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Asheville Musicians Band Together and Launch Campaign To Rebuild West African Music Education Center & Home
700 years of musical lineage is in jeopardy in Ivory Coast, West Africa. Asheville musicians, led by the band Zansa, have banded together to help rebuild the Dembele family home and Djembeso Drum & Dance Education Center in Ivory Coast, West Africa after it was recently destroyed by their government. Members of Zansa, along with many other local Asheville musicians, and other supporters of Asheville’s West African community are raising funds to help the Dembele family continue to grow their musical legacy. We need to rebuild this house and music compound not just for this generation, but for generations to come.
Donations can be made to the rebuilding efforts via the newly launched Indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/adama/x/3637548. Thanks to LEAF Community Arts, a nonprofit that supports arts education around the world through the LEAF International program, your donation is tax deductible. Adama Dembele has been a teaching artist through LEAF for four years, sharing his music and culture with hundreds of young people across Western North Carolina.

AboboBefore-DjembesoCenter1The Dembele household is a culturally significant resource within the community. The family has been sharing their music here for centuries. The fact that Adama is a 33rd generation musician means that his family has been passing on their musical heritage and culture for nearly 700 years. Their household, known as Djembeso, which translates to House of Djembe, has been a mecca for musicians throughout West Africa, Europe, the United States, and beyond who have traveled there to study music. Currently, the family is unable to continue passing on this wealth of cultural knowledge, and we need your help. Your generous donations will go directly to help the rebuilding process and make it possible for this legacy to continue!

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