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Here’s some great excerpts fom an article about Donna the Buffalo in preview for their show at 123 Plesant Street in Morgantown, WV Jan 22.

Donna the Buffalo Takes the Stage at 123

…  … …
The roots band — which easily blends several genres from folk to reggae — has come through Morgantown for 20 years.
…According to 123 owner L.J. Giuliani, the group’s sound remains consistently infectious.
“… is heavily influenced by a zydeco swing that makes it hard not to dance to,” he said in an email. “That lends itself to a pretty high-energy show that people really love. They have toured the region extensively, so their reputation definitely proceeds them.”
… … …
Nevins said she hopes to see some familiar faces in the crowd, which isn’t an uncommon experience. The band’s fans, who call themselves The Herd, are a dedicated bunch, even starting a charitable fundraising organization, Side To Side Charities, in 2002.
“A lot of fans show up at a lot of the gigs, and we’ve gotten to know them and recognize them,” Nevins said.
Self-organized, The Herd is quite active, she said, and several websites have been created to help fans keep in touch with one another.
The band’s own website, Facebook page and Twitter account also keeps those interested up-to-date with photos and commentary from recent shows as well as any other pertinent information.
For instance, the band recently posted on its Facebook page that it will be included in “JAMerica,” a documentary and book project by Peter Conners and Denver Miller that focuses on the genre’s emergence and growth.
Nevins said band members will meet with the project’s organizers in the next two weeks to discuss details.
And that’s not all that’s on the band’s plate. In the midst of a busy touring schedule, Donna the Buffalo will head to Nashville in the next couple of months to record another album, more than two years after its latest effort “Silverlined.” And in April, Nevins’ solo album “Wood and Stone” will debut. Both albums are set for release on Sugar Hill Records.
While the band’s schedule can be hectic, Nevins said finding time to rest, get some good food on the road and take care herself helps. And a positive perspective can’t hurt either.
“Everybody is really busy doing whatever they do,” she said. “We’re no different. If you love what you do, that’s an advantage to anyone.”

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Dreamspider Publicity and Events wants to let you all know about Scout66.com,  a premiere site for live concert reviews from the most decisive component in the performing arts – the audience. Never before has the relationship between the audience and performer been so important. This is a back to the future concept, a grassroots movement empowering the audience and the performer, prolifically illustrating that indie music is for all ages and all styles of music.This is a great site to get information in artist tour dates, shows by state, shows by genre, and live reviews by the audience!

Scout66.com is also now linked up with ArtistData.com, which if you are a touring musician, you may already have found to be an invaluable resource for distributing your artist news and tour dates.

It is easy to link up your artist data account to feed to Scout66. Just register for a free Scout66.com account as an artist, reviewer, or venue. Then as soon as you register an ID code will be given to you to plug into your Artist Data account and activate. If you are not yet on Artist Data, now is a great time to sign up. Both sites have great tech support and are easy to use.

Scout66.com can also be found on Twitter as @Scout66com and also has a new blog with a great post titled “Music is a State of Being

Artist Data can also be found on Facebook/ ArtistData, Twitter as @ArtistData, and through the Artist Data Blog. Check out Artists Data’s blog welcoming scout.66.com to the network.

Here’s a message direct from Scout:

Wow, a lot of new musicians have signed up to use Scout! This is great as it helps build the online community of musicians who’ve been with us for a while, and supports everyone’s efforts. The more shows, reviews, and artists who participate, the more successful everyone will be. Active participation is required for music to survive.

Scout was designed to fill the void where media can no longer afford to review live performance. And isn’t it much more satisfying to have several people write about your performance than just one who may or may not tell you something good? Scout is an independent impartial archive you can recommend new venues go to read what people have to say about you, your music, and your performance.

There are many ways in which to engage your audience using Scout. Here are a few we know are successful:

Make full size copies of the Scout logo to have at your merchandise table. It’s a great conversation piece and educates your fans where to write reviews for you.

Include the Scout logo on your website with a link, so fans just drop in on Scout and write a few kind words about what your music means to them.

Add the Scout logo to all your correspondence to fans, whether it’s email, postcards, included in links on Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook or any other way you keep in touch with fans.

Ask your audience from the stage to contribute to your career by writing a little bit about everything they heard, saw, and felt during your performance.

If you need technical assistance email TJ@ravennainteractive.com


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