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Recap, Setlists, and Photos: Leftover Salmon’s Fall Maskerade
3 Nights of Sold Out Shows in Buena Vista, CO at The Surf Hotel
Friday-Sunday, October 23-35, 2020
Streamed live on Nugs.tv 

Leftover Salmon Fall Maskerade 2020 Photos by JohnRyan Lockman

DENVER, CO — Leftover Salmon got the band back together for a very special weekend for the Fall Maskerade 2020, as their last show of 2020. For three sold out nights, Leftover Salmon played live in Buena Vista, CO at the Surf Hotel’s newest outdoor venue, The LAWN Friday-Sunday, October 23, 24, 25. 

The band also teamed up with Nugs.tv to stream all 3 shows.

“Buena Vista’s Surf Hotel was the perfect setting for a much needed socially distanced mini festival!” Vince Herman says, “The weather was Coloradoish. Sunny and warm and dumping snow too! It was a great collection of friends, kids, and dogs having music for the soul. Such fun! Now it’s time to crawl back into the Covid bubble and stay safe. See ya next year!”

With two sets each night, there were so many memorable moments! This small gathering of friends and family coming back together, along with everyone that tuned in online, was a great reminder how special this festival community is. Folks at home could feel the magical energy of the experience.

Friday night Leftover Salmon performed a number of songs for the first time live including, “Best Day Ever,” “Cloud City,” “Morning Dew,” and “We’ll Get By.” They went deep with a funky “Muddy Water Home” and Drew busted out the electric mandolin on “Fireline.” Tyler Grant joined in on “Breakin’ Thru” and “Mr. Charlie.”

Saturday Night was a total costume party on site– with fans dressed up to the max. Calls were made from stage to “Vote for Pedro”, theye bands was on fire

Coleman Smith (of Rapidgrass) on fiddle joined the band on “Bird Call” and Jerry Jeff Walker’s  “Derby Day.” The opening set closer, “Reuben’s Train” features some chicken foot antics and teased “Dinner And A Movie,” “Once In A Lifetime,” and “Moose’s Lucky Day.” They performed “Black Peter” for the first time live and hosted a crowd Maskerade during “Show Me Something Higher.” 

#ICYMI- Leftover Salmon Acoustic Tribute to Jerry Jeff Walker backstage Saturday night performing JJW’s ”Derby Day.” You can watch it on FaceBook here.

Sunday took place during a snowstorm, adding to the magic of the day. They, once again, played a handful of songs for the first time ever on stage including JJW’s “Mr. Bojangles,” “Sunday,” and “Bringing It On Home To Me.” Coleman Smith joined the band on fiddle for the entire second set and there was some triple fiddle action with Andy, Drew, and Coleman on “Bringing It On Home To Me.”

“This Is The Time” was the last song of the Los Fall Makerade (and the 2nd in that night’s encore) was extra special. The lyrics: “This isn’t a time for giving up. This is the time to be strong…. I know life is never easy, when you’re holding out so long… I know that we can make it, with a little bit of faith to get us by…. This isn’t the time or faking. This is the time for us to fly… 

This isn’t the time for losing hope. This is the time to lean… Well I know we can find our way if you’re ready to receive…. There’s always so much to learn, as you wander through this life…. And timing is everything. This is the time, the night…”

LoS Maskerade Setlists
Leftover Salmon is built around the core of founding members, Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman, along with banjo-wiz Andy Thorn, bassist Greg Garrison, and drummer Alwyn Robinson.
Wally Ingram joined LoS on keys the entire weekend. 

Leftover Salmon Fall Maskerade 2020 Photos by JohnRyan Lockman

Friday – October 23, 2020 @ Buena Vista, CO


Best Day Ever [1]

Muddy Water Home [2]


Just Before The Evening

Cloud City [1]

Foreign Fields >

Morning Dew [1]

Live it High

Cowgirl In The Sand


Cajun Girl

We’ll Get By [1]

Down On The Waterfront 

Fireline [3]

Mama Boulet

Breakin’ Thru [4]

Mr. Charlie >

I’m Going Back To Old Kentucky >

Honky Tonk Woman >

Soul Shakedown Party >

Pasta On The Mountain >

Soul Shakedown Party >

Kinky Reggae >

Soul Shakedown Party >

Hot Corn Cold Corn >

Mr. Charlie [4]

Unpromised Land >

Whiskey Before Breakfast >

Unpromised Land


Fuzzy Little Hippy Girl >

Wipeout >

Lick It >


Friday Notes:

[1] First time performed live 

[2] Funky version 

[3] w/ Drew on electric mando 

[4] w/ Tyler Grant in guitar 

Saturday – October 24, 2020 @ Buena Vista, CO


Let’s Give A Party

HooDoo Bash

Down In The Hollow

Tu’Na Pas Aller

Red Fox Run

Valley Of The Full Moon

Bird Call [1]

Derby Day [1]

Reuben’s Train [2][5]


Gulf Of Mexico

Black Peter [3]

Simple Twist Of Fate >

Drums >

Zombie Jamboree

When The Levee Breaks

Brand New Good Old Days

Tangled Up In Blue

Higher Ground

Show Me Something Higher [4]

Madame Boudreaux

Who Stole My Monkey >

New Speedway Boogie >

Let In A Little Light >

Wake And Bake >

Let In A Little Light 


She Took Off My Romeo’s

Saturday Notes:

[1] w/ Coleman Smith on fiddle

[2] featured Vince solo w/ a chicken foot

[3] First time performed live 

[4] w/ crowd Maskerade 

[5] w/ Dinner And A Movie, Once In A Lifetime & Moose’s Lucky Day teases

Sunday – October 25, 2020 @ Buena Vista, CO. (during snow storm)


Six Feet Of Snow

Whispering Waters

Mr. Bojangles [1]

High Country

Out In The Woods

Sunday [1]

Powder Day >


Cold Rain & Snow


I Don’t Know You

Morning Sun

Last Days Of Autumn

Unplug That Telephone

River’s Rising

Mountain Top

Big Mon 

Bringing It On Home To Me [1][2]

Fastest Song

Big Mammu

Troubled Times


Rodeo Geek >

This Is The Time

Sunday Notes:
Entire second set with Coleman Smith on fiddle 

[1] First time performed live 

[2] Triple fiddle – Andy, Drew, Coleman (don’t try this at home) 


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