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Jonathan Scales Fourchestra & Galen Kipar Project
Isis Restaurant & Music Hall

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Isis Music Hall in Asheville is proud to host an evening with Jonathan Scales Fourchestra and Galen Kipar Project on Saturday, March 15th. Both bands have been busy writing new music for upcoming albums and are excited to present some of the tunes at the show. Scroll to the bottom of this for a couple of videos of Jonathan Scales Fourchestra and Galen Kipar Project Performing live.

Doors are at 5pm if you would like to sit down for dinner prior to the show. The show starts at 9pmas and general admission tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. There will be some balcony seating available. Call 828-575-2737 for dinner reservations or with questions. Isis Music Hall is located at 743 Haywood Road Asheville, NC 28806.

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra. Photo by Mike Morel.

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra. Photo by Mike Morel.

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra is heading into the studio in the middle-of-nowhere Virginia at Summit Sound to record the bands first TRIO record, no guests, not extra orchestration, just raw Jonathan Scales Fourchestra. This will be their most ambitious record for the band, inspired by Roy “Futureman” Wooten, the album will be their first real attempt to put together an “epic, long-form masterpiece.” The new release, Mixtape Symphony, is expected to drop in late spring through Ropeadope Records.

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra is an example of musical sincerity. Weaving together collective and individual influences without compromise, they are as much themselves as they are a unit—a crucial trait of landmark instrumental ensembles. Equally captivating is steel pannist and founder Jonathan Scales’ compositional skill as is his tasteful, avant-garde improvisational approach.

“Scales is to steel pans ….what Béla Fleck is to the banjo—an über innovator,” says Driftwood Magazine. Drummer and percussionist Phill Bronson drives the Fourchestra’s time-shifting, modern grooves with graceful polyrhythmic chops and the listening ability of a true master. (His talent has been praised by Victor Wooten, Oteil Burbridge, Ellie Mannette, and others.) Bassist Cody Wright rounds out the ensemble with a groundbreaking hybrid picking style stemming from his background as a highly practiced fusion guitarist. With gut-wrenching grooves and blistering, soulful melodic lines, Wright’s mix of flash and feel adds a unique depth to the Fourchestra.

Together, the group explodes onto stages with an indescribable sound that is as much felt as it is heard, and is said to have “a Thelonious Monk-like attitude with a Mozart creativity that works.” (Pan on the Net) The group’s self-titled debut collaborative album features unparalleled sonic density and envelope-pushing compositions. Guest collaborators include Grammy winning masters Victor Wooten and Howard Levy (Béla Fleck and the Flecktones) and is fully orchestrated with horns and strings.

For more about Jonathan Scales Fourchestra and tour dates, please visit www.jonscales.com.


Galen Kipar Project. Photo by Folktography

Galen Kipar Project. Photo by Folktography

Galen Kipar Project has been on the rise since 2006, and are currently recording their fifth album at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC and at the Jefferson Center with Summit Sound’s engineer in Roanoke, VA. They will be launching a kickstarter campaign soon to help fund getting the new music out to the world and expect to release the album by the end of the year.

Crafting a fusion of folk, classical, jazz, and blues, Galen Kipar Project has been hailed as “complex yet accessible” and “cohesive and poignant” with “experimental folk masterpieces.” Based in Asheville, GKP is Lyndsay Pruett (violin/ vocals), Jeremy Young (Drums), Ben Portwood (upright bass/ vocals), Galen Kipar (guitar/ harmonicas and vocals), Aaron Ballance (lap steel guitar/ dobro) and Jon Morrow (8 string Novak guitar/bass).

Galen Kipar Project has released four albums, the most recent being The Scenic Route in 2010. “The aptly titled effort is loaded with images of mountains, rivers, forests and streams, and backed by lush arrangements, fluid vocals and Appalachian instrumentation that bring to life what is essentially a musical portrait of Western North Carolina,” says the Mountain Xpress.

Songwriter and host of the Grateful Dead Hour, David Gans states about the album, “It’s like a collection of short stories, brilliantly constructed and with a unique and compelling literary voice. I keep coming back to each song, listening more deeply and being drawn more deeply in.” Gans says about Galen’s music, ” I was hooked right away… Strange, slightly other-worldly acoustic music sung in a sweet, slightly distracted voice. I think of it as a sort of American Primitive, with hits of Sandy Bull in the guitars, Brett Dennen in the voice, Donna the Buffalo in the rustic simplicity, and something altogether new in the wonderful orchestrations… In the words of Tina Fey, “When I hear the sounds of this nearby world, I want to go to there.'”

For more about Galen Kipar Project and upcoming shows, please visit www.galenkipar.com.



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Galen Kipar Project at the 2010 FloydFest!

Check out this great review of the Galen Kipar Project’s new release, The Scenic Route in Bold Life. GKP is playing in Asheville This Thursday, August 12th,  at the Grey Eagle in Asheville with the Stereofidelics.

Musical Melting Pot


The Galen Kipar Project’s blend of original folk and Americana has been dubbed “experimental” by some music scribes. But it’s really more “old school” roots, like “really old school.”

Galen Kipar fuses his soulfully sung melodies and blues threads with structure ideas he learned studying Debussy’s playbook. Kipar composes with his scope open wide, and has produced four albums in the last five years, including 2008’s acclaimed Paper Sailor, and, just-released, The Scenic Route.

find out more about Galen’s musical background

Kipar started playing music when he was 14, after finding his mother’s classical guitar in a closet. “A friend of mine had just gotten a guitar, and he was learning chords,” he says. “So I started learning chords, and soon we started trying to play songs.”

Now 33, Kipar was a self-taught musician until enrolling at Brevard College in 2001. “My emphasis was in composition,” he says. “I started out as a guitar performance major because I wanted to be able to play an instrument to write songs on. But I switched my interest to composition, and that’s really what I was in love with — I just didn’t know it until I chunked through some of that stuff. That’s what college forces you to do.”

Kipar’s songwriting skills have earned praise from many sources — “small scale symphony,” writes Mountain Xpress, “never settling for conventional melodic or lyrical choices,” adds Asheville magazine. “Going to school and studying composition with Paul Elwood was basically like gathering a toolbox,” Kipar says. “Before I went back to school I had hit a plateau where I just wrote the same song over and over again in a different way. Picking up compositional techniques and tactics, you just have a whole dictionary of things to use as writing tools. I don’t think I’ll ever cover everything in my lifetime. That’s the beauty of it. There are so many different ways to create music.”

Kipar is inspired by music like Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ and Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody In Blue.’ “I love Debussy’s ‘La Mer,'” he says. “It’s all about the oceans, and it’s creating imagery through several different movements. My college professor was persistent that you take an original melody when you’re thinking about a song or a work, and you get everything that happens in that song from that group of notes, those intervals. It can always come back around, but you’re developing it from those. It’s like when you’re writing — you come up with a topic, you develop your thesis statement and then you elaborate on that statement. Music is a language in so many different forms, so a lot of those same principles can be applied.”

Kipar met his talented bandmate, Jon Morrow, at Brevard College, where they played classical music together in the guitar ensemble. Morrow plays an eight-stringed Novax guitar, and simultaneously covers guitar and bass parts in the GKP. They trade off on leads. “It works well because we’re both playing finger-style picking for the most part,” Kipar says. “On a couple tunes I’ll use a pick for a strumming pattern. I try and write music for those instruments, with lots of counterpoint happening. So the experience that we got together in guitar ensemble has definitely carried through to this point.”

Drummer Jeremy Young brings a myriad of grooves to the table, from world beat and jazz fusion to blues and avant garde. “I was on the hunt for a drummer, heard him play one night, and it all came from there,” Kipar recalls. “He is the rock. I love that guy. John and Jeremy have definitely turned me on to some other styles of music. We’ve been listening to Indian composers, and they’ve turned me on to some jazz — I really like Brad Mehldau’s stuff.”

Western North Carolina has proven to be a good fit for Galen Kipar. “Brevard kind of found me, honestly. I had fallen in love with the mountains and gotten into fly- fishing,” he says. “I got a little bit of scholarship money, and that was enough to at least get me up here. From there I found Asheville and just fell in love with the area. If you’re going to be on the East Coast, in my opinion, this is it. Especially for a musician or someone that loves the outdoors.

“Art is a reflection of your surroundings, a mirror of culture. I think that if you spend enough time in one kind of environment then it’s going to channel through in whatever you’re doing.”

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.boldlife.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A15294

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Galen Kipar Project recently released their 4th album, the Scenic Route. It has been receiving some great reviews as well as airplay on WNCW, 98.1 The River, Davis Gan’s “Dead to the World” on KFPA in Berkely, Wildman Steve Radio, The Wrecking Ball Radio Hour, Penn State’s The Lion, to name a few. www.galenkipar.com

This short review was just posted for Asheville’s Bold Life:

Their fourth album in five years, GKP’s The Scenic Route is simply a cool, refreshing sonic treat just in time for summer. Of course, those familiar with this prolific local favorite won’t be surprised at the detailed orchestration, intuitive structure and obscure but fascinating lyrics of their latest offering. But they continue to push themselves in new directions and I like that. The album opens with two upbeatish tunes of very different stripes, “October Snow” and “Rushing Over My Bones.” While the tunes are great, they don’t seem to fit with the rest of the album – which almost has the pacing and emotion of one of those epic 70s rock albums. Indeed, even the plaintive guitar in “Why” reached out to remind me of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”, while “Riverside” conjures wonderful feelings of the first time I heard Sandy Denny guest on Zep’s “Battle of Evermore.” There are also a few magic moments on this recording when Kipar seems to channel such brilliant singer/songwriters as Rufus Wainwright and Paul Simon (not that he needs to). Kipar is also blessed with a number of collaborating musicians, one of the stand-outs for me being Camellia Delk, who provides some really moving and haunting violin work. As a final note, I think the band would be pleased to know that out of the hundreds and hundreds of albums in my iTunes library, this album is the only one listed under the “unclassifiable” genre category. And I own Disco Volante! ~ Brent Fleury

And from Orgivation Magazine in PA:

From the first track, The Galen Kipar Project’s fourth album, The Scenic Route, will have you tapping your feet. This is folk and blues done so well, with bits of jazz and funk thrown in, making it that much more enjoyable. Track 3 sounds positively serene, and track 8, “Words”, proves how this album is perfect to play while driving along a quiet open road.~ Jessica Selby

and here is what WNC Magazine has to say:

Like countless artists in Western North Carolina, singer-songwriter Galen Kipar finds inspiration in this region’s compelling landscape. The force of a rushing river, the solitude of the wilderness, and the surprise of an October snowfall turn up in lyrics on the latest CD from Asheville’s Galen Kipar Project. Titled The Scenic Route, the eight-song album continues the band’s fusion of folk, jazz, and classical elements, creating a sound that’s intricate and memorable, sophisticated and relaxed. “Headed on down to the waterside, going to find a place to rest my mind,” Kipar sings in “Riversong,” which adds viola and electric guitar to the band’s acoustic core. Guitarist Kipar, eight-string guitar/bass player Jon Morrow, and drummer Jeremy Young all studied music at area colleges, and Kipar’s arrangements draw on his background in classical composition. The band’s fourth album in five years includes ace Asheville musicians contributing on flute, strings, lap steel, and piano. “It comes from an honest place,” Kipar says about the album. No matter where you’re headed, The Scenic Route is a trip well worth taking. ~ Michael Flynn

The best way to get a copy of the new album “the Scenic Route,”  is to come to a show!  For those of you who are too far off our beaten path, or don’t want to wait for us to make it to your town or city,
visit CD Baby or the  iTunes
UPCOMING SHOWS for Galen Kipar Project
MPAC’s July 4th Block Party Weaverville, NC Sun Jul 04 10 08:00 PM
Pritchard Park Asheville, NC Thu Jul 08 10 11:30 AM
Sky City Augusta, GA Thu Jul 08 10 08:00 PM
Square Root Brevard, NC Fri Jul 09 10 08:00 PM
Fletcher Concert in the Park Fletcher, NC Sat Jul 10 10 06:00 PM
Awendaw Green AWENDAW, SC Wed Jul 14 10 08:00 PM
Kudu Coffee Charleston, SC Thu Jul 15 10 08:00 PM
the mill Charleston, SC Fri Jul 16 10 08:00 PM
FloydFest Floyd, VA Thu Jul 22 10 04:00 PM
Awful Arthur’s – Towers Roanoke, VA Thu Jul 22 10 10:00 PM
The Grey Eagle Tavern & Music Hall Asheville, NC Thu Aug 12 10 08:00 PM
Bar Four Brooklyn, NY Sat Aug 14 10 08:00 PM
The best way to get a copy of the new album “the Scenic Route,”  is to come to a show!  For those of you who are too far off our beaten path, or don’t want to wait for us to make it to your town or city,

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by Tad Dickens

Roanoke Times


For Asheville, N.C.,-based singer/songwriter Galen Kipar, crafting original music can be complicated.

“The process of writing a song can be like making breakfast for 15,” Kipar wrote in a recent e-mail. “It’s like Tetris, it’s like tug of war between left brain and right brain, it’s like building a house on your own. You poke, jab, shift, rotate, retrograde, sequence, invert, slur, augment, smooth over, compromise, come to terms with … until you can’t anymore. Then, you take a break and do it again.”

When Kipar and his musical cohorts get together to play live, though, it doesn’t sound so problematic. That’s not to say Kipar’s music is easy-listening. It’s nuanced, with attention to detail, but not too complicated.

In Asheville, fans call his act a “small-scale symphony.” It’s probably more like chamber folk/pop, sometimes reminiscent of Adrian Belew’s quieter moods. He’s joined by guitarist Jon Morrow, who eloquently covers both bass and guitar parts with an eight-stringed instrument. Drummer Jeremy Young grooves tastefully.

Bonus: When Kipar hits these parts next week, Roanoke Valley multi-instrumentalist Camellia Delk grabs her violin and joins the band. She also records with the band.

Listen for cuts from a new CD, scheduled for release in June. The album, recorded at Asheville’s Echo Mountain Studios, features lyrics that focus on the outdoors — fitting for Kipar, a fly fisherman and “trout ninja.”

He feels winter’s approach while hoping for a “warm front,” in the classically tinged “October Snow.” Over a bluegrass shuffle and steel guitar, he heads for some “Fishing Time” in the bouncy “Rushing Over My Bones.” Delk’s sometimes haunting violin flavors “The Shore Rushed By.”

— Tad Dickens

READ THE FULL POST HERE: http://www.roanoke.com/entertainment/insideout/music/wb/238898

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Galen Kipar Project has just finished up recording fourth release in four years at Echo Mtn. Studio in Asheville to be released this spring. 

PRESALE OF 2010 NEW RELEASE – Now through FEB. 15th.  The 2010 upcoming release was recorded and mixed at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC.  The album will showcase musicians and instrumentation such as,  Jeremy Young – Drums,  Jon Morrow – 8 string guitar,  Camellia Delk – viola/ violin/ vocals,  Aaron Balance – lap steel guitar, Aaron Price – piano/ B3 organ and Galen Kipar – classical and steel guitars/ harmonicas and vocals.  The new release will have five new songs and three old songs that have evolved enough to re-release the material.

Check out this video interview with Galen filmed at Echo Mountain studios by Gary of Askasheville.

The music of the Galen Kipar Project was born out of a curiosity for the exploration of sound and composition, creativity, orchestration, the development of music theory and the love of music in general. The roots of folk, blues, classical, jazz and world beat are echoed within the overall chemistry of the Project’s music. In the past seven years, Blue Fusion Soul Folk musician Galen Kipar has produced several live and studio albums with an array of other musicians and a new album is on its way!

To check out Galen Kipar Project’s  music please visit www.galenkipar.com, Myspace, and reverbnation.

You can also find The Galen Kipar Project on Twitter and Facebook.

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Galen Kipar Project is releasing a single this October. The new single “October Snow” (the carpenter yells) was inspired by the fall season.  It reflects on the transition to winter and the memories of summertime specifically in WNC.   Since it was the region and the people that inspired the effort, they thought it would be fun to release the single exclusively to WNC and the surrounding area the band calls home.  What is more, this single is a preview of the new release due out next year…

group 5


The GKP is currently working on it’s fourth release in four years at Echo Mtn. Studio in Asheville to be released in April 2010.  The band has already started recording with their first weekend being a 12 hour sessions on October 3rd and 4th.  The new release will showcase Jeremy Young- drum kit, Jon Morrow-8 string guitar-bass,  Camellia Delk-viola/ vocals and Galen Kipar-vocals, classical / steel guitars & harmonica.  The new release will also feature Aaron Ballance (Dehlia Low)-lap steel/ dobro, and Aaron Price-piano.

Buy now at one of the websites to help the band with production costs and get an autographed CD and poster 2 months prior to public release date at a discount rate.

GKP trio @ Kirk ave

The GKP performed at the renowned Kennedy Center in Washington, DC this past August.
To view the DVD online at the KC‘s archives go to: www.kennedy-center.org,  Millenium Stage Arhives.

OR…  watch VIDEO here.

GKP was also featured in WNC Magazine this summer as one of the top bands you need to hear in 09’

Please stay tuned for more news about the  Galen Kipar Project!

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