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JS3_iTunes_PreOrder_2015Jon Stickley Trio’s ‘Lost at Last’ Now Available for Pre-Order, New Videos

Rapid-fire Flatpicking Guitar
Combined with Melodious, Sultry and Wild Violin
And Deep Groove Drums

Lost At Last Independently Hits the Streets on October 6, 2015
Pre-order →  http://bit.ly/JS3_LostAtLAst_iTunes_2015

This is very very cool music. Jon’s ideas on the acoustic guitar are the freshest of the fresh. Lost at Last is rated BA: Bad. Ass.” —Larry Keel

Jon Stickley Trio independently releases their 2nd album, Lost at Last, on October 6, 2015. The originality and sheer energy of this genre-bending ensemble serves as a welcome wake up call for those who experience it. With roots in gypsy jazz, bluegrass, and hip-hop, Jon Stickley Trio combines Jon Stickley’s rapid-fire flatpicking guitar with the sultry and wild, yet refined, melodies of Lyndsay Pruett (Futureman) on violin set over the deep groove of Patrick Armitage (Atmosphere) on drums. The three have fused their collective styles into a repertoire of exciting and innovative original music along with some captivating covers.

Lost at Last is now available to pre-order on iTunes, with an immediate download of “Point-to-Point” → http://bit.ly/JS3_LostAtLAst_iTunes_2015

Lost at Last was recorded in the band’s hometown of Asheville, NC at the iconic Echo Mountain Studios under the watchful eye of producer Dave King (The Bad Plus). While recording the album, King referred to the band’s imaginative sound as “this whole other thing.” King’s creative energy and inspired musical approach led the band deeper and deeper into the heart of their musical consciousness, which led to the solidification of their musical identity.

…the eleven songs uniquely merge their roots, including Bluegrass, Jazz, Americana, Rock and Punk into something surprising and original. Frequently, when we think of music, we think lyrics and melody, and often forget the power an instrumental can have all on its own with songs open to interpretation and willing to take you wherever you want to go. Lost At Last takes the listener on a winding musical journey where the unexpected is the expected on both originals (“Point To Point,” “Darth Radar”) and covers (“The High Road,” “Slopes”). Sweeping melodies, precise pickin’, thumping percussion and frenzied violin are just some of what await you when you get Lost At Last.”
The Daily Country, Tara Joan

Live video recording of “Never Stop.” Thanks Depthink Productions for the great shots as usual. And a huge thanks to The Bad Plus for making such an awesome song for Js3 to play.   

Probably the best thing about reviewing music is finding artists I’ve never heard of and falling in love… When I first put on Jon Stickley Trio’s sophomore album, Lost at Last, I listened for a few minutes and thought, ‘that’s bold–opening with an instrumental.’ I dig it. I soon learned it was an album of sell-your-soul-to-the-devil quality picking instrumentals.” —Grateful Music, Dan Fugate

Wonderful video session and interview Js3 did with In Blue Handmade this past spring highlighting a Jon Stickley original, “Octopickin,” from the new album. The cinematic and neoclassical song features Pruett’s beautiful string arrangements and improvisations which take the listener through an emotional dreamscape.

This trio churns out a wide variety (wi-i-i-i-de) of genres, sometimes encroaching on territory of various bluegrass and jazz artists. I hear bits and pieces that, if isolated, I would recognize as everything from the Dixie Dregs to Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun (it’s that acoustic guitar and violin combo) to gypsy to Windham Hill. I am astounded by the twisting and crunching of various styles.
Frank Gutch, Bob Segarini Blog

For more information, updates from the road, and tour dates, please visit www.jonstickley.com, www.facebook.com/JonStickleyTrio, and www.twitter.com/StickleyMusic.

Stay tuned for an official music video for “Point To Point” coming out on The Bluegrass Situation soon! Check out the teaser here → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40UiLnrnWr0&feature=youtu.b

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