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Tara Nevins (with Carol Elizabeth Jones)

North Shore Point House Concert

Norfolk, VA

June 11, 2011

Review by Paul Roberge of the Herd

After a restful few days at the beach, Mags and I decided to extend our vacation by a day and make the trek to Norfolk to catch the house concert with Tara Nevins.  Mapquest fixed the driving distance from Holden Beach, NC (south of Wilmington) to Norfolk at 318 miles, but the actual distance turned out to be more like 352 miles, and we got caught in a long stretch of stop-and-roll traffic, thanks to construction.  Happily, the drive time from Norfolk to Durham is under four hours, and so the trip home tomorrow shouldn’t be so bad.

The concert was held in the back yard of a private home in a very cool, older neighborhood in the northern part of the city, in the general vicinity of the navy base.  There was a small stage — a riser, actually — with a tent, off to the side that could be placed over it in case of rain.  Folding chairs were set up for about 120 people, and it looked like all but a few were taken.  Some people spread blankets to the sides of the seated area and had picnics.  The host, Jim Morrison, also provided beer and water for his guests, though many people brought their own.  There were a number of Donna the Buffalo fans in attendance, though the overwhelming majority seemed to be local music aficionados who enjoy the house concert scene and who are interested in hearing new sounds.  Unfortunately, a storm front rolled in just before the show got under way.  The cool breeze was a relief, but menacing skies provided a backdrop against which the the first half of the show was performed.  Finally, some sprinkles, placement of the tent over the performers, then more serious raindrops, then the downpour.  Some people sought shelter in the garage, others in the house; still others called it a night.  Jim brought out plastic bags for the instruments and moved the show into his home.  Tara and Carol Elizabeth set up in his spacious living room and performed without amplification.  People sat on the floor and stood, spilling out into the dining room.  Somehow, this worked just fine.

This turned out to be a very special evening indeed, both for the intimacy of a house concert and for the opportunity to see Tara perform in her own right.  Musically, the concert was a melange of old time, material from Tara’s recent release, Wood and Stone, and some Donna the Buffalo favorites. Tara’s musicianship is peerless, and she is also a most engaging raconteuse.  I came away with a new appreciation for and admiration of this remarkable talent and very special person.  A heartfelt thanks to our host, Jim Morrison, for sponsoring this event and for inviting us into his home.  My daughter had it right when she said that this is an evening that we shall always remember fondly.  No question about it.  This was a beautiful experience.

Paul R.

[Also, check out this review of the show by host Jim Morrison and find out more about the evolution of house concerts as well: Magic moments: a decade of house-concerts]

Photo by Maggie Roberge. Reposted here with permission.

Photo by Maggie Roberge. Reposted here with permission.

Tara Nevins, fiddle, guitar, vocals

Carol Elizabeth Jones, guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal on “Chilly Winds,” “The North Country,” and “Half Way to Nowhere”

Set List

Start: 8.15pm


Breaking up Christmas

Wood and Stone

What Money Cannot Buy

Chilly Winds

The North Country

Stars Fell on Alabama

Locket and Key

Nothing Really

Sugar Hill


You’re still Driving that Truck (interrupted by thunder storm; show stopped at 9.18pm)

II (show restarted indoors at 9.40pm)

Lee Highway Blues

You’re still Driving that Truck

No Place like the Right Time

Polecat Blues

All I ever Needed

You’ve Got it All

Half Way to Nowhere

Cotton Eye Joe

Family Picture

Train 45

John Henry

Finish: 10.43pm

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