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Barbie Angell Photo by Rodney Smith of Tempus Fugit Design

Barbie Angell – Writer, Poet, Artist, Thinker –
Returns to Illinois for a few Performances

Fri 10/4 – 7-11pm “Just Jim” and “Fun Poetry Show”
VFW Cantigny Post 367 Joliet, IL
Mon 10/7 – Salt Creek Wine Bar’s Open Mic – Brookfield, IL
Sat 10/12 – 2pm Downtown Normal Roundabout

“Barbie’s poems are reminiscent of Shel Silverstein, but totally unique to her sensibility. They are infused with a bright spirit, a heart that seeks & explores, and a gentle insight. Even though the poems are about the gamut of human emotions & the subtle twists of perspective that happen with repeated experience, her words are never proselytizing or lofty. Her ‘anthropomorphizing’ of feelings (‘irony tastes like fudge’) is quirky & engaging. I imagine children & adults both will revel in her work—both her poetry & her wonderful drawings”
~ Rosanne Cash

Barbie Angell is a poet, short story writer, satirist and artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Born near Chicago, Barbie grew up on a farm in Yorkville, Illinois. After her parents divorced, she was placed in Mooseheart, in Aurora, Illinois. Known as “The Child City,” Mooseheart is a home for children, sponsored by the Loyal Order of Moose, whose parents are unable to care for them.

While her first Christmas there was difficult, one of the gifts donated to her was a diary that would change her life. Since an orphanage is not a place where one can have privacy, she chose instead to hide her thoughts in poetry. Barbie’s writing flourished there. After graduation, Barbie attended a small, private school near her family. Since she had her sights set on being a lawyer since the age of six, the attention her writing garnered there was not enough to change her career choice—until her mentor, Lincoln College’s theater director Jerry Dellinger, sat her down for an honest discussion. “So here’s the thing.” Jerry said, “You want to study to be a lawyer, but that’s not right. You’re not going to ever be a lawyer no matter how much you study, because you are a writer. That’s what you’re good at and that’s what you should do.” This discussion changed her major—and her life.

In 1994, Jerry convinced her she should perform her poetry in order to grow as an artist, and Barbie gave her first live performance at the Bloomington, Illinois Barnes & Noble. In 1997, she began successfully performing at a local bar, and also started “The Open Mic That Wouldn’t Die,” which she ran until moving to Asheville in 1999. Her words took her to a poetry competition in DC in 1997 as well, where she placed 12th out of 1400 poets from around the world. Barbie has performed in coffee houses, bars, ice cream shops and outdoor venues. Her goal has always been to reach people who don’t know they like poetry, and convince them that they do. In addition to live performances, Barbie has sold over 500 copies each of three previous self-published volumes of poetry. Barbie is a writer who rhymes, and her affinity for rhyme is not surprising at all—she grew up devouring the works of Shel Silverstein and Lewis Carroll. As a child plagued with illness and severe asthma, she spent quite a bit of her childhood alone. As is often the case with writers, her love of words is derived from the fact that books were her closest friends.

Set 4-05aVarBSince moving to Asheville, NC, Barbie has performed her varied collection of poetry in venues ranging from coffeehouses and ice cream shops to bars and bookstores. Named a Mountain Xpress Best of WNC Poet in 2011, 2012 and 2013, she is also well known in the online community and was named a Best of WNC Social Media Personality in the 2013 readers’ poll.

And now Barbie is following in Shel’s footsteps again, with her first book of children’s poetry and illustrations, Roasting Questions, which was published by Grateful Steps Publishing House in Asheville.
To find out more about the book, please visit: www.barbieangell.com/roasting-questions

Find out more about Barbie, connect with her on Twitter,
and see more of her words at www.barbieangell.com.


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Music Video Asheville 2011 was produced by  FoAM (The Future of Asheville Music) and this year was sponsored by Music Allies as  part of HATCH. Echo Mountain Recording and the Media Arts Project were also major sponsors of this year’s event which was held at the Fine Arts Theatre in downtown. You can also check out a more complete playlist at http://www.youtube.com/user/Dreamspiderweb#grid/user/C47697E0230DC2DD.


The night was a big success and with-out further ado the winners are:

Placing 1st, winning both the Best of MVA Music Allies Judges Choice Award AND the Crowd Favorite is Kovacs and the Polar Bear, “Skeleton Crew” directed by Joe Chang with the Paper Picture Company:

The Runner-Up for the Best of MVA Music Allies Judges award, winning a free day of studio time in Echo Mountain Recording, is Secret Agent 23 Skidoo with “Chase the Rain” directed by Daniel Judson:

The Crowd Favorite Runner-up is Jonathan Scales “Muddy Vishnu” directed by Daniel Judson:

The FOAM Core also chose three honorable mentions going to:

Jar-E “Plot” directed by Steven Tingle:

Stephanie’s Id “Documentary” directed by Paul Chelmis

Juan Holiday “Seal it Tight” directed by Kurt Mann:

Groundbreaking Mentor and Featured Artists for MVA 2011 is Ben Lovett.

Lovett showed three videos and spoke about the films that he has been making for his upcoming album debut, Highway Collection.  Viral video explosion of their first single, “Eye Of The Storm,” directed by Chris Alender with Soapbox Films, is a cinematic gem that has gobbled up a million views in 4 weeks on the web, and it’s follow-up, the foot-stomping, barn burner single, “Heart Attack,” directed by David Bragg with Flying Pig Studios.

Lovett also debuted their newest video “The Fear” directed by David Bruckner with Wasteland Pictures:

To see the playlist for Music Video Asheville 2011 visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dreamspiderweb#grid/user/C47697E0230DC2DD

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Now in its ninth year, the Asheville FringeArts Festival will be a four-day, multi-venue, wild, strange, wacky and exciting performing arts extravaganza happening in spaces all over Asheville. It is the festival that asks artists of all genres and media (actors, dancers, musicians, poets, performance artists of all kinds) to explore the edges of their work, to collaborate across genres and to bring new and innovative performances to culturally adventurous audiences.

Be part of a truly unique performing arts experience.

Find out more about the Festival and apply online at www.ashevillefringe.org

The Asheville FringeArts Festival needs volunteers to help make this festival happen.
If you feel the calling, email them at info at ashevillefringe.org

The Asheville Fringe Arts Festival is presented by the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre.

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(Asheville, NC) Phil Cheney is an Asheville based artist that has supported local and international festivities for years.  Phil has designed festival artwork for posters and t-shirts, performed over a hundred live paintings (each painting took anywhere from 5 to 20 performances to complete), co-created a “Dynamic Art Gallerie” at festivals, designed over 75 CD covers, and painted murals across the southeast.  And that is not all; Phil is about to launch the publication of a children’s book tentatively entitled “Party Animals”, which started as a song by the Royal Rascals for a Children’s Album.

Phil Cheney has been painting and drawing as far back as he can remember. He drew for others entertainment with picture stories during class throughout gradeschool and then in high school he became the Art Editor of the student news paper. In College, Phil drew Cartoons for three different publications. Then, afterward, he tried unsuccessfully to become a syndicated cartoonist; his work was just too far in left field to make it work in the mainstream. . .  so he switched gears, became a baker and got involved in listening to good music.

At this time, in 1997, he got to know the performance group, Snake Oil Medicine Show. He was immediately drawn to their upbeat quirkiness and in August of that year Phil did his first live painting at Jehosaphest (Snake Oil’s one and only self-promoted music festival). After that, live painting became a regular gig and launched his career in being part of this musical medicine show.

As time went by, the group traveled all across the United States then on to Europe.  Then, in 2003, Snake Oil Medicine Show had been invited to perform at a special party, called the Chinese New Year in Negril, Jamaica (CHNY). CHNY is hosted by DeepBlueRipple International, Inc and is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Festival Organizer Libre Brousseau, states “While the musicians explored new rhythms on stage with a local Jamaican band The Overtakers, Phil created a stunning image of a Chinese Dragon. I asked Phil if we could use the image for the Chinese New Year event logo the following year and that marked the beginning of a wonderful, synergistic relationship between Phil and CHNY.”  Phil Cheney’s art is a perfect fit for the Chinese New Year event and DeepBlueRipple International. His images capture the quality of seeing the world through a child’s eyes – creative, vibrant, playful, and overflowing with energy.

For the past five years Phil has been the artistic director for this humanitarian event that invites participants to “Party in Jamaica for a Good Cause”. Visit http://www.CHNY.org and click on Photos to see Cheney’s designs for Years of the Pig, Cock, Dog, Rat, and hot off the easel 2009 Year of the Ox.  Phil’s generous nature and hunger to continually evolve as an artist have led him to locate local Jamaican painters and invite them to paint live with him during the concerts. Now the children of these artists are coming to the events and sharing their talents, a legacy that Phil continues to encourage and facilitate.  Proceeds from the Chinese New Year concerts and events in Jamaica support the nonprofit DeepBlueRipple International Inc.  – Providing art, music, and play to disadvantaged youth.

Other festivals that Phil has designed artwork for are the Lexington Ave Arts and Fun Festival (LAAFF) and the French Broad River Festival in North Carolina as well as OUR Festival in Western New York State.  He also has donated many of his large paintings to support organizations such as the Moog Foundation and the Western North Carolina AIDS Project.  Phil states, “I have learned that if you can’t make a contribution in cash to help out your favorite causes, there are still several ways to help, Art is just one of them.”

“I hold firm to my belief in Art Magic. Art, which I define simply as Human Creativity (not to discount the creativity of our fellow Earthlings, the Elephant and the Monkey, to name just two), has a very powerful ability to heal on many levels.”, this statement by Cheney is what has led him to be an avid supporter of the many projects and events that he has truly helped bring to life with his creativity

Phil Cheney’s Art Sites:




Links to organizations Phil Cheney has contributed artwork to:







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