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Celebrated Donna the Buffalo artist, Tara Nevins, will be performing at Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble on Saturday, May 28th
! Release of Introspective Solo Album “Wood and Stone” produced by Larry Campbell

Tara Nevins
Midnight Ramble

Levon Helm Studios
Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gates open at 6pm, studio doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm

160 Plochmann Lane
Woodstock, NY 12498

For ticket rates and to order, visit: http://levonhelm.com/store/page4.html
Buy the album:
Itunes: http://www.itunes.com/taranevins
Amazon: http://amzn.to/lcEglg

American roots traditionalist Tara Nevins releases an exploration of her own heritage, musical and otherwise, in Wood and Stone, her first solo album since Mule to Ride in 1999, both on Sugar Hill Records. Wood and Stone showcases her ever-evolving repertoire as she journeys both back to her own “roots” and head-long into new territory. Set for a May 3rd release, the album was produced by Larry Campbell and recorded at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY, the home of the Ramble! Featured guests on the album include Levon Helm, Jim Lauderdale, Allison Moorer, Teresa Williams, The Heartbeats, along with the core band of Larry Campbell, Justin Guip, and Byron Isaacs.

Nevins will be performing a set of music from the new album at the Midnight Ramble on Saturday, May 28th. Joining Tara on stage will be Larry Campbell, Justin Guip, Byron Isaacs, Teresa Williams, and The Heartbeats. Shows at the Ramble are personal and intimate, casual and friendly, and always very special. Levon Helm and his fellow musicians play with such joy, energy and enthusiasm at each Ramble, you will find it difficult not to fly out of your seat!

Fans of Nevins from her 21-year tenure with Donna the Buffalo are familiar with her versatile talents; she shares the vocal and songwriting responsibilities for the band and is a stellar musician on fiddle, guitar, and accordion. (She plays a mean scrubboard too.) Prior to DTB, Nevins was a founding member of the all-female, old time/Cajun band The Heartbeats, who also join her on two tracks of the album. Wood and Stone delivers the musical expertise fans have come to expect and surprises with new perspectives.

“This album is personal and sort of revelatory,” Nevins says. “It’s an expression of recent emotional discovery within relationships lost and found, and how knowing the core of who we are is the real deal. There were so many elements I wanted to explore—to combine all the pieces of my personal musical puzzle–and then have it come together in a cohesive whole. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Larry Campbell. I am honored to have had him both produce and play on my record. He’s an amazingly talented and soulful musician. He has a very natural, down-to-earth approach and an instinctual insightfulness that I really appreciate; he really got what I was after. The whole experience was inspiring and challenging in a very positive way.”

Campbell is a much-sought-after musician/producer renowned for his work with Bob Dylan and still rolling from the success of Levon Helm’s two Grammy- winners, Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt, which he produced. He found Nevins’s project immediately compelling. “I liked the feel of the project– her combination of old-time mountain music and original songwriting—and I was taken with Tara’s unique talent; she’s got a distinctive voice—there’s a kind of honesty that shines through.”

The record kicks off with the title cut “Wood and Stone,” and that “honest” element is readily apparent in this touching tribute to home and family. Old-timey acoustics are quickly joined by drums and steel guitars as Nevins sings about “the better part of me” regarding her upbringing and early influences. “It’s got that magical blend of music and lyrics,” Campbell says of it, “and it really paints a picture of where she comes from.”

Nevins’s rare blend of enormous talent coupled with genuine down-home humbleness has won the hearts of fans and colleagues alike. “Tara has this worldly awareness combined with a fragile innocence,” Larry Campbell notes, “which makes her songwriting and music very accessible…very appealing.” Wood and Stone is sure to add to that appeal and the Midnight Ramble on May 28th will be a wonderful place to hear it live where it was recorded nestled in the Catskill Mountains.

For Midnight Ramble information, showtimes, and tickets go to http://levonhelm.com/midnight_ramble.htm

For more information on Tara Nevins and Wood and Stone go to www.facebook.com/TaraNevins or www.SugarHillRecords.com
To watch a video interview with Nevins and Larry Campbell discussing the making of the album, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNjzbzzphNE

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