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See That Light with Ashleigh Flynn & Todd Snider… Leave Those Gay Kids Alone

Ashleigh Flynn’s song “See That Light” is an anti-bullying tune, in which the storyteller is a young kid in love with her or his best friend until they realize that’s not allowed. Todd Snider plays the preacher with a talking blues part in which he appeals to folks to smarten up, to get along… and to leave gay kids alone.

Ashleigh says, “Seems there is a rising tide of acceptance among the majority of Americans towards equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation. Bring it on. Wash away the irrational phobia. I am extremely hopeful that my GF and I will be able to enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples. We have been together for ten years.”


Ashleigh Flynn and Todd Snider

When Ashleigh set out to work on her new album A Million Stars, her song “See That Light” came to her as a simple little ditty as she stared at the moon rising up over the Columbia River. She calls it “a tribute to faith in love because from my vantage that’s the most important thing we know amidst all the mystery of life and death. It just so happened that I was likely singing it to a gal.” With that notion, she realized that her little ditty had more of a message, so she wrote the part she could hear Todd saying “Now Brothers and Sisters… let’s leave those gay kids alone.  Let them love each other. They aren’t hurting anyone…”

Todd says, “I knew this song before Ashleigh recorded it, from touring together, and was honored to be asked to be part of her record and especially in a way that would give me opportunity to stand publicly for the gay community.”

To celebrate Supreme Court rulings in favor of gay rights, the Equal Rights Campaign and in honor of June being Gay Pride month, Ashleigh is offering “See That Light” featuring Todd Snider as a free download to listen to and share with your friends –> http://bit.ly/176N2a1

“See That Light’ LYRICS

I told you once, I’ll say it again.
I’ll sing it right by and by.
See that light shining through the trees?
That’s my love rising in the sky.

So I take a seat by the riverside
To watch her shine! Shine! Shine!
She’ll be true, like the ocean is blue,
And rise the tide with passing time.

I would walk a thousand miles.
I’d sail across the deep blue sea.
I would wait for time to stand still
If you will come for me.

So much sorrow, from so many hard times
Living in the world outside,
I got to get to feeling that things are gonna turn around…
I’ll sing it right by and by
I would walk a thousand miles…


Now brothers and sisters
I know you probably grew up being scared of them stories in the Bible,
like going to hell for sinning or some stuff like that…
But that Bible was written by people too, and they were afraid themselves.

I mean, who really believes that I’m gonna go to hell for planting corn and beans together?
We could probably solve world hunger AND global warming by planting corn and beans together!

I mean, what kind of God wouldn’t want us to love and be good to each other? Let’s try to relax a little bit!
And another thing, let’s leave them gay kids alone. Let them love each other.
They aint hurtin anyone! In fact, it’s the fear mongers that hurt them. And then they hurt themselves…


But then I got a little high, cuz I was feeling’ lonesome
As all the days turned into years.
Been wandering dark and dusty roads,
I light the sky with my own tears
I would walk a thousand miles…
*** *** ***

AFlynn2013_ByRichardhallmanCOLOR“The album is full of stories of powerful women, including those from the American Western Frontier and a cover of Ma Rainey’s gay and proud ‘Prove it On Me Blues.’ There are other gay-positive surprises on the album, including a gay-positive rap for LGBT teens.” —Kathy Belge, LesbianLife at About.com

“Ashleigh Flynn takes history and sticks it in a song. On A Million Stars, Ashleigh introduces us to heroines and lawless ladies… Todd Snider takes on the role of the ‘voice of reason’ in ‘See the Light’, reminding us from on high that the bible is for each of us to hear our own versions of stories and maybe we just need to lighten up and love a little.” —Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root

“But it was her own ‘See the Light,’ from her most recent record, A Million Stars that made the night’s point. On the record, Todd Snider gets to do the speechifying for tolerance. Thursday night, it was Flynn:  And another thing, let’s leave them gay kids alone; let ’em love each other; they ain’t hurtin’ anybody; in fact, it’s the fear mongers that’s hurtin’ them; and then, they hurt themselves”
Ryan White, Oregon Live,
Live show review from the Alberta Rose Theater for Basic Rights Oregon

Ashleigh Flynn For more information and tour dates, please visit: www.ashleighflynn.com

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