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Hot Buttered Rum’s Lonesome Panoramic OUT TODAY July 20, 2018
Recorded at Panoramic House Studio in Stinson Beach, CA
w/ Special Guests ALO’s Zach Gill and Dan Lebowitz,
The Coffis Brothers, and Rainbow Girls

Available now on all outlets → https://fanlink.to/HBRLoPan

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– Rooted in the trajectory of west coast bluegrass, uptempo string band Hot Buttered Rum is thrilled to independently release their sixth studio album, Lonesome Panoramic on July 20, 2018. The songs in Lonesome Panoramic are inspired by the northern California landscape and include mid-tempo Americana rockers, buoyant bluegrass tunes, lively boogies, and dark groves. The band is delighted to have garnered early support of the album with song premieres from Relix, The Bluegrass Situation, Live For Live Music, Bluegrass Today, and The Bay Bridged!

No Depression’s Jim Shahen, in a review entitled, “Tight Tunes and Whispers of Tom Petty,” writes that the album is “some of the band’s tightest material to date…. Over its 15-plus-year career, the band has proven itself capable of pulling together strands of country, folk, bluegrass, and jam music into an energetic, good-time experience. But with the batch of well-crafted, sharply performed tunes they cooked up on Lonesome Panoramic, Hot Buttered Rum has managed to blend its ragged charms with that of a well-oiled musical machine.”

Country Standard Time’s Jim Hynes calls itrefreshing, breezy music.” He goes on to write, “Stellar musicianship and sturdy vocals help an album centered mostly on songs. Several threads and layers run through the music, embellishing the carefully crafted material.”

Bluegrass Today’s John Lawless acknowledges “…the band appeals to a wide range of listeners; bluegrass and old time fans who are drawn by their instrumentation and ability, plus live music lovers of all types who respond to their high-energy shows… Hot Buttered Rum has become a staple of the progressive bluegrass scene with their quick-paced and fiery blend of bluegrass, folk, rock, and country.”

HBR_2018_byMattSharkey_5787The band’s two vocalists and songwriters, guitarist Nat Keefe and multi-instrumentalist Erik Yates (mainly 5-string banjo, also resonator and acoustic guitars), take turns in writing and leading the songs. Rounding out the band, Bryan Horne delivers, in true athletic form, his talents on upright bass along with charismatic fiddler and harmony vocalist Zebulon Bowles and drummer/percussionist/mandolinist James Stafford, providing a warm and solid rhythmic foundation.

Self-produced, Lonesome Panoramic was recorded at Panoramic House Studio in Stinson Beach, CA, along the Panoramic Highway with majestic views of the western Marin County coastline. Lonesome Panoramic was engineered by Robert Cheek (Band of Horses, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood), mixed by Zebulon Bowles, and mastered by David Little.

Jim Pasinski gives a nice rundown of the tracks on his blog and writes, “It features 13-tracks, beginning with the high-energy swing of ‘You Can Tell’ and the steady strumming of ‘Sittin’ Here Alone.’ They slow the tempo down for the acoustic ballads ‘Country Tunes And Love Songs’ and ‘How Short The Song,’ before the fun, quick pace of ‘Never Got Married.’ The album continues with the tales of ‘Sleeping Giants’ and the swift pace of ‘Mighty Fine,’ before finishing with the 8-minute blues of ‘The One That Everybody Knows’ and sweet soulful sounds of the ‘Deep End.’”

With Lonesome Panoramic, Hot Buttered Rum wades the full width of the river from the shoals to the deep waters with a passionate, laid back attitude and they are excited to share this new album with the world.

Listen to an interview with Erik Yates in The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman

Lonesome Panoramic Track Listing
1. You Can Tell   2:11 (Yates)
2. Sittin’ Here Alone   3:14 (Keefe)
3. Country Tunes & Love Songs (ft. The Coffis Bros.)  4:29 (Keefe, K Coffis, J Coffis)
4. How Short the Song   3:27 (Yates)
5. Treasure Island Blues   4:46 (Yates)
6. Never Got Married   2:50  (Keefe)
7. Spirits Still Come (ft. Rainbow Girls)   4:54 (Keefe)
8. Sleeping Giants   5:04  (Yates)
9. Leaving Dallas   4:31 (Keefe)
10. When that Lonesome Feeling Comes 4:07 (Yates)
11. Mighty Fine   4:25 (Keefe)
12. The One that Everybody Knows   8:04  (Yates)
13. The Deep End (ft. ALO)   4:55 (Keefe, Yates, Lebowitz, Gill)

Hot Buttered Rum is:
Zebulon Bowles – fiddle (all), backup vocals (2,8,10,13), Pacific Ocean (7)
Bryan Horne – upright bass (all)
Nat Keefe – acoustic guitar (all but 4), lead vocals (2,3,6,7,9,11,13), backup vocals (8,10)
James Stafford – drums and percussion (3,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,12), mandolin (1,2,9)
Erik Yates – 5-string banjo (1,2,6,8,9,10,11,12,13), lead vocals (1,5,8,10,12,13), acoustic guitar (4), resophonic guitar (3,5,7), backup vocals (2)

Guest Musicians:
Jamie Coffis – vocals (3)
Kellen Coffis – vocals (3)
Rainbow Girls: Erin Chapin, Caitlin Gowdey, Vanessa May – backup vocals (7,13)
Dan Lebowitz (ALO) – electric guitar & vocals (13)
Zach Gill (ALO) – vocals (13)

For more information and updates from the road, please visit www.hotbutteredrum.net, www.facebook.com/hotbutteredrum, www.twitter.com/hotbutteredrum, and www.instagram.com/hot.buttered.rum.band.

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