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PhilanthroPEAK Live starts at 5pm tonight, Saturday March 20th, 2010 at the Diana Wortham Theatre in Asheville! Film, Music, Art, Mon-profits, and more… Read more about it n the Blue Banner Article below:

Charity promotes nonprofits with film

By Alex Hammond / Staff Writer

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The PhilanthroPEAK Live concert at the Diana Wortham Theatre involves several bands, cameras, a cut rate for students and filming a unique documentary.

“This year, Chris’ idea originally was to develop a film that would show us building relationships in the community, as we’re trying to develop a program in Asheville,” said Kaleem Clarkson, the director of Concepts4Charity.

C4C is a national charity dedicated to the promotion of other charities. Their next production is the PhilanthroPEAK documentary, which deals largely with area nonprofit organizaitions and the artists and musicians involved with them, said Chris Gaspar, the vice president of operations of C4C.

“We’re like a PR company for nonprofits,” he said.

Asheville has a lot of nonprofits, but little in terms of promotion for them, Gaspar said. Filming a documentary on those organizations seemed like a perfect chance to build relationships and to promote an area that gets less media coverage than it should, he said.

“I thought that this place is not really getting covered,” Gaspar said. “We want to introduce Asheville to a larger base.”

Gaspar wants to build another office here, Clarkson said, so they started production and started raising funds to move a pilot program from Massachusetts to the mountains.

“He (Gaspar) felt that it was time to build a physical presence in Asheville. Most of our physical presence has been in Massachusetts and Sacramento,” Clarkson said.

Funds raised at the concert Saturday will go toward a program starting at Asheville High School named Hip-Hop Culture, Gaspar said.

“We basically pick a benefactor, we work with the local talent and the local venues,” Gaspar said.

Clarkson said the program offers several disciplines, including break dancing, poetry or songwriting.

“What we do with Hip-Hop Culture, plain and simple, is we provide kids the chance to select a discipline. They practice that discipline twice a week after school,” Clarkson said.

Students learn the history of hip-hop as well as the techniques. At the end of the semester, they participate in a talent show, according to Clarkson.

“We got the confirmation from the principal that we could start a pilot program,” he said.

One of the filmmakers involved with the PhilanthroPEAK project, David Bourne, is a local who worked with Gaspar on a prior project, A Call to Action. He said the documentary is well on the way to finishing shooting.

“We’re still in production, so we are probably about three-quarters of the way through the project. We’ve filmed in a cabin in Leicester and we have filmed in a hot-air balloon,” Bourne said. “In my balloon, I was interviewing a naturalist who works for a regional nonprofit called the WNC Alliance, and he was able to talk about the region’s biodiversity.”

The unique shooting situation caused some equally unique problems, Bourne said.

“The major challenge was doing an interview when the balloon had to be inflated at different intervals. The balloon blast would go off, and we would just have to have them repeat the last thing they said, just start over,” he said.

Filming in a balloon was a way the filmmakers offered a different take on the area, Bourne said.

“Of course, being up in a balloon you get all kinds of perspective that you can’t get on the ground,” he said.

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.thebluebanner.net/mobile/charity-promotes-nonprofits-with-film-1.1270081

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On Saturday, March 20th, PhilanthroPEAK Live will feature over six hours of music, visual arts, theatrical performances, live filming, as well as tabling for community businesses and nonprofits all united under one roof at Pack Place and the 500-seat Diana Wortham Theatre in downtown Asheville, located at 2 South Pack Square.

The all ages event starts at 5:00pm and tickets are only $10 in advance and $15 the day of the show. From 5:00-6:30 there will be an opening with beverages, a collaborative ceramics art demo by Gabriel Shaffer and Shay Amber, a Moog Synthesiser and theramin demo with Dave Hamilton, and music by Jenny Greer of Jen and the Juice; theatre music begins at 6:30. To purchase your tickets visit www.dwtheatre.com or call 828-257-4530.

PhilanthroPEAK is the title of the forthcoming Asheville arts/outreach documentary being produced by national 501(c)3 non-profit organization Concepts4Charity (C4C), which is a virtual organization involving people all across the country. C4C is devoted to raising awareness for community issues through sports and the arts within their mission of engaging citizens in philanthropy and/or the resolutions to community issues. PhilanthroPEAK is a film telling a story that takes action by discussing ideas for developing grassroots projects in Western North Carolina, while also promoting the goodwill and concerns of the local community.

A wide array of area musicians, artists and activists who appear in the project will be on hand for PhilanthroPEAK Live and patrons will get a sneak “peak” at some of the flourishing talent from the Asheville community. Funds raised from the evening’s events will help promote the awareness for C4C’s upcoming Hip Hop Culture class an after-school program to premiere in Asheville during the fall of 2010. Additional funds from tickets sales, donations, and raffle items will go toward the release and distribution of the final documentary presentation.

On the bill for the evening’s entertainment to perform are Aaron Price with Kellin Watson, Woody Wood, Jar-E, Underhill Rose, The Secret B-Sides, and Jenny Greer of Jen and The Juice. Scotch Tomedy comedians will be the masters of ceremony for the evening. Find out more about the performers here in a second blog about the event.

There will also Live demonstrations by:

  • The Bob Moog Foundation will be present with an interactive setup consisting of Theremins and Moog synthesizer equipment. Representatives will be on hand to answer questions about the Foundation’s efforts to build a Moogseum, restore archives, as well as work with you.
  • Local artist and author Shay Amber will be on hand for a ceramics demonstration

More about Concepts4Charity– This film rough cut sample features John Swan from Greenlife, Jennifer Pickering from LEAF, Bob Roberton from Mountain Roots Management, Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Underhill Rose and more.

A Film Taking Action
PhilanthroPEAK looks to take action, becoming acquainted with activists in the Asheville community, to discuss ideas for developing various grassroots projects that speak to the concerns of the community. Concepts4Charity, Inc. (C4C) provides a platform for Asheville citizens to weigh in on topics that hit close to home. PhilanthroPEAK has been engaging a diverse spectrum of community musicians/artists, educators; philanthropists and entrepreneurs throughout 2009 to get an inside look at initiatives in which they are currently involved.

Christopher Gaspar, an Asheville resident for more than five years, is the Vice President of Operations for C4C and the lead producer on the upcoming PhilanthroPEAK documentary project. Gaspar came to the greater organization with the idea for “A Call to Action” a voter registration documentary on HeadCount in 2008. Although this film was not focused on Asheville, some of the taping and much of the post production for the film was done right here in Asheville. Collaborating with a select few of the tremendous local media producers in Asheville for “A Call to Action” inspired Gaspar to come up with the idea of producing a film about WNC and the vibrant grassroots arts, culture and community therein.

“I consider myself a writer and community developer more-so than a filmmaker. However, I have been involved with media production since college and I understand the advantages of using story telling to get people engaged behind a common objective. It will be nice to introduce outreach programs into the community and uncover some of the incredible initiatives already established within the WNC region. Some groups don’t have the funding or technical expertise to bring their vision to the forefront and that’s where we (C4C) come into play and how we support individual communities”, Gaspar states.

Gaspar initiated the fusion of these local filmmakers, musicians, artists, event organizers, activists and other movers and shakers. C4C held a kickoff retreat in the spring of 2009 to bring together some of these talented people to not only be interviewed or perform on film, but also to network and forge strategic plans. While post production on the project does not start until this summer, a rough cut sample is being hosted on YouTube which outlines some of the people involved: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFEWYAHqp1A.

The WNC filmmakers that are involved in the making of PhilanthroPEAK are:
David Bourne with Bourne Media, Kurt Mann with American Green, David Schmidt with Acapella Audio, and Patrick Haney/Caley Lyles/Joel Suttles/Eric Larson of Stellar Media.  PhilanthroPEAK Live on March 20th will mark the last major capstone phase of filming for the documentary which started production last spring and continued throughout the year at various events throughout Asheville. This event, PhilanthroPEAK Live is the last phase of filming for the documentary.

Project Distribution
PhilanthroPEAK will help unite the Asheville community and promote it to the rest of the country utilizing various grassroots platforms for distribution and promotion, including:

  • National Broadcast Television
  • Community Television Outlets
  • Regional Cable On Demand
  • Online Social Networking and Video Streaming
  • Film Festivals and Entertainment Events

Project Goals for PhilanthroPEAK

  • Promote sustainable outreach and highlight current initiatives facilitated by citizens of Western North Carolina.
  • Identify social concerns and underserved needs within the Asheville community.
  • Develop a program or initiative that addresses the concerns of regional population.

Hip Hop Culture Program Video

PhilanthroPEAK Live is currently calling out for more non-profits and businesses within Asheville to take part in this event. There is a small fee ranging from $20-$50 for a table at the event. This will include two free tickets to the concert, the company name listed on the program guide, website, as well as being listed in the PhilanthroPEAK documentary credits. Organizations will keep 100% of proceeds raised from donations or products sold during the event (ie. T-shirt sales, Raffles, donation jars, etc).

To register your organization please contact: Ms. Cynthia Sun at csun@concepts4charity.org or call 877.656.2469.

About Concepts4Charity

Concepts4Charity, Inc (C4C) is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging youth in philanthropy through the development of sports and arts programs. C4C’s recent documentary, A Call To Action, featured many high profile artists including tour heavyweights Bob Weir(The Dead), Trey Anastasio(Phish), Dave Matthews, Grammy winner Bela Fleck(The Flecktones) and outspoken activist Michael Franti(Spearhead). C4C hosted the premiere of the documentary at the HBO Screening Room in Times Square.

Concepts4Charity, Inc Contact Information
Christopher Gaspar; cgaspar@concepts4charity.org; 877-656-2469; Concepts4charity.org

March 20th Event Details at a Glance:
PhilanthroPEAK Live
produced by Concepts4Charity
Saturday, March 20th
Diana Wortham Theatre

All Ages
Tickets $10 adv/ $15 d.o.s.
2 South Pack Square
Asheville, NC 28801-3521

http://concepts4charity.org/events/87(event site for tickets)

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