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Galen Kipar Project is performing a few shows in Augusta GA for masters week. The first is an early evening show on the Augusta Canal Cruise on Friday April 9th; GKP also has a 2 night residence at the Still Water Tap Room on Friday and Saturday, April 9-10th.

Here is what the Augusta Metro Spirit has to say about their recent interview with Galen:

All over the place:  The Galen Kipar Project returns to Augusta for a double dose of music at Stillwater and on the water


AUGUSTA, GA – The Galen Kipar Project’s music is a mélange of sounds. With distinct elements of jazz, folk and a little bit of the blues thrown in, the result is quiet, yet intricate.

Last October, the band began recording their upcoming album, “The Scenic Route,” after finishing nine months of touring.

The band’s fourth release in five years, their latest endeavor was recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, N.C., and is set for release this spring. Kipar admits the sound differs from previous efforts.

“The album from 2007 (‘Why It’s Needed’), it’s heavy on the production side; there’s a lot of texture and there’s a lot of instruments, lots of layers,” the former Augustan said. “Then the album from 2008 (‘Paper Sailer’) is the exact opposite. This one is sort of in the middle from those two approaches.”

Rather than touring and performing, it’s the recording and production aspects of music that Kipar finds himself drawn to the most.

“I feel that’s where more music is created and that’s where you get down to the meat of things, that’s where you really use your brain,” he said.

The touring aspect of music is a necessity, but the band has become more selective in how they pursue it.

“I think that, as each year goes by, we’re streamlining things and being picky about which places we play and just trying to be smarter about it,” he said. “Instead, we’re playing good ones and trying to focus on the positive.”

In addition to Kipar’s acoustic guitar and harmonica, he is joined by Jon Morrow on the eight-string guitar-bass and percussionist Jeremy Young. The trio is sometimes joined by rotating musicians.

“[The sound is] just a little bit more textured,” he said. “If it’s the trio, there’s more space to fill so that allows us to be a little bit busier. But when it’s four, five or six of us, each person has to step back and be more simple so that things don’t get cluttered.”

Making a name for themselves in the Southeast, the band has also garnered good response in San Francisco, the Washington, D.C. area and Philadelphia.

“My favorite part is meeting all the people that you normally wouldn’t run across, seeing the countryside and traveling,” he said. “When you get time to enjoy that, then it really makes it worthwhile. I’m really fortunate to travel with some great guys and we have a lot of fun, but we also keep a high standard for ourselves.”

Trading Augusta for Asheville, Kipar finds the diverse music scene in North Carolina conducive to creativity.

“It’s a great place to be influenced by other people and other artists. The area is very receptive, and I think the word is spreading and that’s why so many artists and musicians and whatever are moving here.”

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