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Jacksonville.com/ The Florida Times Union published a gimme 5 with Tara Nevins of Donna the Buffalo promote their show at the Freebird in Jacksonville Fl.

Here are her answers:

Photo by Lewis Tezak Jr.




Tara Nevins sings and plays fiddle, guitar, accordion and scrubboard in the Americana band Donna the Buffalo. The band plays music that incorporates a mix of Cajun/zydeco, rock, folk, reggae and country.


5 musicians I’d love to record with:

1. Levon Helm: I’ve had the opportunity to record with him a little, and I’d love to do it a lot more. He’s an incredibly soulful musician and an amazing drummer and singer. He’s also a wonderful person.

2. Loretta Lynn: She is my all-time favorite female country artist. I love her voice, her songs and her soulful spirit. “Coal Miner’s Daughter” is my favorite movie; I find her life’s story very compelling. As hokey as it might sound, I’ve even gone to Butcher Holler. I took my fiddle out, sat on the porch of the cabin she grew up in and played a tune!

3. Sheryl Crow: She is my favorite pop artist. I love her songs and her voice, her style of pop music. She has been inspirational to me in some of my songwriting.

4. Marty Stuart: I’ve seen him in concert a few times, and I’ve listened to many of his recordings. He is incredibly soulful and powerful in his presentation of the music he loves. I love his voice and his songwriting. He is a great instrumentalist as well. He’s the real deal.

5. Kid Rock: Yes, I find him to be soulful — something about his energy attracts me. He has an edge that I like a lot. Hard to pinpoint why, but I’d love to record with him.

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