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MarchFourth set to release first studio album of original material in five years, Produced by Ben Ellman of Galactic = Irresistible NOLA Magic

MarchFourth: A SteamFunk Rock-n-Roll Circus Party!

Head on over to Live For Live Music for the World Premiere of “Push It Back” Featuring Stanton Moore on drums → http://bit.ly/L4LM_MarchFourth_PushItBack

Portland, OR — Fifteen MarchFourth musicians traveled to New Orleans and spent ten days recording at The Parlor Recording Studio, making their fourth studio album, MAGIC NUMBER, their first in over five years. With Producer Ben Ellman (Galactic) and Engineer/Producer Mikael “Count” Eldridge (DJ Shadow, Tycho, Galactic, Trombone Shorty) at the helm, this album is full of the captivating grooves and brassy swagger you have come to expect from M4, plus a healthy dose of New Orleans magic, with guest appearance by Trombone Shorty, Stanton Moore (drums), and Matt Perrine (sousaphone). The album was fan-funded through Kickstarter and will be independently released September 30, 2016.

m4 cover art_magic number_FOIL.jpgMAGIC NUMBER represents a shift in the band’s musical evolution, featuring more vocals and guitar than our previous records.” Founding member and band leader, John Averill, who also sings and plays electric bass says,It is also the first record by “MarchFourth” (we officially dropped the “Marching Band” from our name).”

MarchFourth is a genre-breaking force of entertainment. This explosion of brassy funk, rock, and jazz emanates from twenty or so performers: musicians, acrobats, stilters and more, touring the country year-round, stealing the festival wherever they appear, taking audiences on a joy-inducing, booty-shaking, soul-stirring journey that defies categorization. Word on the street: You have to see it to believe it!

“From the first note to the last, the sound was pumping and the fun never stopped,” exclaimed USA Today. “It’s worth noting that there are serious musicians behind all the fun. I was a music major in college and it’s obvious these guys (and gals) have had lots of training and formal practice. Talented band geeks turned rebels. When one of the horn players steps up to improvise a solo, you know it’s going to be a treat.”

Working with a large group of talented songwriters and musicians in M4 made the project go really smoothly. Wherever the band goes they sort of set up camp… that led to a really creative working communal environment.” Producer Ben Ellman states, “It’s always exciting to work with a band that is open to experimentation and different possibilities. MarchFourth came in wanting to expand their sonic pallet from what they’ve done previously.”

Vertical MarchFourth by Matt Adamik“Unlike M4’s previous albums, recorded over weeks and months in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, getting the band to NOLA for a ten-day recording session really created an intensity and electricity you can feel throughout MAGIC NUMBER. Founding member, cymbal player, singer, and tour manager Dan Stauffer recalls, “After long days at The Parlor, the band members would go out to party on Frenchman Street and sit in on sets all over the city, meanwhile the producers, Ben and Count, would create mixes late into the night: that’s the mojo you can hear, everything going off for ten days straight.

Ellman attests, “The individual songwriters all had a clear vision of where the song should end up… there are different styles on the record, but as a whole it’s very cohesive. Very MarchFourth.” Four of the band’s members wrote the eleven songs on MAGIC NUMBER including John Averill, trombonist and singer Anthony Meade, trumpet player and singer, and project manager Paul Theodore Chandler, and electric guitarist and baritone sax Taylor Aglipay.

“The decision to work with Ben Ellman was a decision to make a modern sounding horn-driven record. This is certainly the biggest, punchiest, and rockinest M4 has ever sounded on an album. We certainly pushed the bounds of what we’re comfortable with genre-wise and performance-wise but we have a lineup of musicians right now who can handle it better than ever.” Anthony Meade says, “Putting the microscope on yourself in the recording studio is one of the most ego-shattering processes to undergo as a musician. Some people handle it better than others but we were able to get super deep in such a saturated environment.”

With a load of fresh new material, MarchFourth enters some new territories on this album, channeling some deep swampy voodoo vibes steeped in the brassy NOLA traditions. MAGIC NUMBER kicks of with the aptly named “Call to Action,” featuring the M4-style second line, calling on folks to get on up and “shake yo’ tail feathers!”

Stanton Moore makes a guest appearance on drums on the song “Push It Back” carrying the listener off on a royal litter of afro funk. Trombone Shorty blows a fiery solo on “Inventing the Wheel,” a musical journey into a heavy hypnotic groove; the track also features Ben Ellman on harmonica. Matt Perrine of Bonerama plays sousaphone on the uplifting and soul searching “Science (Free Your Mind)” which radiates all the energy of a street party in a full-on brassy explosion.

The title track’s visceral and thoughtful vocals draw you into a bombastic dream world you won’t want to leave, fusing eastern brass and the Wild West, with a little nod to Adam and the Ants. “The funky breakdown part popped into my head late one night after many Tecates. Lyrically, the song is about age, aging, the cycle of life, mortality, and coping with acceptance and resentment.” John Averill says, “I was 47 when we recorded it, and months later one of my best friends, Dave Camp (who subbed for M4 a few times on guitar) died of cancer at age 47… There’s something illusory to me about age and linear time, yet apparently each of us has a physical duration.”

“The Quarter” has more of a sexy feel, with a slinky hip-hop vibe mashing up the style of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” with some Tower of Power or Chicago-style brass parts. Paul Theodore Chandler says of it, “Unlike the other tunes I wrote for the album, this one had been ‘road tested’ at shows for some time, but with different lyrics that were more appropriate to a live show. Wanting to rewrite the lyrics to fit the scope of this album, I set out to capture the anticipation and excitement of flying into a new city at night, being enveloped in the magic of that new place. And what better place to land than the French Quarter in New Orleans.”

Other songs on the album range from the bubbly and danceable pick-me-up “Hotstepper” with the unforgettable earworm of a hook, “Don’t tell my mom,” to the balkan brassy “Drunk Bears,” and the gypsy metal sound of “Jan Jar.” ”It’s a Trap” features the band as punk rock as a brass band can go, while “Endless Highway” speaks to timeless beauty in it’s brevity–a gentle closer to such a bold and flavorful album.

Further members of MarchFourth appearing on MAGIC NUMBER include Katie Presley on trumpet, Daniel Lamb on trombone, Jon VanCura on guitar, saxophonists Michelle Christiansen (alto), Cameron DePalma (tenor), Andy Shapiro (tenor), and Jon VanCura (baritone, bass), as well as drummer & percussionists Jenny DiDonato (snare, congas, bells, blocks, ride), Cheo Larcombe (bass drum, percussion), Will McKinney (toms, chocalho), and Jake Wood (snare, hi-hat).

“I always feel like we are some freaky kind of Jack-in-the-box. Put twenty of us in a 45-foot bus for 6-8 hours a day, then open the door onto a stage and watch us explode!” Stauffer says, “Old greats like Basie and the Duke were some of my first favorite jazz artists in college. I love the fact that I tour and play with all these fantastic horn players and travel around in this bus. We are very much like the big bands of old, except we also have electric guitars, stilt-walkers, acrobats, and a psychedelically wide palette of musical styles and costumery.”

MarchFourth will continue to tour all over the United States in support of this album through the fall and into 2017 with their colorful stage show full of energy and groove.

Widely recognized for the allure of their live show, MarchFourth breaks ground with their music in the forefront on MAGIC NUMBER.

For more information and news from the road, visit M4 at www.Marchfourthband.com, instagram.com/m4mb, facebook.com/marchfourthmarchingband, twitter.com/m4mb, and on YouTube.

MAGIC NUMBER Track Listing

  1. CALL TO ACTION 3:20 (Meade)
    2. THE QUARTER 4:06 (Chandler)
    3. MAGIC NUMBER 4:18 (Averill)
    4. PUSH IT BACK 2:51 *featuring Stanton Moore (Chandler)
    5. INVENTING THE WHEEL 6:51 *featuring Trombone Shorty and Ben Ellman (Meade)
    6. HOTSTEPPER 3:36 (Chandler)
    7. DRUNK BEARS 3:24 (Meade)
    8. JAN JAR 3:04 (Aglipay)
    9. SCIENCE (FREE YOUR MIND) 6:00 *featuring Matt Perrine (Meade)
    10. IT’S A TRAP! 4:13 (Meade)
    11. ENDLESS HIGHWAY 1:21 (Chandler)

Produced by Ben Ellman
Except tracks 1,2,4,6 produced by Ben Ellman and Count

MarchFourth’s ‘Magic Number’ 2016 Tour Dates
9/8 Thu – Central Park Sessions – Madison, WI
9/9 Fri – Be Here Now – Muncie, IN
9/10 Sat – TBA – Detroit, MI
9/11 Sun – Abbey Bar of Appalachian Brewery – Harrisburg, PA
9/13 Tue – Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, DC
9/14 Wed – The Rocks Off Concert Cruise – New York, NY
9/15 Thu – Port City Music Hall – Portland, ME
9/16-18 Fri-Sun – Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival – Fredericton, NB
9/22 Thu – Belly Up Aspen – Aspen, CO
9/23 Fri – Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO
9/24 Sat – Mishawaka Amphitheater – Bellvue, CO
9/25 Sun – Center for the Arts – Jackson, WY
9/30-10/1 Fri-Sat – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co’s Oktoberfest – Chico, CA
10/4 Tue – Harlow’s – Sacramento, CA
10/5 Wed – Don Quixote’s International Music Hall – Felton, CA
10/6 Thu – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
10/7-8 Fri-Sat – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co’s Oktoberfest – Chico, CA
10/28 Fri – Revolution Hall (2 shows!) – Portland, OR
12/15 Thu – Egyptian Theater – Boise, ID
12/17 Sat – Winthrop Barn Auditorium – Winthrop, WA

For more information and news from the road, visit M4 at www.Marchfourthband.com



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Everyone Orchestra is conducted by Matt Butler
Featured in these appearances are:
Kris Myers (drums- Umphrey’s McGee, Rob Mercurio (bass- Galactic),  Aron Magner (keys-Disco Biscuits), Vernon Reid (guitar-Living Colour), Durga McBroom (Vocals-Pink Floyd), Jennifer Hartswick (Trumpet/Vocals- Trey Anastasio Band), Natalie Cressman (Trombone/Vocals-Trey Anastasio Band), Eddie Roberts (guitar-New Mastersounds)

Also featured on Thursday, Sept 3rd are:
Paul Hoffman (Mandolin-Greensky Bluegrass) &  Jason Hann (Percussion-String Cheese Incident)

It’s a dual venue Phish Pre-Party & Post-Party with Touchpants both nights!
(ft. Colby Dix, Chris Friday, Aram Bedrosian and Jon Fishman)

Thursday, Sept 3rd – Phish Pre-Party
EO & Touchpants in The Ballroom
Start Making Sense (Ultimate Talking Heads Tribute) w/ Love Canon, Great American Taxi and Jon Stickley Trio at The Other Side
16+, doors 6pm/ show 7pm; $20 Early Bird / $25 Advance / $30 Day of Show
Tickets: www.cervantesmasterpiece.com/event/930643-everyone-orchestra-denver/

Friday, Sept 4th – Phish Post Party
Everyone Orchestra in the Ballroom and Touchpants in The Other Side
16+; doors 11pm / show 11:59pm
Tickets Ballroom for EO:  
$20 Advance / $25 Day Of Show
Friday Tickets Dual Venue:
$30 Advance / $35 Day Of Show

Cervantes’ is located at 2637 Welton Street, Denver, CO, 80203

Everyone Orchestra’s conductor and founder Matt Butler has been leading a rotating cast of accomplished musicians through entirely improvised performances, since 2001. Butler’s unique style of conducting is groundbreaking in that he has essentially created an entirely new way to perform and experience music. Butler says, “Playing with different musicians, improvising every night, and getting the crowd involved in ways that they can’t be at a regular show has provided an unparalleled live music experience.”

Everyone Orchestra’s performances in Denver, CO at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom on Thursday and Friday, September 3rd and 4th feature Kris Myers (drums- Umphrey’s McGee), Rob Mercurio (bass- Galactic), Aron Magner (keys-Disco Biscuits), Vernon Reid (guitar-Living Colour), Durga McBroom (Vocals-Pink Floyd), Jennifer Hartswick (Trumpet/Vocals- Trey Anastasio Band), Natalie Cressman (Trombone/Vocals-Trey Anastasio Band), and Eddie Roberts (guitar-New Mastersounds). Special guests Paul Hoffman (Mandolin-Greensky Bluegrass) and Jason Hann (Percussion-String Cheese Incident) will also be joining in on Thursday. Pre and post Phish Parties!


Everyone Orchestra’s Matt Butler. Photo by Michael Weintrob.

Having marched clearly into uncharted territory, Everyone Orchestra is an avant-garde conceptual and collaborative performance which deeply encourages and requires audience interaction. Both the band and the audience start the show with a clean slate to help co-create a dynamic musical experience, with Butler receiving ideas from the audience to help set the course of action. Tuning in to Butler’s energy and pantomime, The Conductor is utilized as a pivot to the set mood of each passing jam as he communicates musical concepts using hand signs, whiteboard and assorted mime suggestions. The edge of your seat enthusiasm for what is next is the fuel behind the continuous musical experiment of  Everyone Orchestra.

“I feel like it’s part of my job, and paramount, to not have too many preconceptions,” he said. “But the only preconceptions I have going in are to create a really dynamic show from beginning to end, have it have a nice arc, and that all the musicians get a chance to shine. I want to keep them challenged and engaged. It’s a playground for musicians that I’m trying to create,” says Matt in an interview with Examiner.

“[In each city] Butler will have another group with which he can create the beautiful chaos this act is known for. Simply put, there is no set list to be confined to, no certain marks to hit over the course of the night. Butler makes his way to the front of the stage, and it’s off to the races, testing the limits of his players while also showing how good music is when everything clicks in the midst of an improvised set.” writes Examiner’s Thomas Gerbasi. “At this point, Butler almost has it down to a science, at least as much as you can on a speeding car that could veer off the road at any moment.”

EO balances the challenges of live group improvisation with triumphant tension and release conduits of music which head deep into the heart filled with the aspiration of creating shared magical moments.

What is Everyone Orchestra http://vimeo.com/36999515
Musicians Describe Everyone Orchestra http://vimeo.com/33037192
Musicians from across a wide spectrum of styles and backgrounds describe their experiences with Everyone Orchestra.

For more information, tour dates, videos, downloads & more, please visit  www.everyoneorchestra.comwww.facebook.com/EveryoneOrchestra, & www.twitter.com/every1orchestra

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The all-free, all-day Just Because You’re Asheville concert returns

by Lydia See in Vol. 16 / Iss. 13 on 10/21/2009

Mountain Xpress

“Something about this town drew us here as musicians; now we’re going to be part of the soundtrack to this town,” says singer/songwriter Oso Rey. It’s true that Asheville grooves to its own beat, like the snippets of buskers and the drum circle and music flowing from bars as you walk by. If a musician is lucky enough, those sound bites stay with people, and help govern the ever-changing face of the Asheville musicscape.

Just because you're Galactic: The New Orleans funksters headline the day-long free festival. Get ready to get down.

Just because you're Galactic: The New Orleans funksters headline the day-long free festival. Get ready to get down.

Rey, who now fronts roots-rock outfit Soulgrass Rebellion, said that what originally attracted him and his family to Asheville was that “The music & art scene seemed to be thriving, and had good community support around it.” After living here and playing music for a few years, Rey found his opportunity to contribute, “What I’ve realized that matters the most in this scene is that you’ve gotta put something into the community. I arrived three years ago thinking I could just show up and that would be enough. I’m glad it didn’t work out that way. That would’ve been all about hype. And hype fades, and gets shifted somewhere else. This town has taught me to slow my roll.”

But Rey won’t slow his roll too much this Saturday when he joins a heady roster of local (Thunderdrums), regional (DubConscious, Jamie McLean Band), and nationally-touring (Galactic with Corey Henry, Larry Keel with Bryon McMurry) bands. The event? The Just Because You’re Asheville (JBYA) downtown street festival: part adieu to summer, part why-the-heck-not opportunity to rock out, part thank you to and from area musicians.

Organized by Mountain Roots Management, the day-long event teams a supergroup of local businesses to pull off the day-long six-band fete. “We are blessed in this area with wonderful free events like Asheville Earth Day, Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Fest and Blue Ridge Pride, to name a very few,” says Bob Robertson partnering company AMJam Productions. “Just Because You’re Asheville tries to bring a little of all those events together, for an end-of-year celebration. As the winter months grow near, we just wanted to throw an appreciation event to all the folks of Asheville who support live music, local businesses and help make Asheville what it is.”

Roberts adds that AMJam and Mountain Roots Management also organize Asheville Earth Day — the start of the festival season which JBYA (now in its second year) bookends.

Last year’s JBYA featured Keller Williams with EOTO and Josh Phillips Folk Festival supporting. An estimated 4,000 people patronized the event, also showing support for the event sponsors’ chosen non-profit, the Dogwood Alliance. This year’s non-profit beneficiary, LEAF in Schools and Streets, is an educational program dedicated to providing world influenced music and arts education to the youth of communities both locally and internationally.

Photo by Jon C. Hancock

Photo by Jon C. Hancock

One change from 2008’s JBYA: A $25 VIP upgrade that includes a T-shirt and poster, private restrooms, discounted beverages and refreshments and a reserved viewing area. VIP options like these at large free events are an affordable luxury which contribute to the longevity of the event, though the festival seems to be designed to be enjoyed thoroughly as a general admission patron. Which is to say, even the port-a-potty using, sidewalk-occupying masses are in for a good time, not to mention a serious dose of the evolving Asheville soundtrack.

It’s the wide-appeal lineup that rounds out the fun-filled day. Soulgrass Rebellion culls influences of roots, reggae and bluegrass and band members from Laura Reed and Deep Pocket, The Fly Brothers and Afromotive. Thunderdrums is a world-beat electronica project that lives up to its name.  Athens, Ga.-based DubConscious bolsters deep reggae grooves with pulsing Afrobeat. Guitarist Jamie McLean, who fronts his namesake group, gained notoriety in the new Orleans-bases Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Also from New Orleans, funk outfit Galactic fotifies its hip-shaking instrumentals with the jazz-tinged trombone of Corey Henry. And, no stranger to the Asheville area, Virginia bluegrass picker Larry Keel teams up with Acoustic Syndicate banjo player Bryon McMurry. (Need hip-hop in the mix? Keep rocking at the GFE after-party at Stella Blue, 9 p.m.)

Now that’s a soundtrack.

who: Just Because You’re Asheville
what: Free downtown Asheville street festival featuring Galactic, DubConscious, Larry Keel with Bryon McMurry, Soulgrass Rebellion, Jamie McLean Band and Thunderdrums
where: Lexington Ave. between the I-240 overpass and Woodfin Street
when: Saturday, Oct. 24 (1 p.m. to 9 p.m., free. http://www.jbya.org)

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