of 1400 poets from around the world. Barbie has performed in coffee houses, bars, ice cream shops and outdoor venues. Her goal has always been to reach people who don’t know they like poetry, and convince them that they do. In addition to live performances, Barbie has sold over 500 copies each of three previous self-published volumes of poetry. Barbie is a writer who rhymes, and her affinity for rhyme is not surprising at all—she grew up devouring the works of Shel Silverstein and Lewis Carroll. As a child plagued with illness and severe asthma, she spent quite a bit of her childhood alone. As is often the case with writers, her love of words is derived from the fact that books were her closest friends.

Set 4-05aVarBSince moving to Asheville, NC, Barbie has performed her varied collection of poetry in venues ranging from coffeehouses and ice cream shops to bars and bookstores. Named a Mountain Xpress Best of WNC Poet in 2011, 2012 and 2013, she is also well known in the online community and was named a Best of WNC Social Media Personality in the 2013 readers’ poll.

And now Barbie is following in Shel’s footsteps again, with her first book of children’s poetry and illustrations, Roasting Questions, which was published by Grateful Steps Publishing House in Asheville.
To find out more about the book, please visit: www.barbieangell.com/roasting-questions

Find out more about Barbie, connect with her on Twitter,
and see more of her words at www.barbieangell.com.


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