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Just in time for Halloween:
Mad Tea Party’s  ROCK N ROLL GHOUL

EP Release events:

Oct 2nd ~ The Pour House ~ Raleigh, NC
Oct 15th ~
Stella Blue (opening for Mark Sultan) ~ Asheville, NC
Oct 16th ~ The Double Door Inn~ Charlotte, NC

Asheville’s rock ‘n’ roll duo Mad Tea Party celebrate their favorite holiday again this year with ROCK N ROLL GHOUL, a follow-up to 2009’s ZOMBIE BOOGIE. With garage-rock icon Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Oblivions) at the production helm, this year’s monster offering promises to make you howl at the moon.

Mad Tea Party provides their usual palate of shimmering vocal harmonies over Jason Krekel’s one-man-band juke joint guitar/percussion and Ami Worthen’s electric ukulele. Of course, ROCK N ROLL GHOUL also includes some sonic surprises.

The EP offers up 4 spooky selections for your rockin’ Halloween party. “Possessed,” a 60s-tinged psychedelic number, features Worthen’s wicked vocals and a demonic guitar solo from Mr. Cartwright. The furious screamer “Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghoul” expounds upon the theme of flesh-eating music critics while drivin’ rocker “Dr. Phibes” is an ode to the popular Vincent Price villain. The duo close with the Hollywood Flames’ song “Frankenstein’s Den” with Cartwright on drum kit and Caroline Pond (Snake Oil Medicine Show) joining Worthen on doo-wop vocals.

ROCK N ROLL GHOUL is available as a 7” vinyl record and as digital downloads. The EC horror comics inspired art for the record was hand drawn by San Francisco artist Gus Cutty.

Start off the season with some new spooky songs!
If you pre-order the vinyl record before October 1, they will also give you a limited edition hand-carved Dr. Phibes poster by Mad Tea Party’s own Jason Krekel!

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Mad Tea Party ~ Ami Worthen & Jason Krekel

Kentucky run May 27-29, 2010

WFPK  Studio Session at 4pm on Thurs, May 27th , Louisville

Cosmic Charlie’s on Thurs, May 27th, Lexington

Kentucky Coffeetree Café on Fri, May 28th, Frankfort

Vernon Club:  Bobby Watson’s annual “Dance or Die” Party on Saturday, May 29th in Louisville opening for the Tim Krekel Orchestra. Jason Krekel will also be performing with the TKO.

Photo by Lydia See

Mad Tea Party brews up rock ‘n’ roll, garage-pop and honky tonk to create a fresh and intoxicating sound. “It’s B-52s meets Buddy Holly with a lot more thump.” Musical conspirators Ami Worthen and Jason Krekel serve up an exciting live show to music lovers thirsty for upbeat, original refreshment. Delicious harmonies glide over electrified ukulele, juke-joint guitar, scratchy fiddle and pulsing foot percussion. Catchy songs are steeped in raw rockabilly with shreds of doo wop and devilish blues. Drink deep – Mad Tea Party concocts a musical recipe that will make you boogie.

The Mad Tea Party “Invitation to the Blues” live @ Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC 2.27.2010

The Tim Krekel Orchestra: Led by the late & great Tim Krekel

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This post by Jason Sanford with the AVL Citizen Times and Ashvegas Blog rocks! I was actually an “extra” in this Tea Party moment…

ASHVEGAS: Local tea party is not Mad Tea Party

Jason Sandford • April 23, 2010 Asheville Citizen Times

The Asheville Tea Party is a grassroots movement of regular people on a mission to take back their government. Call them citizen crusaders. They’re mad as hell, and they’re not gonna take it.

But don’t call them The Mad Tea Party. That would be the name of Ami Worthen and Jason Krekel’s popular Asheville band. They’re known for their ukulele-powered rockabilly.

The musicians have been on the local scene a good bit longer than the folks with the political agenda. Yet it seems that some folks are getting the two mixed up.

“We started getting e-mails from people thinking we were affiliated with the movement” when it first took off last year, Worthen says. It’s not the first time the band has had its name confused. There’s a Disneyland ride by the same name. It features a giant tea cup that spins riders around in dizzying style. “What can you do but laugh?”

So the band decided to have a little fun. During the Asheville Tea Party’s protest on Tax Day last week, Worthen and Krekel showed up with their instruments, a cameraman and a few extras, including a dancer in a bunny costume. It was a classic Asheville “when worlds collide” moment.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.citizen-times.com/article/20100423/NEWS/304230031 THERE IS ALSO A GREAT VIDEO POSTED: http://www.citizen-times.com/section/videonetwork?bctid=78372290001

Photo by Aja Bach

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By Margaret Hair posted: Thursday, February 4, 2010 in The Steamboat Pilot


Lydia See/courtesy Jason Krekel and Ami Worthen, the musicians behind Mad Tea Party, are set to play a free show Feb 4th at Ghost Ranch Saloon.

Steamboat Springs — Holding her ukulele with intent to attack, Ami Worthen has barreled into rockabilly music with a wry sense of humor and lots of instrumental power.

As the leading voice of Asheville, N.C.-based duo Mad Tea Party, Worthen puts an amplified ukulele to work on songs that draw heavily on a variety of musical styles and cover topics from love to zombies. Her band — which also features multi-instrumentalist Jason Krekel on electric guitar, fiddle and drums — plays a free show at 9 p.m. today at Ghost Ranch Saloon.

When Mad Tea Party started playing about six years ago, the band was taking a more folk-oriented, early jazz direction, Worthen said. That kind of music fit her choice of ukulele as a main instrument, and it worked with her throwback-molded singing style.

There still are traces of those early influences in what Mad Tea Party does today, but the band evolves with its tastes in music.

“There are so many different kinds of music, so we have a lot of different incarnations as far as what genres we’ve focused on over the years,” Worthen said.

As classically danceable rock ’n’ roll from the 1950s and ’60s worked its way into Worthen and Krekel’s record rotations, those jangling rhythms also worked their way into Mad Tea Party’s musical mind.

“I play a really driving rhythm that’s almost like a snare drum or a Jerry Lee Lewis keyboard rhythm. … So I’m keeping the train going along rhythmically but also adding a chordal element to it,” Worthen said. “It fills in a space in the music that really helps it all gel.”

Krekel added a bass drum, marching snare and hi-hat cymbal to his stage setup, and Worthen applied her ukulele strumming to the newfound surf-rock sound.

“Through our desire to rock out more, we just figured out what we could do to make a fuller sound, and people are really surprised when they come see us — they can’t believe there are only two of us,” Worthen said.

After finishing a two-week tour of Colorado, Mad Tea Party plans to do a run of shows with fellow North Carolina-based, honky-tonk-influenced showmen Southern Culture on the Skids. Worthen said the two bands share an approach to making music.

“If somebody knows about them and their show, there’s a similarity to what we’re doing with our live show — just kind of fun and irreverent and rockin’,” she said.

If you go

What: Mad Tea Party

When: 9 p.m. Thursday Feb 4th

Where: Ghost Ranch Saloon, 56 Seventh St.

Cost: Free

Call: 879-9898

Online: Learn more about the band at www.themadteaparty.com.

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Posted by David Gans in his GD Blog:


Week of November 30, 2009

Part 1 24:19
Grateful Dead 1/17/79 New Haven Coliseum

Part 2 31:06
Galen Kipar Project, Why It’s Needed
Interview: TONI BROWN
Toni Brown and Ed Munson, State of Mind

My friend Erin Scholze gave me a handful of CDs (mostly musicians she works with in her publicity and promotion business, Dream Spider) when I was in Asheville NC in October. The two that I got hooked on are Found a Reason by Mad Tea Party, and Why It’s Needed by Galen Kipar. I just had to share one of Galen’s songs with you.

I made contact with Galen via Facebook, and when I heard he was coming to Northern California to visit his sister for Thanksgiving I invited him to appear on my KPFA show, Dead to the World. Here’s the audio.

Toni Brown was the editor and publisher of Relix Magazine for many years. She has just published Relix: The Book – The Grateful Dead Experience, a compilation of articles, photos, and other material from the Deadhead publication’s long history. Toni and her partner, Ed Munson, are also touring behind a CD titled State of Mind. We crossed paths a couple of times in October, and I grabbed this interview with her at MagnoliaFest in Live Oak, Florida.

Last but certainly not least, big thanks to Charlie Miller for passing along a recently-unearthed soundboard recording from the winter of 1979. For decades, this tour was the stuff of legends because of the great performances that were available only on audience tapes. And what fine audience tapes they are! It’s interesting to hear soundboard recordings after all these years.

Support for the Grateful Dead Hour comes this week from The Jerry Garcia Family LLC, presenting Jerry Garcia Collection, Vol. 2 – Let It Rock. This is the first edition of the Jerry Garcia Band, recorded in November 1975 with the great Nicky Hopkins on keyboards. And from Grateful Dead Productions, announcing Road Trips Vol. 3, No. 1 – the complete show from December 28, 1979, with Brent Mydland at the keyboards. More information on both of these new releases, sample tracks, discussion board and more online at dead.net. And from damnfineday.com, building your music collection one song at a time.

And by the way, we post a show from the Grateful Dead Hour archive on Dead.Net every Wednesday. You can browse or search the GD Hour playlists here – and feel free to request a show!

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Well, looks like the annual avalanche of x-mas “cheer” is upon us once again.

For those of you struggling not to be swept away by it, retro rock duo Mad Tea (aka Mad Tea Party) is throwing out a rope. Namely, Jason Krekel and Ami Worthen are giving away two rockin’ songs dedicated to the grinch in each of us. A little seasonal angst that you can dance to.

Just go to www.themadteaparty.bandcamp.com to download “Oh Sh*t it’s Christmastime” and “It’s Cold Outside” for your holiday playlist.

You can also hear these songs live at the Mad Tea’s upcoming shows opening for Southern Culture on the Skids – Friday, December 4th at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC and Saturday, December 5th at the Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill.

— Ami Mad Tea (aka Mad Tea Party)



Happy Holidays from Mad Tea

released 27 November 2009
Mad Tea
Jason Krekel – guitar, drums, vocals
Ami Worthen – ukulele, vocals

Engineered by Doug Williams
Mastered by Seva

Cover art by Jake Hollifield

Just go to www.themadteaparty.bandcamp.com to download “Oh Sh*t it’s Christmastime” and “It’s Cold Outside” for your holiday playlist.

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Bold Life www.boldlife.com

Zombie Boogie EP


skullsq2 While I would have liked to have been able to review this EP for last month’s issue, the fact is…it hadn’t been released yet. Still, I feel we’re close enough to Halloween to give Zombie Boogie a look-see. Besides the kitsch of releasing a Halloween recording, Mad Tea Party has taken the extra cool step of releasing it on seven-inch vinyl. Right on, guys! While only four cuts deep and about 12 minutes long, it’s so much fun that one could easily listen to it several times in a row (I did). With a grooving, party vibe which hearkens back to spooky sock hops of decades past, it’s the perfect recording to get any party — Halloween or not — off on the right foot. As is frequently the case with Mad Tea Party, the production value on this release has that wonderful feeling that in was recorded “Motown style” — lots of reverb on the guitar and even some echo on the drums — creating a lot of depth as well as a sense of time and place. Ami Worthen’s voice pays perfect homage to the teenybopper idols of the 1950s and guitarist Jason Krekel could easily duel it out with a guy like Brian Setzer and walk away victorious. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the absolutely swingin’ saxophone work of guest Henry Westmoreland, which for me is the icing on this rockin’ uke-abilly release by one of Asheville’s favorite and most-talented duos.

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