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Photo by Jonthan Welch/ Asheville's Mountain Xpress

Photo by Jonthan Welch/ Asheville's Mountain Xpress

by Johnny Woodie


A really great band is coming through folks, don’t miss out. I believe this is the next hidden NC musical treasure… and believe me, I wouldn’t just say that for no reason. Personally, to me they seem like the Southern version of the The Thermals, which in my book is a good thing. There is a track at the end of this post.

Ukebilly Garage-Pop band, The Mad Tea Party is heading to Salisbury and will be performing at the The Looking Glass Artist Collective on Friday September 25th. David Lamanno, the one man band from Salisbury, will be opening for the evening.

Southeast Performer describes Mad Tea Party, “If The White Stripes and Southern Culture on the Skids mated, had fraternal twins and raised them to rock out with ukulele accompaniment, we would have the Mad Tea Party. The newly-minted duo’s new release FOUND A REASON is playful old school rock that is both straightforward and wonderfully melodic. It’s B-52s meets Buddy Holly with a lot more thump; Americana with a funky fire underneath the plaintiveness of Jason Krekel’s smooth vocals and Ami Worthen’s jukebox-era delivery…”

Mad Tea Party is also a featured musical act in the recent film release, the Graduates which, is climbing the charts on both I-tunes and Hulu.”   You got that everyone?

Don’t slip on this show…

They’re even so kind to let us offer you a free download of “Every Way”.

Download avialable on AltRowan Blog.




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