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I recently met the founder of  MASH PIT, Analena Valdes Graham, RN, BSN who currently practices as a critical care nurse at local DC hospital as a medevac nurse.  I was truly inspired by the non-judgmental care for musical concert/festival attendees and artists that her organization offers. Here is what Analena has to say about MASH PIT’s services:

Our company is much like the Peace Patrol and Wavy Gravy of the 60’s in keeping people safe and happy.  Yes, there is EMS, but our group is pretty unique on how we use alternative methods to keeping people safe and capable of going back to the concert or festival without being kicked out or having to go to a hospital.  We recently completed a two day event with Warren Haynes’ Xmas Jam 2009 in Asheville, NC providing on site mobile medical services for the artists, crew and patrons.  You can check out some great pictures from the Christmas Jam HERE shot by Joe Carney with EarthMusic Photos.

Currently we are in negotiations with local venues in the DC area and submitting our proposals to festivals all over the states this summer such as Music on the Mountaintop, Gathering of the Vibes and Bear Creek just to name a few.  This year I am all about introducing MASH PIT  to the music industry: promoters, artists and event patrons.  We are a unique group because we mostly volunteers who are in the crowds roving, caring and watching.  My group consists of nurses, medics, MDs, PAs and even non medical who lend a helping hand, keep someone company or just be that safety net until EMS arrives or transport is completed to the local hospital.  We have a self serve table that, thanks to our sponsors, offers free items such as personal ear protection, bandaids and even some personal items that you may have forgotten at home.  You are greeted with a smile and sometimes even with a bottle of water.

MASH PIT is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing services that will enhance the concert going experience and safety of the patrons and artists.  The result is happy, healthy, and safe people with fewer injuries or medical issues during and after the event.  MASH PIT’s goal is to anticipate and alleviate the potential problems of mass gathering events as they relate to medical problems, resulting in an estimated 75% reduction in liability to the venues.  Having medical on site is key.

In the UK, the concept of “mobile medical care” has been in existence for nine years now, assisting festivals, concerts and artists.  Online reviews such as safeconcerts.com have interviews with artists discussing safety at festivals and concerts touching on the need of improved medical assistance and awareness.  Additionally, MASH PIT supports programs that give back to both the medical community and music education programs.

MASH PIT, Inc. is artist driven. A few musicians got together a few months back and felt there was a need to bring non judgmental quality medical care to their supporters.  We work closely with local EMS providers and hospitals at every venue.  Our roving teams survey and provide the immediate support that sometimes is lacking.  In addition, our Medical Director oversees the care we provide to patrons in the PIT, the artists and production teams.  Often artists, their crews and patrons prefer non governmental medical care from people who understand their unique needs and issues.  Our previous clients such as Warren Haynes, Hard Head Management and Production, Ani DiFranco and the Counting Crows benefited from having us backstage and on the venue floor.

We welcome the opportunity to help promote the health and well-being of event patrons and artists.   Thus, we are always looking for seasoned volunteers: medical such as NREMT-P and NREMT-Basic, First Responders, MDs, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, ER trained and critical care nurses as well as non-medical to assist with the roving teams and work alongside other professionals in the PIT. We offer credit hours for nursing students and are working towards offering continuing education credits in many health disciplines.

Take a peek at our website at www.mash-pit.org and see what we can offer. Let us assist you and your event and management services in celebrating and promoting music and safety at festivals, jams and special events while keeping everyone safe and doing some good for some great charities such as Sweet Relief, Suited for Change and the Wounded Warriors Project.

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