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Reprinted by permission of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine. Written by Joe Ross.

This article was originally published in January 2012.

To more easily read the article. Click on each page for a larger view and then you can zoom out.  (hit Ctrl and scroll  up) Enjoy! 🙂

Bluegrass Unlimited’s Joe Ross interviews with Martha Moore, Cash Edwards, Karen Byrd and myself (Erin Scholze) about the role of a publicist and exactly what we do.

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I am so grateful to be included on @Scout66com‘s Janet Hansen’s list of influential women in music! Here’s a short excerpt of the post; click the link to find out about some amazing women that are all on twitter 🙂

A Tip of The Tiara to Influential Women In Music 2012

Read the full post at: http://scout66com.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/a-tip-of-the-tiara-to-influential-women-in-music-2012/

… Let’s look behind the curtain of Twitter for some great contacts and real women  who make the music world go round.Each of these women has a great spirit and a professionalism that fuels a flame under music projects they are hired to handle or those they have a passion for. Listed in no particular order, make sure to follow each of these women to build a foundation of  relationships this industry is built on.

@BigBlendMag  – Nancy Reid and Lisa Smith, a mother/daughter team,  are amazing women who have grabbed new media by the long tail. Internet radio and online magazines are their specialties, and they reach over 270,000 people daily covering myriad topics including new music. Lisa is the Twitter contact, and she’s always in touch with a kind word to make you smile.

@Renagades – Susan Leak makes no bones about how she feels about music. It’s her life! She caters to indie artists from around the world and has a number of social media publications published on http://paper.li which spin her social media posts even further into cyberspace. Check out her site to see how many irons she has in the fire…the woman is a pistol!

@The_MusicMuse  – Jennifer Stoker has recently exploded on the social media music scene. She is a music content writer promoting musicians via reviews on @IndMusicMedia and is the promotions and talent coordinator for @realmsofmusic. You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer person than Jennifer.

@Dreamspiderweb – Erin Scholze is an indie music publicist with a specialty in roots music representing many artists from the cultural hearth of Asheville, North Carolina.  With a firm grasp on the absolute necessity of PR and marketing, Erin’s tagline is, “These things just don’t happen by themselves…” Just keep repeating that phrase, because without PR and marketing, there is no market!

Click to read about all twenty featured women in Music!

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Hey all!

Amazing writer friend Dave Shiflett just posted a review about me– Dreamspider Erin– haha– I am so used to getting all the musicians and events the press, that this is a turn of events…

Check it out at:http://alivewithoutpermission.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/erin-scholze/

Here is a short excerpt of a much longer story:

I had made plans to stop and see Erin on the way home from the Mt. Airy music festival in northern North Carolina. I  met Erin several weeks before at Merlefest, where one of her clients – Tara Nevins, who fronts Donna the Buffalo and also has a solo career – was talking up her new CD, “Wood and Stone,” in the press tent.  Erin is one of those people who is instantly likable, with a warm bearing, terrific smile and whose eyes, as I’ve pointed out in an earlier post, are full of sunshine. What also stands out is her love of her clients’ music. I have dealt with many publicists during my years as a critic and many times they seem to simply be going through the motions. Erin, by contrast, is genuinely enthusiastic about her work. Over the course of the Merlefest weekend, whether at the press tent or during a performance, she would slip by to fill me in on some aspect of the song being played, perhaps how it fit into the band’s history,  or to invite me to another performance. I would soon find that Erin’s enthusiasm is also a reflection of her belief that music is not simply entertainment but a source of social cohesion and an antidote, if only temporary, to life’s endless trials and tribulations.


Erin Scholze, Dreamspider Publicity

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Exciting news! I will be speaking on a HATCH Music Panel, What’s Working from Who’s Working,  in Asheville this Thursday! More info is posted below.

The HATCH Experience takes place in Asheville from April 14th to 17th.  HATCH is a great opportunity for creative professionals on a local and National level to network.  Join in on the Music panels and workshops for discussions on how technology is changing how we interact with music.   Meet thought and creative leaders in music to discuss the cultural trends, the future and you. Find out more about the various HATCH Music events at: http://www.hatchasheville.org/music/. Other creative areas within HATCH are film, photo, fashion, architecture, design/ technology, and journalism. More information is on the website.

Music Conversation: What’s Working From Who’s Working Workshop
Echo Mountain’s API  Recording Studio

Don’t miss this conversation with musicians, publicists, agents, club and festivals at Echo Mountain’s API Recording Studio Thursday, April 14th at 5 pm – 7 pm. Join local musicians and industry pros for a discussion about making money making music.  Real advice for musicians who are making a living performing music.  Network with your peers and learn tips from musicians and industry folks on how to make it in the new music business.

Justin Ray ~ Professional Musician (Michale Buble, Spork, Boathouse All Stars)
www.facebook.com/#!/Sporkband and www.facebook.com/#!/BoathouseAllStars

Justin Ray has spent the last 8 years touring as a trumpet soloist, composer, and
arranger for Warner Bros recording artist Michael Buble. In addition to his duties with
Buble, he also fronts two other ensembles: Spork, a jazz quintet comprised of Asheville-
area musicians; and the Boathouse All-Stars, an internationally recognized group that
performs his original compositions for big band.

Jay Sanders ~ Musician (Acoustic Syndicate, The E.Normus Trio) and Application Developer (Creative Allies)
http://mindtonic.net and www.creativeallies.com

Jay Sanders has been a successful musician in the Western North Carolina music scene for almost 20 years.  He is best know for his work with Acoustic Syndicate, Donna The Buffalo and The E.Normus Trio.  When not shaping low frequency sound waves into genre bending styles, he is an active participant in the local technology sector through his work with Creative Allies and many other community minded projects.

Jessica Tomasin ~ Studio Manager at Echo Mountain Recording, Band Manager

Jessica Tomasin has been the studio manager at Echo Mountain Recording since it’s start five years ago and has assisted it’s growth to become a world renown recording studio working with acts such as Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, The Avett Brothers, and Dierks Bentley amongst many other national and local acts. She was also the manager of the label, Echo Mountain Records. Jessica had been managing Aaron Wood for the past two years and launched the first successful Kickstarter campaign in the Asheville area to fund Wood’s self-titled album which was released this month.

Bowie van Ling ~ DJ / Producer / Percussionist, Graphic Designer, Event Producer

Bowie van Ling of Playlow, the Asheville based DJ / Producer / Percussionist with complimentary expertise in multimedia design, event production and promotion. Has been observed in the wild wielding a multi-faceted multi-genre approach that empowers his career in the music industry. He’s seen great success with hundreds of shows at venues, spanning 3 continents from Amsterdam to the rainforests of Costa Rica. Locally he’s known as the four year consecutive hall of fame winner of best DJ/Turntablist in WNC.

Katherine “KP” Powell ~  founder / partner at Geniass Productions, partner at Tree Power & Sound, owner Asheville Music Hall / The One Stop Deli & Bar
www.geniassproductions.com and ww.treeleafmusic.com/treepower.html and

Katherine Powell has been working in the industry for the past 6 years with the intent of propelling music and musicians towards a place of business stability and financial security. She founded Geniass Productions in 2005 and shortly after teamed up with Laura Reed to form Deep Pocket which they quickly grew into a successful touring operation. Katherine also does solar-powered production, talent buying, publicity and is currently working on opening a music venue in Downtown Asheville.

Erin Scholze ~ owner of Dreamspider Publicity & Events

Erin Scholze has long been one of the greatest supporters of the Asheville music scene.  Her love of celebration has manifested itself through the work she has done for the community at large for such events and organizations as the Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival, Music Video Asheville, the All Go West Festival, Community Choreography and more.  Her company, Dreamspider Publicity, raises international awareness of the amazing local, regional and national talent that she represents.  Her client list includes Donna the Buffalo, Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Acoustic Syndicate, Galen Kipar Project, Dehlia Low, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra and Mad Tea Party.

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HATCH is a biannual four-day experience that energizes creative professionals and thought leaders who are serious about transforming their ideas and talents into bold action, while inspiring others to do the same.

During HATCH, local studios, galleries, theaters, concert halls, and other select locations throughout downtown Asheville host experiential exhibits, panels, workshops, and networking events. The energy of HATCH surrounds and engages you. HATCH is unique because attendees and sponsors are part of the creative process. Everyone attending has intimate access to influential industry professionals across a range of creative disciplines.

HATCH 2011 will bring over 70 top professionals from seven creative fields to Asheville to act as mentors in film, music, fashion, journalism, photography, architecture, and design & technology. The magic of HATCH comes to life when cross-disciplinary explorations lead to exposure within the creative community, expansion of ideas & actions, and evolution of creative visions.

HATCH is actively engaged in fulfilling the following core initiatives:
Spotlighting innovators and solutions for better living.

  • Creating a potent network of thought leaders who can affect change
  • Discussing how emerging technologies are affecting our planet
  • Increasing academic innovation through furthering school/community collaborations

More about the Music Panels and Music Workshops is below and in more detail at the website. More information about the other creative fields represented (Film, Tech, Photo, etc) can be found at http://hatchexperience.com. You can purchase tickets to attend multiple HATCH panels, workshop and other events at the website: http://hatchexperience.com/tickets


MUSIC: Vision // Music ReMIX

Hatch Music: Remix Everything

Join HATCH for ongoing collaborations with the music community and participate in spontaneous creation. There are several Music Panels and Workshops with discussions on how technology is changing our interactions with music.  Find out about more about the at http://hatchexperience.com/music/

GROUNDBREAKERS: Have Your Music Remixed

Hatch is seeking song submissions for bands for Hatch Remix.  Be selected as a Music Groundbreaker and work on a remix of your music with New York City’s DJ Nickodemus and producer Moreno Visini aka Zeb, the Spy From Cairo. Songs should be submitted by Saturday, April 8th and will be considered on quality and the vision that Nickodemus and Moreno Visini have on creating a final remix during HATCH. The winning band(s) will also have the opportunity to work alongside the remixers and will have full rights to release the remix for commercial or promotional purposes as long as they attribute HATCH, Nickodemus, Moreno Visini, Echo Mountain Studio and any engineers. All genres are encouraged to join. Upload Your Song Here

Schedule of Music events by day:

Wednesday, April 13th: 7 pm ~ Music Video Asheville ~ Fine Arts Theatre
A showcase highlighting the pairing of Asheville musicians and filmmakers

Thursday, April 14th: 5 pm – 7 pm ~ Music Conversation: What’s Working From Who’s Working Workshop ~ Echo Mountain Recording Studio (API)
Join Asheville-based musicians and industry pros for a discussion about making money making music. This is a great opportunity to network with your peers that are musicians, publicists, agents, club bookers and festivals reps and discuss making a living in the music industry.

Thursday, April 14th: 7 pm Doors, 8 pm Show ~ Ben Sollee Live In Concert with special guest ~ Lexington Ave Brewery (LAB) Backroom
Ben Sollee is a classically trained pop cellist who explores contemporary folk music in an urbanized world. He will release his new album entitled Inclusions on May 10th, 2011.* A limited number of tickets will be on sale soon for $20.

Friday, April 15th:  9pm – 12 am ~ Hatch Networking Party ~ TBA Venue
Join Hatch attendees, mentors and groundbreakers for a networking event and music performances from HATCH Participants.

Friday, April 15th: 1 pm ~ Panel: Music Remixed ~ Innovators Lounge (Jubilee Downstairs, 46 Wall St)
Everything is changing for music fans, musicians and the music business.   Remix and rethink your perceptions about music. Panelists will explore the changing landscape of music discovery, listening, creation and marketing.  Mentors featured on the panel include:

  • Ben Sollee ~ Cellist, activist, songwriter, performer.
  • Malcolm Campbell ~ Publisher, Spin Magazine.
  • Molly Nagel ~ General Manager, Music Allies / former VP of Artist Development at Sugar Hill Records.
  • DJ Nickodemus ~ Producer, remixer, label owner and NYC’s longest running dance music party promoter.
  • Tor Hansen ~ Co-Owner: Redeye Distribution / Yep Roc Music Group.

Saturday, April 16th: 9pm – 12 am ~ HATCH Closing Party ~ On Broadway
Celebrate the spirit of HACTH with new friends, HATCH attendees, mentors and groundbreakers for a networking event and music performances.

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New online magazine based in Charleston, SC. The Music Initiative as a free, monthly magazine that features embedded content covering the music of major US markets

The Music Initiative LogoThe Music Initiative, an online monthly music magazine based in South Carolina, will be previewing three monthly editions of its publication in anticipation of the company’s official launch in May—to coincide with the summer concert season.

The Music Initiative takes a unique approach to the traditional music magazine. The Music Initiative focuses on the working musician as well as those already established artists yet to receive mainstream attention. The Music Initiative focuses its efforts on 16 major market cities throughout the United States, including: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore/DC, Boston, Charleston (SC), Chicago, Denver, Little Rock, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Raleigh/Durham, San Francisco, Santa Fe, and Seattle.

The Music Initiative incorporates a variety of mediums into its publication through the use of embedded links. Each publication includes video and sound, in addition to the traditional text and photography. “We are excited to allow our readers the opportunity to experience music in a unique and multi-sensory way,” commented editor-in-chief Becca Finley.

The Music Initiative operates under four core values: to educate, to inspire, to collaborate, and to share. “We believe in the power of music to change a mood and enhance a moment, facilitate change and link the past with the present. This is our community —seeped in passion, creativity, and cultural awareness,” said Finley. “Our goal at The Music Initiative is to maintain a close relationship with our readers and the music community at large. Essentially, we want our readers to see us as a friend filling them in about music and art.”

The Music Initiative releases on the 15th of each month, with each issue pertaining to a particular theme and music-related charity. The March preview edition features string instruments and music of the mountains. The two available preview issues cover artists including: JJ Grey of Mofro, Mark Bryan, Ed Roland, and Donna the Buffalo. Digital editions of the publication and additional information can be found at http://www.themusicinitiative.com.  Interact with them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheMusicInitiative

# # #

The Music Initiative (TMI) is a free, monthly, online magazine produced by a group of music enthusiasts yearning to broaden and expand each reader’s music experience. TMI includes embedded video and sound in addition to traditional print and photography.

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Videos are up from the World Premier of Lingua Musica which was held at the White Horse in Black Mtn on Sept 29th!! WNCW midday host Joe Kendrick hosts the show, which showcases a rotating cast of musicians, music journalists, and industry professionals as panelists who talk about music news, history, and culture while inviting the audience to take part.

September 29th panelists included musician Stephanie Morgan of Stephanie’s Id; multipercussionist, composer and educator River Guerguerian; and  Blurt Magazine music editor Fred Mills. Topics were “Music Business 101” & “Great Concerts”.  The featured band for the eve was Grammer School.

Many thanks to John L Watson IV for filming and editing the shows.

For more info visit www.linguamusicalive.com.

You can find Lingua Musica on Twitter at twitter.com/linguamusica and use the Hashtag #LinguaMusica

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I recently met the founder of  MASH PIT, Analena Valdes Graham, RN, BSN who currently practices as a critical care nurse at local DC hospital as a medevac nurse.  I was truly inspired by the non-judgmental care for musical concert/festival attendees and artists that her organization offers. Here is what Analena has to say about MASH PIT’s services:

Our company is much like the Peace Patrol and Wavy Gravy of the 60’s in keeping people safe and happy.  Yes, there is EMS, but our group is pretty unique on how we use alternative methods to keeping people safe and capable of going back to the concert or festival without being kicked out or having to go to a hospital.  We recently completed a two day event with Warren Haynes’ Xmas Jam 2009 in Asheville, NC providing on site mobile medical services for the artists, crew and patrons.  You can check out some great pictures from the Christmas Jam HERE shot by Joe Carney with EarthMusic Photos.

Currently we are in negotiations with local venues in the DC area and submitting our proposals to festivals all over the states this summer such as Music on the Mountaintop, Gathering of the Vibes and Bear Creek just to name a few.  This year I am all about introducing MASH PIT  to the music industry: promoters, artists and event patrons.  We are a unique group because we mostly volunteers who are in the crowds roving, caring and watching.  My group consists of nurses, medics, MDs, PAs and even non medical who lend a helping hand, keep someone company or just be that safety net until EMS arrives or transport is completed to the local hospital.  We have a self serve table that, thanks to our sponsors, offers free items such as personal ear protection, bandaids and even some personal items that you may have forgotten at home.  You are greeted with a smile and sometimes even with a bottle of water.

MASH PIT is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing services that will enhance the concert going experience and safety of the patrons and artists.  The result is happy, healthy, and safe people with fewer injuries or medical issues during and after the event.  MASH PIT’s goal is to anticipate and alleviate the potential problems of mass gathering events as they relate to medical problems, resulting in an estimated 75% reduction in liability to the venues.  Having medical on site is key.

In the UK, the concept of “mobile medical care” has been in existence for nine years now, assisting festivals, concerts and artists.  Online reviews such as safeconcerts.com have interviews with artists discussing safety at festivals and concerts touching on the need of improved medical assistance and awareness.  Additionally, MASH PIT supports programs that give back to both the medical community and music education programs.

MASH PIT, Inc. is artist driven. A few musicians got together a few months back and felt there was a need to bring non judgmental quality medical care to their supporters.  We work closely with local EMS providers and hospitals at every venue.  Our roving teams survey and provide the immediate support that sometimes is lacking.  In addition, our Medical Director oversees the care we provide to patrons in the PIT, the artists and production teams.  Often artists, their crews and patrons prefer non governmental medical care from people who understand their unique needs and issues.  Our previous clients such as Warren Haynes, Hard Head Management and Production, Ani DiFranco and the Counting Crows benefited from having us backstage and on the venue floor.

We welcome the opportunity to help promote the health and well-being of event patrons and artists.   Thus, we are always looking for seasoned volunteers: medical such as NREMT-P and NREMT-Basic, First Responders, MDs, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, ER trained and critical care nurses as well as non-medical to assist with the roving teams and work alongside other professionals in the PIT. We offer credit hours for nursing students and are working towards offering continuing education credits in many health disciplines.

Take a peek at our website at www.mash-pit.org and see what we can offer. Let us assist you and your event and management services in celebrating and promoting music and safety at festivals, jams and special events while keeping everyone safe and doing some good for some great charities such as Sweet Relief, Suited for Change and the Wounded Warriors Project.

Follow Mash Pit on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mashpitorg
Follow Mash Pit on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mashpitorg
Also check out this radio interview with Mash Pit:
Recent Video Collaboration with Mash Pit  and Scout66.com:
Also,  check out this great post by Wolfgang’s Vault that also features Scout66 and Mash Pit: A Big Happy Live Music community

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R.I.P. Trip

February 26, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

The Herald-Dispatch

by Dave Lavender


One of my favorite sayings I ever ran across was scrawled on an outhouse wall in Williams, Ind., at the Padanaram. The saying read, “Life on Earth sure is expensive but at least you get one, free yearly trip around the sun.”

Amen, and somebody who’s made that annual sol journey a lot brighter and colorful for a whole lot of folks in the Mountain State and beyond was John Kevin “Trip” McKlenny, the founder of the Terra Alta, W.Va.-based Sunshine Daydream festival grounds.

Trip passed away this last week after a two-year bout with liver cancer. His memorial service is set for 1 p.m. Saturday by the Cheat River.

Virginia flat-picker Larry Keel, who I interviewed last week for his upcoming show (March 5) at the V Club, took a moment and talked about Trip and all he did for music in the mountains.

“I can’t even imagine how many times we’ve played up there, it’s been for years, really, and we’ve played with so many different combos,” said Keel, who has a new CD out this summer with good buddy Keller Williams. “One of the first times was with Leftover Salmon and the last time we played up there it was with Tony Rice and that was really a special one. Trip’s really done a lot for music up there and he was a good, good fellow and we’re going to miss him. The older you get the more you lose and you see a lot more loss. The spirit of that fellow will live on because he did a lot for folks and cared a lot about people.”

Bonnie Branciaroli, a longtime friend of Trip’s and who’s been trucking around the country for decades with her husband Mark in the Elkins-based jam band, ZEN, said life won’t be the same without Trip.

You can help keep Trip’s legacy alive by sharing the music as Sunshine Daydream is carrying on with a full slate of festival shows. The 2010 Festival Season begins May 12-14 weekend with the 10th annual TreeHuggers Ball. Ekoostik Hookah rolls in for two nights June 18-19 for the Highland Spring Jam, the 25th annual Jerry Garcia’s Birthday Bash is set for July 29-31 and The Recipe Family Cookout is set for Sept. 16-17 and the 10th annual Halloween Masquerade party is set for Oct. 15-16. For more info, go online at www.sunshinedreams.com.

Dave Lavender covers entertainment for The Herald-Dispatch. E-mail him at lavender@herald-dispatch.com.

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Dreamspider Publicity and Events wants to let you all know about Scout66.com,  a premiere site for live concert reviews from the most decisive component in the performing arts – the audience. Never before has the relationship between the audience and performer been so important. This is a back to the future concept, a grassroots movement empowering the audience and the performer, prolifically illustrating that indie music is for all ages and all styles of music.This is a great site to get information in artist tour dates, shows by state, shows by genre, and live reviews by the audience!

Scout66.com is also now linked up with ArtistData.com, which if you are a touring musician, you may already have found to be an invaluable resource for distributing your artist news and tour dates.

It is easy to link up your artist data account to feed to Scout66. Just register for a free Scout66.com account as an artist, reviewer, or venue. Then as soon as you register an ID code will be given to you to plug into your Artist Data account and activate. If you are not yet on Artist Data, now is a great time to sign up. Both sites have great tech support and are easy to use.

Scout66.com can also be found on Twitter as @Scout66com and also has a new blog with a great post titled “Music is a State of Being

Artist Data can also be found on Facebook/ ArtistData, Twitter as @ArtistData, and through the Artist Data Blog. Check out Artists Data’s blog welcoming scout.66.com to the network.

Here’s a message direct from Scout:

Wow, a lot of new musicians have signed up to use Scout! This is great as it helps build the online community of musicians who’ve been with us for a while, and supports everyone’s efforts. The more shows, reviews, and artists who participate, the more successful everyone will be. Active participation is required for music to survive.

Scout was designed to fill the void where media can no longer afford to review live performance. And isn’t it much more satisfying to have several people write about your performance than just one who may or may not tell you something good? Scout is an independent impartial archive you can recommend new venues go to read what people have to say about you, your music, and your performance.

There are many ways in which to engage your audience using Scout. Here are a few we know are successful:

Make full size copies of the Scout logo to have at your merchandise table. It’s a great conversation piece and educates your fans where to write reviews for you.

Include the Scout logo on your website with a link, so fans just drop in on Scout and write a few kind words about what your music means to them.

Add the Scout logo to all your correspondence to fans, whether it’s email, postcards, included in links on Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook or any other way you keep in touch with fans.

Ask your audience from the stage to contribute to your career by writing a little bit about everything they heard, saw, and felt during your performance.

If you need technical assistance email TJ@ravennainteractive.com


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