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The Greencards
Friday, Feb 11th
Blind Tiger

7pm, 21+, $20-$25
~ 1819 Spring Garden St ~ Greensboro NC


Rootsy folk band, The Greenards’ are comprised of Kym Warner (mandolin/bouzouki), Carol Young (bass/vocals), Carl Miner (guitar), Tyler Andal (fiddle)

You could call it an attraction…a curiosity…an anticipation of surprise and delight.

But there’s a better word to describe what the music of The Greencards inspires.


If you’ve followed this multinational threesome over these past five years, you know the feeling. From their personal histories through the content of their work, grounded in deep musical tradition but elevated by breathtaking technique and conceptual adventurousness, there is ample reason for interest … for excitement …

For Fascination.

The Greencards 4th Album, Fascination, was released on 2009 by Sugar Hill Records.

The Greencards are a little island of Truth and Beauty in a sea of artifice and mediocrity. What a fine group, and what a great collection of songs.” ~ Rosanne Cash

Fascination, may be their most inventive yet – his musically curious album more than lives up to its title.” ~ Paste Magazine (April ’09)

In November, 2010 the Greencards independently launched the BUY A BRICK campaign to release a new album. Basically the band invited people to join in and help them make the album, by buying a brick that will have the donors name on the album artwork…The artwork section offically closed Jan 31st and The Greencards just announced through their facebook page today, “Justin Niebank [Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Kings Of Leon] is mixing the record as we speak and weaving his magic into the music”

The projected release date for the new album is May of 2011.

Stay tuned to their website and facebook for updates:

Check them out Live at the NEW Blind Tiger in Greensboro on Friday, February 11th, 2011


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