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Three The Dub Way Perform Bob Marley 70th Birthday Tribute Show
at The Asheville Music Hall on Fri 2/6

Live Music Showcase Featuring Current and Former Members of Steel Pulse, Culture,
The Original Wailers, Moja Nya, Midnight, Bambu Station & more!

Three The Dub Way Features Dr. Dubenstein, Desi Hyson and Tuff Lion
This show will be a unique tribute to the 70th birthday of Bob Marley.

Friday, February 6th @ The Asheville Music Hall
Doors 8pm/ Show 9pm-12am; 21+; $15
**DJ set will go from 12:30am – 2:00am
31 Patton Ave. Asheville, NC 28801

The Asheville Music Hall is hosting Three The Dub Way on Friday, February 6th in celebration of the music, life, and ideals of Bob Marley the day of his 70th birthday. Three The Dub Way features Dr. Dubenstein, Desi Hyson, and Tuff Lion; they are current and former members of Steel Pulse, Culture, The Original Wailers, Moja Nya, Midnight, Bambu Station & more! Doors open at 8pm with the show starting at 9pm; the show is $15 and 21+.

IMG_0227Derrick Parker AKA Dr Dubenstein hails from Washington, DC and has worked at Lion and Fox Recording Studios and is known as “a reggae dub master from another world.” Currently on tour doing FOH for the band Steel Pulse but has been worked that position with many other acts like Rebelution, SOJA, Karl Denson, The Wailers, Yellowman, The Itals, Don Carlos and the list goes on. Dr Dubenstein plays a unique style of reggae consisting of effects and samples but with a live band set in the middle of the audience.

Dr. Dubenstein is a reggae dub master from another world.  A deranged man of science who was rumored to be conducting dub experiments in his laboratory where he would tie up patients and expose them to endless hours of the most insane dub reggae rhythms while depriving them of sleep and food.  (it is rumored that not a single patient was able to keep his sanity after those ordeals.)  The Doctor was born in 580 A.D. in section C, row 15, seat 23 of the transport vessel Enigma while en route to Klacmata from West Ardevor.  He apparently only uses Earth terminology when it is appropriate and will shock you beyond belief with his reggae dub sound.

Desi HysonDesmond ’Desi’ Hyson is a prolific songwriter and producer and plays keyboards, guitar and sings lead vocals, mostly in the reggae genre. Desi hails from the Caribbean Island of Dominica and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970’s. He currently resides in the Washington DC area. Growing up in Dominica, Desi listened to Nat King Cole and Motown greats such as Curtis Mayfield.In the early 1980’s, he became a member of Moja Nya, which is a band established by some of his friends from Dominica. He worked and toured and recorded under that name up until 1997 when he was asked to join and tour with the famed reggae group Culture, featuring the legendary singer/songwriter Mr. Joseph Hill.  After working with Mr. Hill, Desi then embarked on his own projects and while working on a self titled CD, was approached in 2009 to work with The Original Wailers, featuring Al Anderson, lead guitarist with Bob Marley and The Wailers. The Original Wailers at that time were seeking a songwriter/singer/ producer to add to their roster and Desi fit the bill. In 2010, Desi went to the studio with The Original Wailers and recorded, wrote, co-wrote, and co- produced all the songs on the CD, except the song “Our Day Will Come.” The CD was released in 2012 and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Reggae Album, 2012.

In 1994, Desi wrote and produced a CD entitled “A Moment in Meditation” for Moja Nya of which the single entitled “Paradise,” became a mainstay on the B.E.T. show Caribbean Rhythms in 1996. The second single “Memory of Marley” is still featured on XM radio on Bob Marley’s birthday.

Tuff LTuff Lion is multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter & producer who’s highly skilled musicianship has been a major force behind the tidal wave of music that has come out of the Virgin Islands in recent years. His signature sound can be heard on almost every I-Grade Records release to date, which includes artists like NiyoRah, Abja, Army, Midnite, Dezarie, Danny I, Yahadanai and more, as well as his own all instrumental album Ten Strings, that came out in the summer of ’08 and is getting massive praise worldwide! While no longer associated with Bambu Station, his presence both on stage and in the studio played a big role in bringing them to the reggae world’s attention.

A veteran in this bizness, who’s good works can be heard far and wide, and in no way are limited to the sounds of the V.I. Tuff Lion has recorded, produced and toured with such artists as The Itals, Jr. Marvin (The Wailers), Apple Gabriel (Israel Vibrations), Sahra Indio, Iba, King Cephas, Pressure, Ijah Menelik, Army, Lady Passion, Ras Attitude, Batch, Malika Madremana, Sista Kat, Mada Nile, Volcano, Messenjah Selah, Bless Noble… and the list goes on. The ever growing number of albums he has played on is in the realm of 50+ so far.

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