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Keller Williams & Larry and Jenny Keel, Keller and the Keels, are proud to get you all pumped up for the release of their 2nd studio album ‘Thief‘ which is due out this spring! Official accurate statements forthcoming!

Look out for wild youtubes, press conferences, and stuff to show everyone what this project is all about! Plus, there’s a sweet sweepstakes that’s going to be launched to promote the release of ‘Thief’… You won’t believe what the winner gets!

Show-wise, here’s the first round list of great big fun events Keller and the Keel’s are gonna be performing at this spring and summer:

April10 ~ Greenfield Lake Amphitheater ~ Wilmington NC
May 22 ~ Smilefest Reunion ~ Pinnacle NC
June 17 ~ Telluride Bluegrass Festival ~ Telluride CO
June 17 ~ Sheridan Opera House ~ Telluride CO
July 4 ~ Grateful Fest at Nelson Ledges ~ Garrettsville OH
July 11 ~ All Good Fest ~ Masontown, WV
Aug. 13 ~ Targhee Bluegrass Fest ~ Alta WY
That’s it for now! More wacky and interesting things to be announced as the world turns… Stay tuned

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