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Chicas Malas, the most recent until today, Jar-e record, was inspired in Mexico but born in Asheville, NC, where Jar-e returned after his travels and convened an all-star group to help him realize his musical visions. In the year and a half after his first release, War Songs and the Muse (2004), Jar-e’ and his band earned a reputation in the Southeast for adventurous, genuine shows that always get a crowd on its feet.

Jar-e’s third album, Blood of the Summer was released today, November 2nd, 2010. On this new effort he trades in some of the world rhythms that have become his signature for a bigger, more oceanic sound. Produced by Danny Kadar (My Morning Jacket, Avett Brothers, Band of Horses) and recorded in Asheville at Echo Mountain Studios, the album features more open spaces, higher highs, lower lows.

Instead of the danceable multi-cultural collage he created on his previous two albums, the songs on “Blood of the Summer” are character-based narratives exploring the darker sides of the psyche with a direct, bare frankness. Delivered by Jar-e’s masterful voice, a bold tenor saturated with both hope and despair, the lyrics and stories are poetic in their clarity and universal in their stark detail.

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