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Stuff to keep you in the spirit after Halloween’s done gone
by Rebecca Sulock in Vol. 16 / Iss. 14 on 10/28/2009
Elvis once asked why every day can’t be like Christmas. We’d like to know the same about the Halloween season. A zombie record, a zombie author, a haunting release, some wild art and a Dias De Los Muertos celebration to keep you in the spirit.
• Zombie boogie is the latest craze, indeed. Ukeabilly dynamos Mad Tea Party released the Zombie Boogie EP earlier this month, and it’s taken off. The lead track is a silly romp through zombie land, featuring fun lyrics (“Zombie, shuffling in the street / covered in blood, lost half his teeth / Doing the zombie boogie for eternity”) over top MTP’s patented uke-and-guitar rock. We dare you to listen without boogie-ing. Also awesome is the cover art, featuring a creepy-fun letterpress print. The four-track EP features two originals and two covers, plus a surprise bonus. Buy the album as a vinyl 7″ or mp3s at themadteaparty.com or local record shops. Read more at http://www.ukulelerockstar.com.

• Speaking of zombies, Haywood County-based author Eric Brown is a national expert on zombie lit and the author of several works of zombie fiction, many with a Christian theme. His most recent work is World War of the Dead. Look for the release on Amazon.

• Jason Smith of Night’s Bright Colors releases his breakaway project, the 24-track Absinthe Twilight. The hauntingly atmospheric collection represents a 24-hour period; the bittersweet nod to time’s passage accomplished by acoustic instrumentals and hushed vocals. Though Absinthe is a moody, introspective work it’s also accessible, romantic, and cozy as a fireplace on a frosty fall night. Download the full album and its companion EP, Flowers of Evil (with the seasonally-appropriate track “Edward Gorey’s Bedtime Story”), for free at http://nightsbrightcolors.com/absinthe: The site launches today (Wednesday, Oct. 28).

• Before the Screaming Js take the stage at Mo Daddy’s every Wednesday, they set up the art of frontman and piano wizard Jake Hollifield, who’s been painting skulls over found paintings, including portraits of the Kennedy brothers and more. It’s a sight to see, but be sure and stay for the manic boogie mania of the band’s free weekly show.


photo by Jonathan Welch

• Be sure and catch Push Gallery and Skateshop’s show The Arts of Darkness before it goes away on Nov. 3. Featuring the grim, wicked, dark and evil works of 22 terrifyingly awesome local artists (Alli Good, Courtney Chappell, Steve Brown and Ian Dennis among them) and a cemetery art installation in the center of it all. Push is at 25 Patton Ave. 225-5509.


• Follow Halloween’s revelries with something a little more meaningful: A Dias De Los Muertos celebration is to be held in the Mayfel’s Courtyard (accessible from Wall Street) on Sunday, Nov. 1. Celebrators are invited to place offerings in honor of their dearly departed on the alter between 4 and 10 p.m. Some observers will come in skull face-paint to honor the memories of loved ones, others will bring votive candles, photos or pieces of art for the alter. The event has no religious affiliation. The Mayfel’s back bar opens at 4 p.m., food serving begins at 5 p.m.

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