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Rastfari Ancient Living Arts & Kultural Event (R.A.L.A.K.)

International Music and Global Education

Saturday & Sunday, September 11th & 12th, 2010

Presented by Black Mountain A.R.C. Inc.

377 Lake Eden Rd. Black Mountain, NC 28711

One-day pass starts at $50, Two Day Pass starts at $70

VIP ticketing & camping are available (see website for details and pricing)

Saturday , September 11th

noon- midnite

Artists: Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Bunny Wailer, Stephen Marley, Ras Michael, Messengahselah, Isha Blender, Chrisinti, Jahmanna, Crucial Fiya, Nyabingi [Drumming] and more tba

Sunday September 12th:

Interfaith reasonings: Hosted by Smithsonian Institute, Direct of anthrop studies

noon- 4pm, R.S.V.P. a must- Limited capacity

Activities: D.J. Sounds, Kultural Interfaith Ceremony & Reasoning, Nyabingi [Drumming], Kids Land, Crafts and much, much more!

The RASTAFARIAN ANCIENT LIVING ARTS & KULTURE EVENT (RALAK) is much more than just a Reggae Festival. RALAK brings you the Roots & Kulture of Rastafari in an open forum with local politicians, representatives from local churches and other Faiths, scholars, educators and Elders, with a special reverence given to the Native American traditions.

The event is organized by BMARC, the Black Mountain Asheville Rastafari Collective based in Black Mountain NC along with F.L.O.W. (Functions Logistics Operations Works) and Mountain Roots Management.

RALAK Fest was initiated by the group because Carlos A. Seales, a disabled American veteran and one of the ELDERS and Administrators within the Global Rastafari community, and Ras Miles Jacob Marley, a USA veteran and Elder of The Rastafarian UniverSoul Order Prison Ministry Fellowship – both residing in Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA – felt faced with the task/responsibility to address a pressing issue – and that is the Misrepresentation of the Rastafari Way of Life as an alternative life style, fashion, gang or any other societal label placed on it due to ignorance.

This annual event commemorates the Ethiopian New Year on September 11th and offers Conscious Reggae and other roots music, Natural Food and Craft Vendors, Kids Activities, Non-Profit Organizations and much more. It is an experience that will change your life. It is a bridge between the ancient past, the present and the future. RALAK is unmatched in scope as it is Reggae presented by Rastafari working to fulfill the Rastafari Creed, a mission we can all identify with: to let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourish, the aged protected, the infants cared for and the homeless housed.

“RALAK is intended to illustrate the Rastafari Way of Life, in its Ancient African Indigenous Tradition and as such, present the Living Ancient Culture, which We, The Rastafari People practice, safe guard (preserve) and defend with every fiber of Our spiritual and material being daily, through righteous action and behavior.” RALAK is also a fundraiser for charities in Ethiopia and in our local area. Also through the Millennium Council in Jamaica, RALAK contributes to the Elders of Rastafari. Their need is great. Even through Reggae music has spread their Gospel, they are left out of the economic equation and need support from the world community, who have come to love their culture through Reggae music.

“In the midst of the strife and turmoil which marks Africa today, the African peoples still extend the hands of friendship. But it is extended to those who desire the progress and the political and economic freedom of the African people…” – HIM Emperor Haile Sellassie I The First on International Relations

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