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Bluebrass Strings- Horns - Big Chief Monk

Here’s a note from Larry and Jenny Keel and some snapshots of the Bluebrass Session they were recording last week in New Orleans:

Bluebrass String Section

We were honored this last week to be a part of a project where all the musicians created an entirely new form of music…legends from the New Orleans music scene and pioneers of the acoustic music scene collaborated to create Bluebrass 2… it is the continuation of the first project which we recorded in 2004, combining influences from Ireland, Scotland, England, Africa, America,delta blues, western swing, on and on … made for the most spiritual project I have ever been a part of…

Recorded entirely inside the legendary Maple Leaf Bar, on Oak Street, and produced by the presiding King of Oak, Chris Jones, and executive producer Little King Steve Metcalf (royalty out the ass!!),  we were guided into an adventure of epic proportions-  taking a magical musical journey with all kinds of string musicians and brass and drummers:  a cast of up to 15 people.. so far!

Lionel Batiste Jr

including heavy weights from the Rebirth Brass Band, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Mardi Gras Indian Chiefs, Acoustic Syndicate, Mad Tea Party, Aaron “Woody” Wood, and 101 Runners!

Stay tuned for more info and for this music you won’t be able to resist-  we’re still reeling with funky goodness from that trip!

Bryon McMurry and Kirk Joseph's Souzaphone

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Keller Williams & Larry and Jenny Keel, Keller and the Keels, are proud to get you all pumped up for the release of their 2nd studio album ‘Thief‘ which is due out this spring! Official accurate statements forthcoming!

Look out for wild youtubes, press conferences, and stuff to show everyone what this project is all about! Plus, there’s a sweet sweepstakes that’s going to be launched to promote the release of ‘Thief’… You won’t believe what the winner gets!

Show-wise, here’s the first round list of great big fun events Keller and the Keel’s are gonna be performing at this spring and summer:

April10 ~ Greenfield Lake Amphitheater ~ Wilmington NC
May 22 ~ Smilefest Reunion ~ Pinnacle NC
June 17 ~ Telluride Bluegrass Festival ~ Telluride CO
June 17 ~ Sheridan Opera House ~ Telluride CO
July 4 ~ Grateful Fest at Nelson Ledges ~ Garrettsville OH
July 11 ~ All Good Fest ~ Masontown, WV
Aug. 13 ~ Targhee Bluegrass Fest ~ Alta WY
That’s it for now! More wacky and interesting things to be announced as the world turns… Stay tuned

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