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On Saturday, February 12, at 9: 00 pm, local musician Angi West will celebrate the release of her new album, Opportunity Cost, at the Grey Eagle. She will also be celebrating her 30th birthday, with the evening culminating in a dance party with DJ Kipper. For this show, West will be joined by an impressive band – Seth Kauffman, Michael Libramento and Evan Martin, all members of  Floating Action.

Produced by Seth Kauffman, Opportunity Cost is West’s third release. Though the album makes a sonic departure from her previous recordings, the songs have the depth and beauty she is known for. Opportunity Cost has a darkness that is also uplifting, and West’s unapologetic lyrics are stunning.

“Most of Angi’s previous albums are piano-based, so I wanted this one to have minimum piano on it,” Kauffman explains. “Usually things are more compelling when you’re out of your comfort zone.” A creative producer, Kauffman varied his approach, “She brought in a few songs on harmonium and banjo, so we tried to fully realize those with live, almost field-recording-like takes. This batch of songs was very original and had some cool elements we tried to bring to the forefront; using unique, sometimes bizarre instrumentation and production.” For example, “I have this weird, 1970’s Baldwin Discoverer organ, that cool drum machine beats and Beach House-esque sounds. Most of the songs feature that organ, with her singing and playing live, all on one track.”

Overall Kauffman says, “The album was cut in quite a relaxed, organic nature. Angi usually got songs on their first or second take. I added some overdubs, and she did some of the vocals at Brian Landrum’s Synergy Dynamics studio, the whole album took less that a week total.”

Find out more about Angi West on her website, www.angiwest.com.

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