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by Tad Dickens

Roanoke Times


For Asheville, N.C.,-based singer/songwriter Galen Kipar, crafting original music can be complicated.

“The process of writing a song can be like making breakfast for 15,” Kipar wrote in a recent e-mail. “It’s like Tetris, it’s like tug of war between left brain and right brain, it’s like building a house on your own. You poke, jab, shift, rotate, retrograde, sequence, invert, slur, augment, smooth over, compromise, come to terms with … until you can’t anymore. Then, you take a break and do it again.”

When Kipar and his musical cohorts get together to play live, though, it doesn’t sound so problematic. That’s not to say Kipar’s music is easy-listening. It’s nuanced, with attention to detail, but not too complicated.

In Asheville, fans call his act a “small-scale symphony.” It’s probably more like chamber folk/pop, sometimes reminiscent of Adrian Belew’s quieter moods. He’s joined by guitarist Jon Morrow, who eloquently covers both bass and guitar parts with an eight-stringed instrument. Drummer Jeremy Young grooves tastefully.

Bonus: When Kipar hits these parts next week, Roanoke Valley multi-instrumentalist Camellia Delk grabs her violin and joins the band. She also records with the band.

Listen for cuts from a new CD, scheduled for release in June. The album, recorded at Asheville’s Echo Mountain Studios, features lyrics that focus on the outdoors — fitting for Kipar, a fly fisherman and “trout ninja.”

He feels winter’s approach while hoping for a “warm front,” in the classically tinged “October Snow.” Over a bluegrass shuffle and steel guitar, he heads for some “Fishing Time” in the bouncy “Rushing Over My Bones.” Delk’s sometimes haunting violin flavors “The Shore Rushed By.”

— Tad Dickens

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