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I am super excited about the upcoming Smilefest Reunion in Pinnacle, NC. Not only is one of my all-time favorite festivals getting ressurected this spring, my favorite bands are playing, and all my friends will be there; but it is also my birthday weekend!

Come on out and help me celebrate!!!

Here is a message from the Smilefest Staff:

“We are extremely excited to be announce the return of one of our favorite NC festivals, Smilefest 2010! After taking a 3 year hiatus, one of the best  festivals in the southeast is back…with a twist. Smilefest is a PRIVATE, INVITATION ONLY event this year. ALL TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE!

Because you are friends with Erin and Dreamspider Publicity, we would like to extend a special invitation to you to join us at Smilefest 2010. Come and help celebrate Erin’s birthday weekend. If you purchase your tickets before 4/23/10 you will be entered to win a special VIP package which will include a meet and greet, autograph session with Michael Franti.

When: May 21-23, 2010

Where: Jomeokee Campground in Pinnacle NC

Event Website: www.smilefest.com

How to get tickets: Go to the website and click on ticket link. Password to purchase ticket is “vassar”. OR send an email to smileagain4@gmail.com and request an invitation to Smilefest. Be sure to mention that you were invited by us.

Confirmed Artists: Michael Franti and Spearhead, Keller Williams and The Keels,  Acoustic Syndicate, Pimps of Joytime, Cornmeal, MaGraw Gap, Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Shane Pruitt and many more. Check the website for a list of all artists.

Hope to see you all at Smilefest in May!

A great video from the vault: Acoustic Syndicate from Smilefest 2004:

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David Gans and Friends

Tuesday April 27th ~ The Rocket Club ~ Asheville, NC
Wednesday, April 28th ~ The Blind Tiger ~ Greensboro, NC
Thursday, April 29th ~ MoDaddy’s ~ Asheville, NC
Friday, April 30th ~ The Reel House Cinema ~ Boone, NC

David Gans has had a long career as a media multi-hyphenate: singer-songwriter-guitarist-radio producer/host-author-journalist-record producer-photographer. That he can juggle so many balls in the air is nothing short of astonishing; that he does it with such skill, passion, assurance, wit and grace is even more remarkable.

Along with his stories and music, David has wrangles up a fine group of musicians to play with him while he is out this way: Jay Sanders on bass (Acoustic Syndicate), Dave McCracken on Keys (Donna the Buffalo), Billy Cardine on Dobro (Biscuit Burners), Mike Rhodes on Drums (The Blue Rags), and Bobby Miller on mandolin (The Virginia Dare Devils), amongst other special guests. There will be different configurations of musicians on the different days…

Known far and wide as the light behind the widely syndicated Grateful Dead Hour radio program, several books on the Dead and a number of intriguing CDs relating to the band and its music (see discography below), David has in recent years developed a solid following nationwide for his compelling songs and music. In fact, despite the economic downturn, David says he’s had his best year ever out on the road: “I’m having great gigs! Creatively, I’m as satisfied as I can be. I’m in complete control of my own musical destiny and I’m doing it on my own terms. I don’t have any executives telling me they ‘don’t hear a single,’” he laughs. “I’m not at anybody’s mercy.”

But “skilled solo performer” fills only one page of David’s artistic resumé. Besides playing in all sorts of bands through the years—from the fondly remembered Reptiles to the Honky Tonk Hippies, to his recent forays jamming on Beatles songs with Chris and Lorin Rowan (and friends) in a group called Rubber Souldiers—he’s also sat in with an amazing range of fine musicians, such as Phil Lesh, Donna the Buffalo, Henry Kaiser, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Ollabelle, the late great Vassar Clements, Jim Lauderdale, The String Cheese Incident, Peter Rowan, and moe., to name just a few.

He has also written songs with a host of others, including Jim Page, Lorin Rowan, and Robert Hunter. And his live repertoire is peppered with an incredibly broad (and unpredictable) range of cover tunes by old and new musical heroes. Pressed to list some of his own songwriting influences not too long ago, David reeled off Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Steve Goodman, John Prine, CSN, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Mann & Weil, Carole King, Gram Parsons, Elton John & Bernie Taupin, Robbie Robertson, and the Grateful Dead; quite a list. But he’ll also tell you that in recent years, as he’s toured extensively and played with so many superb musicians at festivals and in other settings, he’s discovered a whole new generation of songwriters and players who are inspiring him.

As both a player and a fan, he understands the indefinable transformative power of music—how it feeds our very life-force, bonds us together in obvious and unseen ways, teaches us, heals us, makes us better citizens of this fragile planet.

As David notes, “I came up in the time when we thought music could change world, and I still think it can—the only way the world can be changed: one person, one soul at a time.”

He’s definitely doing his part!

Check out this great review of David’s  new single release, “Life is  Jam”

David Gans on the web:
Blog: http://cloudsurfing.gdhour.com
Web site: http://www.dgans.com
Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dgans
Music: http://www.cdbaby.com/all/dgans

David Gans Show details:

The Mindtopnic Music Series: David Gans, Jay Sanders, Billy Cardine, Bobby Miller & Tim Haney
Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
The Rocket Club

$5, 9pm
401 Haywood Rd.
Asheville, NC. 28806

David Gans, Jay Sanders, Bobby Miller, Dave McCracken, and guests
Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
The Blind Tiger

$7, 9:30 doors
2115 Walker Ave
Greensboro, NC 27403

David Gans, Jay Sanders, Billy Cardine, Bobby Miller & Mike Rhodes
Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Mo Daddy’s

$5, 9pm
77-B Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC

David Gans, Jay Sanders, Bobby Miller & Mike Rhodes
Friday, April 30th, 2010
The Reel House Cinema
The Lost Ridge Band opens

$5, doors 10pm
215 Boone Heights Drive
Boone, NC 28607
-Turn at the Burger King, they are across from the Wellness Center

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Galen Kipar Project is performing a few shows in Augusta GA for masters week. The first is an early evening show on the Augusta Canal Cruise on Friday April 9th; GKP also has a 2 night residence at the Still Water Tap Room on Friday and Saturday, April 9-10th.

Here is what the Augusta Metro Spirit has to say about their recent interview with Galen:

All over the place:  The Galen Kipar Project returns to Augusta for a double dose of music at Stillwater and on the water


AUGUSTA, GA – The Galen Kipar Project’s music is a mélange of sounds. With distinct elements of jazz, folk and a little bit of the blues thrown in, the result is quiet, yet intricate.

Last October, the band began recording their upcoming album, “The Scenic Route,” after finishing nine months of touring.

The band’s fourth release in five years, their latest endeavor was recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, N.C., and is set for release this spring. Kipar admits the sound differs from previous efforts.

“The album from 2007 (‘Why It’s Needed’), it’s heavy on the production side; there’s a lot of texture and there’s a lot of instruments, lots of layers,” the former Augustan said. “Then the album from 2008 (‘Paper Sailer’) is the exact opposite. This one is sort of in the middle from those two approaches.”

Rather than touring and performing, it’s the recording and production aspects of music that Kipar finds himself drawn to the most.

“I feel that’s where more music is created and that’s where you get down to the meat of things, that’s where you really use your brain,” he said.

The touring aspect of music is a necessity, but the band has become more selective in how they pursue it.

“I think that, as each year goes by, we’re streamlining things and being picky about which places we play and just trying to be smarter about it,” he said. “Instead, we’re playing good ones and trying to focus on the positive.”

In addition to Kipar’s acoustic guitar and harmonica, he is joined by Jon Morrow on the eight-string guitar-bass and percussionist Jeremy Young. The trio is sometimes joined by rotating musicians.

“[The sound is] just a little bit more textured,” he said. “If it’s the trio, there’s more space to fill so that allows us to be a little bit busier. But when it’s four, five or six of us, each person has to step back and be more simple so that things don’t get cluttered.”

Making a name for themselves in the Southeast, the band has also garnered good response in San Francisco, the Washington, D.C. area and Philadelphia.

“My favorite part is meeting all the people that you normally wouldn’t run across, seeing the countryside and traveling,” he said. “When you get time to enjoy that, then it really makes it worthwhile. I’m really fortunate to travel with some great guys and we have a lot of fun, but we also keep a high standard for ourselves.”

Trading Augusta for Asheville, Kipar finds the diverse music scene in North Carolina conducive to creativity.

“It’s a great place to be influenced by other people and other artists. The area is very receptive, and I think the word is spreading and that’s why so many artists and musicians and whatever are moving here.”

READ the full article here: http://metrospirit.com/index.php?cat=1993101070588705&ShowArticle_ID=11010604104459290

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