Tenth Mountain Division Independently Releases 
‘Butte La Rose’ 
Produced By Tim Carbone at Silo Sound Studio in Denver
Album Release Date: June 18, 2021

First Single “Sad Summer” ~ Out Today
“’Sad Summer’ has a playful hook and surf-pop beat that would fit right in on a 60’s ‘Best of the Beach’ album. Still, it maintains a modern groove and creative sound that will have a new generation of music lovers dancing along.” —Festy GoNuts Song Premiere 

Stream or buy “Sad Summer”–> https://outnow.io/t/sadsummer

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Butte La Rose is a freewheeling road-trip through the soul of American music with visits to Bourbon Street, the California coast, and all-night mountain parties in their Colorado home, as the band speeds down the highway carrying a trunk full of good times with Lowell George riding shotgun and Leftover Salmon hanging out the window.” Tim Newby, Americana UK 

BOULDER, Colo. — Colorado-based band Tenth Mountain Division is pushing the sound found in the mountains in bold new directions with their high-energy electro-acoustic sound. With Producer Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) at the helm, the band recorded their third studio album, Butte La Rose, with engineer Todd Divel (Hard Working Americans, Fruition) at Silo Sound Studio

Tenth Mountain Division
Photo by Mountain Trout Photography

With ten songs, including one instrumental, Butte La Rose captures the essence of Tenth Mountain Division—fun, danceable, and surprisingly thoughtful and heartfelt. Ouimette calls it, “a snapshot of TMD’s last year of touring fused with new offerings that will intrigue the ear with stylistic diversity, unified by the personality etched in each song.”

Bringing together some of the hottest horns from the area—Scott Flynn (ODESZA) on trombone, Gabriel Mervine (Lettuce, Karl Denson, The Colorado Symphony) on trumpet, and Nathan Peoples (Coral Creek) on saxophone—the results of these sessions can be heard on two of the albums stand out tracks: the album’s fiery opener “Hot Sweaty South,” and deeper into the album, with it’s classic Memphis soul vibes from the horns to the hook, “Got Too Excited.” 

Synth-pop meets surf-rock in a melancholic lament about the pitfalls of heartbreak in “Sad Summer,” while the powerful and somber “Get Out of My Head,” “Burning Heart,” and the eerie final track, “Big Blue Sky” run deep and dark. 

Taking a different turn and bringing forth a lighter mood are the subtly sweet “Highland Morning,” featuring special guest Elliott Peck (Midnight North) on harmony vocals; the inspiring and hopeful instrumental epic “Spring Chicken;” the slick guitar and bass rocker, “Drown You With the Bottle; and the groovin’ “Girl Like You.”

In 2019 the band traveled from coast-to-coast to play festivals like Summer Camp, WinterWonderGrass, Aiken Bluegrass Festival, ARISE, Yarmony, and Leftover Salmon’s Boogie at the Broadmoor; progressively bigger shows including the Boulder Theater, Gothic Theater, Vilar Center, and Ford Amphitheater; as well as sold out shows at their first appearances in New York City, Boston, and Chicago. They took the plunge back into the studio in early 2020, primed for spring tour, and then Covid hit.  After canceling their 2020 tour they put together a Covid-safe plan to get back into the studio to finish the album.

Tenth Mountain Division
Photo by Mountain Trout Photography

In a recent interview with The Colorado Sound, Gwynn says, “The pandemic was a real shock to the system for the band and us as individuals. We went from having a headlining Bluebird Theater show and a six-week tour around to the US, seeing a different city every night, to not being able to leave the house. It put a lot of things on pause for us. That being said, it wasn’t all negative. It gave us a chance to catch our breaths and look at our creative enterprise from simply the musical standpoint. With no shows at first. we could really dive into the new tunes we have been working on the last year or so. When we were able to actually record them at Silo Studios a few months ago it was clear we had evolved and grown as a band in a short time.”

The album takes you on a journey deep into the psyche of the band. Festy GoNuts says, “Each song shows a different side of the band —funky, playful, poppy, serious, acoustic, electric— but always remaining true to TMD. From start to finish, Butte La Rose tells a story and paints a picture that is a true testament to the talent, creativity, and dedication of Tenth Mountain Division.”

Butte La Rose is a follow up to 2018’s In Good Company which Live for Live Music declared was “chock full of raw rock and roll, with a savory listening experience guaranteed for all.”  In September of 2020, Tenth Mountain Division released a stand alone single and animated music video music video for their single 9 to 5.” The band also created their own music and comedy webisode series, TMDtv, which they aired during the Fall of 2020.

Kind Words About Butte La Rose:

“The experience of listening to TMDs new record, Butte La Rose, instantly takes me to a place. I feel like I’m on the bus, windows down, cruising through the south. But something’s different: there’s no time, decade, or era… the mood is simultaneously classic, modern, happy, sad, earthy, and intergalactic. TMD and Carbone have tapped into a new level of artistry and creativity that will undoubtedly lead to great things in the future.” –Erik Deutsch (The Chicks, Leftover Salmon, Shooter Jennings)

“I am really enjoying the new sounds from Tenth Mountain Division. It’s a tie dye swirl of edgy yet familiar sounds and great songs. All of the musicianship and singing is on point. A few standouts for me are ‘Burning Heart,’ ‘Girl Like You,’ and ‘Got Too Excited.’ I can hear the touch that Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth puts on this project as producer. Give it a spin!” —Jeremy Garrett (The Infamous Stringdusters)

“Making Butte La Rose with Tenth Mountain Division was like being a kid in a candy store. The songs all have their own personality and the band was open to exploring new sounds and ways to approach how each song was recorded. The spirit of wanting to get the essence of each song permeated the sessions and I hear it every time I listen to it.” —Tim Carbone

Butte La Rose Track Listing:

1. Hot Sweaty South (3:53)

2. Sad Summer (3:33) 

3. Highland Morning (3:15)

4. Spring Chicken (4:59)  *instrumental

5. Get Out of My Head (4:43)

6. Burning Heart (4:30)

7. Girl Like You (3:10) 

8. Got Too Excited (3:22) 

9. Drown You With The Bottle (2:52)

10. Big Blue Sky (2:30)

Band Members:
Andrew Cooney – Bass, Lead Vocals (3,8,9), Backing Vocals (1,2,6,7), Guitar (3, 4,8,9)
Tyler Gwynn – Drums
Winston Heuga – Mandolin, Lead Vocals (6)
MJ Ouimette – Guitar, Lead Vocals (2,7), Backing Vocals (9)
Campbell Thomas – Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals (1,5,10), Backing Vocals (2,5,7,9)

Special Guests:
Will Trask
– Percussion – Entire album
Elliott Peck – Backing Vocals (3)
Nathan Peoples – Saxophone (1,8)
Gabriel Mervine – Trumpet – (1,8)
Scott Flynn
– Trombone – (1,8)
Tim Carbone – Backing Vocals (5)

Album Credits:
Produced by Tim Carbone \
Engineered & Mixed by Todd Divel
Mastered by Jim Wilson
Recorded at Silo Sound – Denver, CO
Album Artwork by Cunningham Falconer

TMD Upcoming Dates:
6/18 Fri – ‘Butte La Rose’ Album Release Party Presented by KRFC @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre
w/ High Country Hustle

More information about Tenth Mountain Division:

Behind The Scenes with Swift Silver

Swift Silver to Release Eponymous Album June 4, 2021
Songwriters Anna Kline and John Looney Hail in a New Era of Southern Rock and Soul

First Single: “Blackbird’s Refrain” Out Now!

“The organ on this will lift you up and the song itself will soar from there on Anna Kline’s vocals.  Think Grateful Dead’s ‘Masterpiece.’  ‘The higher you get the more you’ll see’ — isn’t that the truth.”–Americana Highways, Song Premiere of “Blackbird’s Refrain”

MT. STERLING, Ky.   Get swept away by Swift Silver’s big river of sound with their self-titled debut album due out June 4. Swift Silver marks a meaningful milestone for Southern songwriters Anna Kline and John Looney as a 180° (re)turn to their musical roots: the drawling tremolo of rhythm and blues, the redemptive strains of Southern gospel, and the twang of the rural soul.

From the moment the listener presses play; from the mid-tempo album opener, the vocally empowering “Belleville Blues,” to the last track, a reflective ballad, “Ain’t Wrecked Yet;Swift Silver celebrates the tenets of Southern sound. This is a collection of songs cultivated in the dim lights of listening rooms and local jams, regional festivals and side street bars, as well as alone in the woodshed or crafted as an ensemble.

Swift Silver is Anna Kline and John Looney

Kline’s vocal performances—on both lead and harmony—display an astonishing range of versatility and skill, her voice flows as smooth as a rippling river current. Looney gives a masterful performance on lead guitar, not only displaying his expertise as an integral sideman but also as a talented arranger, showcasing a finely-tuned ear for nuance and groove. Together, they drive the contagious electric surge of sound that is Swift Silver.

“This album speaks to the path we tread,” says Kline. It is lyrically insightful, eloquentand timely when examined through the lens of current events. “These songs help us navigate lingering questions we daily seek to answer, they pulsate with discovery, and melodically confess the hunger to right a few wrongs.”

This is exemplified in the lyrics of “Blackbird’s Refrain,” an energetic, Beatlesque track showcasing John’s slide guitar: “This world is coming alive to some strange times, we’ve got to bend and sway together.” 

“There were several months of quarantine under our belt already, and I was constantly chasing sunshine. Anytime we could get outside, we’d let the dogs play and soak it up. We always start to feel worn thin during the winter and long for warmer days ahead. And, with everything that was going on politically and pandemic-wise, we were really feeling the weight of it all.” Anna says, “The lyrics are a literal bird’s eye view—if a bird, circling above the world and surveyed the chaos we’re all currently living in, what would he have to say about it?”

With the chorus, “The higher you get, the more that you see,’ Anna says, “I’ve always loved how little revelations shift your mind’s eye to perceive nuance in life and situations. And, as a person who has dealt with the life-long struggles of depression and anxiety, these little shifts in consciousness have added up to completely change my life. This past decade I’ve been on a healing journey… and I have come out on the other side. Something I never thought I’d be able to do.”

Anna and John’s collaboration spans ten years of exploring the great expanse of the American songbook—touring, conspiring, songwriting—fused together by the Mississippi heat, molded in the mountain air of Western North Carolina, and flung free in the hills of Kentucky bluegrass. Swift Silver has an unmistakable sound conjured from an intense musical intimacy and this new album embodies a new era of Southern rock and soul.

Swift Silver was recorded at Fat Baby Studios in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, enlisting the help of brothers Kenny Miles and Hayden Miles (of Wayne Graham). Kenny and Hayden not only comprised the album band—adding bass lines, keys and organ fills, as well as a few harmonies— Kenny was also at the helm as engineer and co-producer. The album includes 8 original songs and an alluring cover of Carter Stanley’sThe Fields Have Turned Brown,” a purposeful nod to their lives as bluegrass musicians with some mighty powerful harmonies.

Other songs on the album include a not-so-average cheatin’ song, the country soul “We’ve Given Up On Us;” the guitar driven and vocally riveting homage to Memphis soul, “Looking Back;” and the reflective cosmic country waltz tune, “Tonight, Forever Yours.” 

The pondering song, “We All Get Our Turn,” has the lyrics, “We all get our turn… To be young and grow old… Asphalt or gravel… No, it don’t matter… How you got here, the road you traveled… Ask yourself who is your master? Is this the life you’ve been chasing after?

At the heart of the album, the high energy “Come On Home To Yourself,” steered by the fuzzed-out guitar lick that takes you back to Mississippi by way of Texas blues, is a love letter of sorts to “home.” Anna says, “I was inspired from the stories my parents told me about my kinfolk who settled in Mississippi in the 1800s. When I go home we visit the cemeteries where they are laid to rest. I also felt inspired to draw the parallel between myself and the Mississippi River to illustrate my progression and personal growth, and how constrained the river might feel as men have tried to forcefully control her path all these years, as she meandered and, ultimately, flows her own way.” 

She sings, “Fashioned out of the mud… From the Coldwater bottoms… Who wants to walk the Straight and narrow? Seek not to be reborn… Behold I am the pearl… Bent, bowed, undertow, journey on… Find your way back home.

More about Anna Kline and John Looney: 

For the majority of their band life, Anna and John were known as the bluegrass duo, Grits & Soul

With a history of major festivals and appearances under their belt—MerleFest, Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Suwannee Springfest & Magnolia Fest, Countryfest in Belgium —and a performance on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern—the time came where they felt led to explore new (and old) musical space. Thus, Swift Silver was born.

Anna comes from a line of several generations worth of musicians, singers, and artists. She grew up in Hernando, a small town between Memphis and the Mississippi Delta, and is a writer of both songs and Southern culture content. From Memphis Soul to Muscle Shoals and working in licensing at Malaco Records, her roots ring clear in her songwriting as well as her capabilities as a vocalist. 

John was born in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and raised in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. He is a sought-after multi-instrumentalist (John R. Miller  & The Engine Lights, Wayne Graham) whose accompaniment on mandolin or guitar gives each song personality and a distinct groove. Drawing from the varied influences of his mountain music heritage, blues, and the diversity of the American songbook, John’s contributions—in both live performances and on recordings—are ear candy.

The pair met in Jackson, MS, in 2011 and wrote their first couple of songs together. The following year they decided to move to Asheville to play music full time where they stayed for five years before returning to Mt. Sterling, Kentucky in 2016. 

As collaborators and a couple, it’s all we’ve ever known. 2021 marks 10 years playing music and songwriting together.” Anna says, “We wrote our first few songs together and the course of our lives changed forever.”

Swift Silver Track listing and duration:

1. Belleville Blues 3:56

2. We’ve Given Up On Us 5:20

3. Looking Back 7:06

4. Tonight, Forever Yours 5:32

5. Come On Home To Yourself 5:26

6. The Fields Have Turned Brown 7:28

7. Blackbird’s Refrain 5:34

8. We All Get Our Turn 5:48

9. Ain’t Wrecked Yet  4:10

Players and Instrumentation:

Anna Kline: lead vocals, harmony vocals, acoustic guitar

John Looney: lead guitar, vocals

Kenny Miles: baritone guitar, bass, organ, harmony vocals

Hayden Miles: drums, keys

And special guest Chris Justice (Wayne Graham, John R. MIller): bass on “Looking Back”

Album Artwork by Joe King, logo and lettering by Grace Van’t Hof, album design by Zack Looney

Website: www.swiftsilvermusic.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/swiftsilvermusic  

Twitter: www.twitter.com/swiftsilverband 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/swiftsilvermusic 

Presave the Full Album, Swift Silver:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/swiftsilver/swift-silver

Andrew McConathy & The Drunken Hearts Release Alive ‘n Free Jan 15, 2021
Recorded Live and Multi Tracked Through An Entire Cross Country Tour,
Alive ‘n Free is Out Now:


BOULDER, CO —  In the Fall of 2019 Andrew McConathy & his band of Drunken Hearts embarked on a 20 show, cross-country album release tour that spanned more than 15,000 miles from Portland, OR to Portland, ME, and everywhere in between. Six men, six plane flights, 3 tow trucks, two vans, two winter storms, one bad transmission, one flatbed U-Haul truck, one SUV, and one trailer resulted in… ONE LIVE ALBUM.

Set for digital release only on Friday, January 15, Andrew McConathy & The Drunken Hearts’ Alive ‘n Free showcases the band in the midst of a grueling tour supporting Yonder Mountain String Band October 10 – November 24, 2019. The tour made stops at fabled venues like the 8×10 in Baltimore, Brooklyn Bowl, Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY, The Ardmore Music Hall near Philadelphia, Wooly’s in Des Moines, IA, as well as a notable headlining album release show at the Fox Theatre in their hometown of Boulder, CO.

Alive ‘n Free accurately captures McConathy’s infectious energy while smack-dab in the band’s element – on the road, enduring the hardships that often come with life as a touring band, and the result is magnetic. Glide Magazine’s Jim Hynes says, Drunken Hearts adeptly blend country, mountain music, and psychedelia… And, surely McConathy has one of the most memorable voices in roots music.” American Songwriter’s Dallas Jackson echoed this sentiment, “[They] carry a mountain spirit into its music and mix it with a 90s rock blend, that is eerily reminiscent of Pearl Jam — due in large part to the vocals of Andrew McConathy.”  

JamBase premiered the album in its entirety and interviews with McConathy more about it here: www.jambase.com/article/andrew-mcconathy-drunken-hearts-live-album-alive-n-free

This debut live release features 12 original songs including standout performances along the tour of then-brand new tunes, “Unrest,” “Shining Eyes,” and the Jack Kerouac inspired politically appropo title track from their most recent studio album “Wheels of the City.” There is also an explosive cover of fellow Coloradan Robin Davis’ “Prom Night” (Broke Mountain) and short anecdote from the road in “Van Story

Alive ‘n Free flows almost as if it were a “Best Of,” documenting the band’s rise from three piece bluegrass outfit to full-fledged country rock’n roll machine. The album progresses from some of McConathy’s oldest original songs like “Don’t Go” and “Happy” into scorching new staples like “Black Snake” (their testament to Standing Rock), “Want You Back,” and “Broken Things.

One previously unreleased song, “Tell Me,” kicks off the album, starting subtly with an “Amazing Grace” intro leading into a pounding rhythm and the lyrics, “The road keeps winding under these feet… No winds can stop us, these words are the seed… Here to remind us there’s nothing between…  the end of the darkness & the sight unforeseen.” McConathy says of the song, “Tell Me’ is about showing resilience in the face of defeat or adversity and hitting the gas, not slowing down, when it feels like the world is on your shoulders. We wrote the song holed up in a cabin outside of Winter Park, CO in July 2019.”

Alive ‘n Free is a follow up to 2019’s studio release, Wheels of the City (LoHi Records), which PopMatters’ Michael Bialas called “a pulsating, ambitious, adventurous new record” and Americana Highways’ Gary Schwind called “A Soundtrack For The Open Road.” Wheels was produced by McConathy’s longtime friend and mentor Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) and was recorded over several sessions in 2018 at Silo Sound in Denver, CO. Both the new album and Wheels feature McConathy on acoustic guitar and vocals, Alex Johnson on drums, Jon McCartan on bass, Cody Russell on pedal steel, lap steel, and dobro, and Kory Montgomery on electric guitar and vocals. 

Produced by McConathy & Todd Divel, Alive ‘n Free was recorded by the band’s sound engineer Taylor Hines and then mixed and mastered by Divel at Silo Sound throughout 2020.

Alive ‘n Free brings Andrew McConathy & The Drunken Hearts’ soundtrack from the open road!

Andrew McConathy & The Drunken Hearts @ Yarmony Music Festival
Photo by JohnRyan Lockman / Showlove Media

Andrew McConathy & The Drunken Hearts – Alive ‘n Free Track Listing
1. Tell Me (3:48)*
2. Don’t Go (5:03)
3. Van Story (0:21)*
4. Happy (05:20)
5. Fire in a House (4:05)
6. Unrest (3:20)
7. Run It All Together (3:36)
8. In the Middle (3:19)
9. Shining Eyes (4:27)
10. Wheels of the City (4:08)
11. Black Snake (5:29)
12. Want You Back (5:19)
13. Prom Night (4:44)
14.  Broken Things (4:50)

*contains explicit lyrics 

For more information, please visit www.thedrunkenhearts.com, facebook.com/thedrunkenhearts, twitter.com/drunkenhearts, and instagram.com/thedrunkenhearts.

Leftover Salmon. Photo by JohnRyan Lockman

Leftover Salmon 3 Day Residency at Vilar Performing Arts Center
Thursday-Saturday January 21-23, 2021

All shows at 7pm
Thurs, January 21 → https://vilarpac.org/event/leftover-salmon-january-21/
Fri, January 22 → https://vilarpac.org/event/leftover-salmon-january-22/
Sat, January 23 →  https://vilarpac.org/event/leftover-salmon-january-23/ 

Tickets are $160, all covid regulations followed at a limited capacity of 100 people
A Project of the Vail Valley Foundation
68 Avondale Lane, Beaver Creek, CO 81620

DENVER, CO — Leftover Salmon is excited to pick back up in 2021 for a special 3 day residency at the Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC) in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on Thursday-Saturday, January 21-23. These will be intimate shows that are capped at 100 in the audience due to strict Covid-safe guidelines.

“We’re excited not only for what this will bring in terms of connecting us during divisive times through quality performances, but also what it will do to keep the vitality of our industry alive,” says Duncan Horner, Executive Director of the Vilar Performing Arts Center. “We’ve long been a favorite stop on tour for many artists – now we can be a center not just for the finished performance product, but as a place to safely isolate and create new ideas during this exceptionally difficult time.” Read more about their COVID-19 Policy and Procedures HERE.

Since their earliest days as a forward thinking, progressive bluegrass band who had the guts to add drums to the mix into their ever evolving sound, to their role as a pioneer of the modern jamband scene, to their current status as elder-statesmen of the scene, Leftover Salmon has been a crucial link in keeping alive the traditional music of the past while at the same time pushing that sound forward with their own unique style.

In October, they got the band back together for the Fall Maskerade 2020 for three sold out nights in Buena Vista, CO on the Surf Hotel’s The LAWN. As their last show of 2020 and their first show back since March when they canceled everything to lock down, they made it extra tasty with plenty of debuts as Phish and Dead teasers throughout the sets. The energy was high whether you were one of the few there in person or watching online! All three shows are available at Nugs.tv. 

“It’s certainly been a stretch since we turned the bus around on tour March 13th, canceled the Broadmoor, and then eventually our entire summer. We hope you all are doing as well as you can. It’s certainly a strange time!” says Leftover Salmon. 

The band, built around the core of founding members Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman, along with  banjo-wiz Andy Thorn, bassist Greg Garrison, and drummer Alwyn Robinson, is excited to be performing as Leftover Salmon after such an unexpected and lengthy break. As much as we wish more could attend the show and COVID wasn’t a concern, we have to keep things safe and stay within strict guidelines for all our own good.

NPR’s Mountain Stage calls Leftover Salmon, “One of the most fun-loving bands you’ll encounter,” and we sure are happy to be able to help refresh us all with some live music again in the new year!
For more information and other LoS news, please visit www.LeftoverSalmon.com

Recap, Setlists, and Photos: Leftover Salmon’s Fall Maskerade
3 Nights of Sold Out Shows in Buena Vista, CO at The Surf Hotel
Friday-Sunday, October 23-35, 2020
Streamed live on Nugs.tv 

Leftover Salmon Fall Maskerade 2020 Photos by JohnRyan Lockman

DENVER, CO — Leftover Salmon got the band back together for a very special weekend for the Fall Maskerade 2020, as their last show of 2020. For three sold out nights, Leftover Salmon played live in Buena Vista, CO at the Surf Hotel’s newest outdoor venue, The LAWN Friday-Sunday, October 23, 24, 25. 

The band also teamed up with Nugs.tv to stream all 3 shows.

“Buena Vista’s Surf Hotel was the perfect setting for a much needed socially distanced mini festival!” Vince Herman says, “The weather was Coloradoish. Sunny and warm and dumping snow too! It was a great collection of friends, kids, and dogs having music for the soul. Such fun! Now it’s time to crawl back into the Covid bubble and stay safe. See ya next year!”

With two sets each night, there were so many memorable moments! This small gathering of friends and family coming back together, along with everyone that tuned in online, was a great reminder how special this festival community is. Folks at home could feel the magical energy of the experience.

Friday night Leftover Salmon performed a number of songs for the first time live including, “Best Day Ever,” “Cloud City,” “Morning Dew,” and “We’ll Get By.” They went deep with a funky “Muddy Water Home” and Drew busted out the electric mandolin on “Fireline.” Tyler Grant joined in on “Breakin’ Thru” and “Mr. Charlie.”

Saturday Night was a total costume party on site– with fans dressed up to the max. Calls were made from stage to “Vote for Pedro”, theye bands was on fire

Coleman Smith (of Rapidgrass) on fiddle joined the band on “Bird Call” and Jerry Jeff Walker’s  “Derby Day.” The opening set closer, “Reuben’s Train” features some chicken foot antics and teased “Dinner And A Movie,” “Once In A Lifetime,” and “Moose’s Lucky Day.” They performed “Black Peter” for the first time live and hosted a crowd Maskerade during “Show Me Something Higher.” 

#ICYMI- Leftover Salmon Acoustic Tribute to Jerry Jeff Walker backstage Saturday night performing JJW’s ”Derby Day.” You can watch it on FaceBook here.

Sunday took place during a snowstorm, adding to the magic of the day. They, once again, played a handful of songs for the first time ever on stage including JJW’s “Mr. Bojangles,” “Sunday,” and “Bringing It On Home To Me.” Coleman Smith joined the band on fiddle for the entire second set and there was some triple fiddle action with Andy, Drew, and Coleman on “Bringing It On Home To Me.”

“This Is The Time” was the last song of the Los Fall Makerade (and the 2nd in that night’s encore) was extra special. The lyrics: “This isn’t a time for giving up. This is the time to be strong…. I know life is never easy, when you’re holding out so long… I know that we can make it, with a little bit of faith to get us by…. This isn’t the time or faking. This is the time for us to fly… 

This isn’t the time for losing hope. This is the time to lean… Well I know we can find our way if you’re ready to receive…. There’s always so much to learn, as you wander through this life…. And timing is everything. This is the time, the night…”

LoS Maskerade Setlists
Leftover Salmon is built around the core of founding members, Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman, along with banjo-wiz Andy Thorn, bassist Greg Garrison, and drummer Alwyn Robinson.
Wally Ingram joined LoS on keys the entire weekend. 

Leftover Salmon Fall Maskerade 2020 Photos by JohnRyan Lockman

Friday – October 23, 2020 @ Buena Vista, CO


Best Day Ever [1]

Muddy Water Home [2]


Just Before The Evening

Cloud City [1]

Foreign Fields >

Morning Dew [1]

Live it High

Cowgirl In The Sand


Cajun Girl

We’ll Get By [1]

Down On The Waterfront 

Fireline [3]

Mama Boulet

Breakin’ Thru [4]

Mr. Charlie >

I’m Going Back To Old Kentucky >

Honky Tonk Woman >

Soul Shakedown Party >

Pasta On The Mountain >

Soul Shakedown Party >

Kinky Reggae >

Soul Shakedown Party >

Hot Corn Cold Corn >

Mr. Charlie [4]

Unpromised Land >

Whiskey Before Breakfast >

Unpromised Land


Fuzzy Little Hippy Girl >

Wipeout >

Lick It >


Friday Notes:

[1] First time performed live 

[2] Funky version 

[3] w/ Drew on electric mando 

[4] w/ Tyler Grant in guitar 

Saturday – October 24, 2020 @ Buena Vista, CO


Let’s Give A Party

HooDoo Bash

Down In The Hollow

Tu’Na Pas Aller

Red Fox Run

Valley Of The Full Moon

Bird Call [1]

Derby Day [1]

Reuben’s Train [2][5]


Gulf Of Mexico

Black Peter [3]

Simple Twist Of Fate >

Drums >

Zombie Jamboree

When The Levee Breaks

Brand New Good Old Days

Tangled Up In Blue

Higher Ground

Show Me Something Higher [4]

Madame Boudreaux

Who Stole My Monkey >

New Speedway Boogie >

Let In A Little Light >

Wake And Bake >

Let In A Little Light 


She Took Off My Romeo’s

Saturday Notes:

[1] w/ Coleman Smith on fiddle

[2] featured Vince solo w/ a chicken foot

[3] First time performed live 

[4] w/ crowd Maskerade 

[5] w/ Dinner And A Movie, Once In A Lifetime & Moose’s Lucky Day teases

Sunday – October 25, 2020 @ Buena Vista, CO. (during snow storm)


Six Feet Of Snow

Whispering Waters

Mr. Bojangles [1]

High Country

Out In The Woods

Sunday [1]

Powder Day >


Cold Rain & Snow


I Don’t Know You

Morning Sun

Last Days Of Autumn

Unplug That Telephone

River’s Rising

Mountain Top

Big Mon 

Bringing It On Home To Me [1][2]

Fastest Song

Big Mammu

Troubled Times


Rodeo Geek >

This Is The Time

Sunday Notes:
Entire second set with Coleman Smith on fiddle 

[1] First time performed live 

[2] Triple fiddle – Andy, Drew, Coleman (don’t try this at home) 


TUNE IN ALERT- Livestream Leftover Salmon’s
Fall Maskerade on Nugs.tv
Friday-Sunday, October 23-35, 2020

Leftover Salmon will be performing live to a sold out show in Buena Vista, CO

Tune in here: Nugs.tv
Tickets and Information at: 2NU.GS/LEFTOVERSALMON  

DENVER, CO — Leftover Salmon is getting the band back together for one weekend only for the Fall Maskerade 2020. For three sold out nights, Leftover Salmon will be playing in Buena Vista, CO on the Surf Hotel’s newest outdoor venue, The LAWN Friday-Sunday, October 23, 24, 25. 

Leftover Salmon is excited to team up with Nugs.tv to stream all 3 shows so no one has to miss out and you can watch from the safety of your home. The shows start at 6pm Friday and Saturday and 3pm on Sunday, and the stream can be played live or on demand. Once you start the stream you will have 48 hour to finish it.

“It’s certainly been a stretch since we turned the bus around on tour March 13th, canceled the Broadmoor, and then eventually our entire summer. We hope you all are doing as well as you can. It’s certainly a strange time!” says Leftover Salmon, one of the great purveyors of Americana music influenced by rock ‘n’ roll, folk, bluegrass, Cajun, soul, jazz and blues. 

“In fact, it feels like we are going to anahuac Buena Vista next weekend! Because after next weekend we are going to run, run, run, away again! Stay posted for another anahuac to be announced soon.”

The band, built around the core of founding members Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman, along with  banjo-wiz Andy Thorn, bassist Greg Garrison, and drummer Alwyn Robinson, is excited to be performing as Leftover Salmon after such an unexpected and lengly break. As much as we wish more could attend the show and COVID wasn’t a concern, we have to keep things safe and stay within strict guidelines for all our own good.

“It’s crazy to be coming back for our first gig in a whole new world,” says Thorn, “But as a band, we’ve always been in another universe. There might be a ‘new normal’ out there, so to keep up, we’ll be an all-new weird.”

Leftover Salmon hopes you will all tune in and join us virtually as they get together to perform for the first time in months. “We miss you all much and look forward to when we can all boogie together in person again!!”

Wear them if you got them: costumes are encouraged for the Saturday night show. In fact, so encouraged, we are hosting a contest. Details are forthcoming on the socials, but be prepared to share pics of your digs and scene and tag #LoSMaskerade!

NPR’s Mountain Stage calls Leftover Salmon, “One of the most fun-loving bands you’ll encounter,” and we sure are happy to be able to help refresh us all with some live music again!

For more information and other LoS news, please visit www.LeftoverSalmon.com.

Saxsquatch Announces Multi-City Outdoor Saxual Healing Tour 2020

Meet Saxsquatch, the funkiest bigfoot out there… You’ve never heard sax music more legendary

New footage confirms existence of Sasquatch, its love of laid-back saxophone jams
A.V. Club

THE WOODS — “Believe in yourself even when no one else does” are the words of Saxsquatch, the internet’s biggest, and hairiest, viral sensation. 

Do you believe in the brass playing beast known as Saxsquatch? His silky-smooth sax can bring us all together. Saxsquatch is the fastest growing artist on Facebook with 600,000 page followers obtained in less than a few months and is currently the platform’s most watched live streaming musician with over 100,000 people watching each show live. 

Quickly becoming a cult icon, you can find Saxsquatch on Comedy Central’s Tosh.O, the front page of Reddit, Buzzfeed, Yahoo, and his Saxsquatch social media pages that combine for 3-5 million views per week. Saxsquatch currently ranks at the top for solo streaming artists on the Pollstar livestream chart. He has been publicly supported by Hall & Oates, Pharrel, goldfish, Greg Wells, Big Gigantic, The Marcus King Band, Reverb, Trap Nation, Monstercat, Sirius XM, and many other big names in the music scene. 

In June of 2020 Saxsquatch headlined one of the biggest drive-in concerts in the US, Electric Avenue  in Kings Mountain, NC, with 200 cars in attendance to watch the beast bring peace with his saxophone. He followed that performance by headlining Cannes International Festival.

Now the mysterious saxophone loving creature is bringing humans what may be the first outdoor socially distanced tour in the country to be hosted at non-drive in venues across multiple states during COVID. Tickets for his tour, Saxual Healing, are available now and will quickly sell out their limited capacities. More dates to be announced soon!

If you attend a Saxsquatch show you’ll notice people of all genders and ages. His fanbase ranges from young electronic festival loving college students to elderly Sasquatch truthers. All of them come together to join the smooth and groovy music of Saxsquatch.

The Missing Mixtape, a collection of Saxsquatch original and cover songs, will soon be released. It sold 200 pre-orders in its first hour. His official cover of Daft Punk’s “Around the Worldreleased through Monstercat on June 29th for the label’s 9 year Anniversary.

His jazz and electronic fusion with Grammy winning guest artists like Eric Krasno creates one of the most unique sounds and shows in music. Saxsquatch fans are so insane that in May of 2020 they sold out a month’s worth of merchandise in a single day (all online).

Saxual Healing Tour 2020
All shows are outdoors and will be following COVID-safe guidelines

10/23 Fri – The Mousetrap – Indianapolis, IN
10/24 Sat – Woodlands Tavern – Columbus, OH 
10/25 Sun – The Burl – Lexington, KY
10/30 Fri – Nelson Ledges Quarry – Cleveland, OH
11/14 Sat – Charleston Pour House (Early & Late Shows) – Charleston, SC
More mystery locations to be announced… 

For more Saxsquatch Sightings visit Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Saxsquatch cares about humans and is working closely with the venues he is performing at to help the music community and follow COVID-safe guidelines at each show. This includes temperature checks before entering, 6ft social distancing, face covering to be worn while not eating or drinking, and only 1 patron at a time inside the restrooms, etc. Saxsquatch COVID-safe guidelines will be posted on the event information at each venue website and on flyers through each venue area. 

All attendees will be issued a free official Saxsquatch branded mask and hand sanitizer. The safest guest at each show will receive a Saxsquatch Saxual Healing tour shirt and The Missing Mixtape CD and the safest venue on tour receives a $1,000 bonus from Saxsquatch.

To prevent local businesses from going under, Saxsquatch has fully guaranteed the show’s revenue to the venues. This ensures the venues and their employees get paid regardless of what happens. Saxsquatch believes in the cause to keep these venues alive and vibrant for their communities. Because of this, there will be no refunds on tickets.

If the show has to be cancelled because of COVID then it will be moved digitally as a private show, live on the same day as the ticket date. Saxsquatch will also send a free Saxsquatch T-shirt, Saxsquatch stickers, and a copy of The Missing Mixtape. Saxsquatch will cover these costs himself, allowing the venue to keep 100% of their expected revenue from the cancelled show.

Thanks for believing in Saxsquatch!

For more information visit www.saxsquatch.com, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Watch Saxsquatch Perform “Take Me Home, Country Roads/ Lost and Found”

Tenth Mountain Division Release Single & Music Video – “9 to 5”
From Their Upcoming Third Studio Album
Produced By Tim Carbone at Silo Sound Studio

“9 to 5” is out Today! Get it here → https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tenthmountaindivision Tb/9-to-5

Watch the World Premiere of the Music Video for “9 to 5” over at DittyTV →

You can also watch the Ditty Debut of the “9 to 5” Music Video on ‘The Curve’
Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 at 9pm MT/ 10pm CT/ 11pm ET
t will rebroadcast the following morning: 10am CT on Thursday, September 10th https://dittytv.com/watch/ 

BOULDER, COLORADO —  Colorado band Tenth Mountain Division is pushing the sound found in the mountains in bold new directions with their high-energy and exploratory take on Americana, draws influences from classic Southern rock, the progressive bluegrass that was born in their backyard, and the adventurous spirit of 60s psychedelic.

After a soaring 2019 which saw the band travel from coast-to-coast playing their biggest shows to date including Summer Camp, WinterWonderGrass, ARISE, and Yarmony, they took the plunge back into the studio at the turn of the year. With Producer Tim Carbone (of Railroad Earth), the band recorded their third studio album with engineer Todd Divel at Silo Sound Studio, recently dubbed the ‘Abbey Road of Denver’ [Westword]. 

The band’s mandolinist, Winston Heuga says, “It’s been hard to know the best way to adapt to this new culture and keep our momentum moving. Just before shutdown, we completed a Kickstarter for the new album and were lucky enough to have 358 backers pledge $38,765 to help bring this project to life. We’re very fortunate to be in a position to keep creating and get music to our fans.”

Tenth Mountain Division is excited to start releasing this new music with an animated video for their new single “9 to 5.” Watch the World Premeire of “9 to 5” now at DittyTV → https://dittytv.com/world-premiere-video-9-to-5-by-tenth-mountain-division/.

“9 to 5” was penned by the band’s bassist Andrew Cooney who says, “This song is about trusting yourself to take the path you feel is right. The first verse lays out what could be, and the second draws the final straw that leads to the solution in the chorus, ‘going home another way.’ It’s a somber, yet uplifting song that makes you ask if you are really following your heart.” 

The video will premiere on YouTube on Monday, September 7 https://youtu.be/gw5bjABI-iE.

“TMD’s music video for their new single, “9-5”, directed by Chase Allen Taylor, takes the viewer through a flowing mosaic of animated, interwoven tableau vivant,” says the band’s guitarist MJ Ouimette, “We travel  as if ‘with’ the song through wraparound backgrounds reminiscent of the Flintstones, subbing Bedrock for psychedelic cartoon landscapes and subterranean pho factories and the foot-powered Rubstone Special for a rendering of the band’s beloved short-bus-tour-bus, Dorothy. The thread unifying the piece is the animation’s reaction to the track’s sound wave, sometimes gently as in during pianist Campbell Thomas light-as-a-feather solo and others dramatically to vocalist/songwriter Andrew Cooney’s inviting yet poignant vocals. An audiovisual treat for the modern aesthete.” 

“9 to 5” is the first single of their upcoming third album [Release date TBA], and a follow up to 2018’s In Good Company which Live for Live Music declared was, “chock full of raw rock and roll, with a savory listening experience guaranteed for all.” 

Marquee Magazine writes, “…the group’s electro-acoustic sound… gives unapologetic nods to the jam gods that have come before them… Tenth Mountain Division takes some Widespread Panic inspired jams, and meshes them with Leftover Salmon-styled arrangements, and couples that with a hell-bent love for classic rock, soul, and pub sing-alongs.” 

Tenth Mountain Division formed in 2010 when high-school classmates, Winston Heuga (mandolin) and MJ Ouimette (guitar) first met when they discovered a shared musical interest. The two young musicians started penning songs together that were inspired by the natural beauty that surrounded their hometown in the Rocky Mountains and the lore of the 10th Mountain Division military infantry (The WWII pioneers of mountain combat who founded Vail, CO and many other ski areas across the country.) They ended up at the University Colorado Boulder where they briefly played as an acoustic trio with upright bassist, Connor Dunn before meeting drummer Tyler Gwynn and keyboardist Campbell Thomas. The addition of drums and keys to Heuga and Ouimette’s deep musical bond, widened their musical palette, taking the band in new directions and pointing to bold, uncharted, musical horizons. They released their first album, Cracks in the Sky, in 2016 and followed it up with a national tour that saw them packing shows across the country. The band’s lineup was solidified soon after with the addition of Andrew Cooney and immediate success followed. Since then they have become a regular presence on the festival circuit including stops at Summer Camp, Aiken Bluegrass Festival, Winter Wondergrass, Yarmony, ARISE, and Leftover Salmon’s Boogie at the Broadmoor. They released their second album, In Good Company, in 2018.

TMD Upcoming Dates:
9/4 Fri –  Live Facebook Happy Hour with Festy GoNuts @ 5:30pm MT / 6:30pm CT/ 7:30pm ET
9/26 Sat – Highlands Ale House – Aspen, CO
10/24 Sat – Boulder Theater supporting Los Lobos

More information about Tenth Mountain Division can be found at www.tmdtunes.com 

www.facebook.com/TMDBand, www.twitter.com/TMDtunes, and www.instagram.com/tenthmountaindivision 


Nate Lee - Square Web Res Cover -Wings of a JetlinerMandolinist/Singer Nate Lee Releases Wings of a Jetliner
Out Now → https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/natelee/wings-of-a-jetliner

Produced by Professor Dan Boner at ETSU Recording Lab in Johnson City, TN

The Album Features Todd Phillips, Wyatt Rice, Ned Luberecki,
Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Thomas Cassell, Daniel Salyer,
and the Becky Buller Band!

LIVESTREAM TODAY (Fri 6/12) at 6pm CT/ 7pm ET
Nate Lee with Professor Dan
Hear the new tunes and more about the process of making the album!
A special guest or two may join in…
Tune in via their facebook pages

www.facebook.com/LikeNateLeeLLC   |  www.facebook.com/ETSUProfessorDan 


Kind Words about Wings of Jetliner

This is bluegrass as free-ranging and masterful as any you’d be hearing at our currently silent festivals… Lee has a gift for themes, the strong melodic hooks that give a tune its architecture and its roadmap for improvisation.
WMOT, Craig Havighurst

All of the cuts are stellar. Nate really brings his vocals to a level impossible to imagine… A gorgeous tune on the album is ‘Serenity.’”
Steve Martin’s Unreal Bluegrass
Tune in Sunday 6/14 to Steve Martin’s Unreal Bluegrass for an interview with Nate Lee
7-10pm ET on WSDL 90.7FM Delmarva Public Radio

“Even while bluegrasser and multi-instrumentalist Nate Lee puts the main focus on the powerhouse instrumentalists… the lyrics and masterful chordal harmonies of ‘Love Medicine’ — a song about addiction and tough situations — shine through.”
–The Bluegrass Situation

The album showcases a brilliant collection of players… A singer of nuance and an exceptional instrumentalist, this is a worthy testament to Lee stepping further into the spotlight, providing an unreserved lift to the spirit in these troublesome days.”
Listening Through The Lens (Australia), Rob Dickens

The qualities which make Hold On [Sam Bush and David Grisman’s 2003 duo album] such a compelling listen — deep musicality, honking groove, smart pacing, a balance of melody and flash — are indeed found throughout Jetliner
Mandolin Cafe, Michael Eck

…an outstanding picker and songwriter of considerable worth. He wrote the five instrumental tracks on the record and knows a good song prospect when he sees one… he’s set to be one of tomorrow’s masters
Flying Shoes Review (UK), Maurice Hope

[‘Comealong Brown Dog’] is one of the catchiest tunes on the album. Built on a simple melody, it could be mistaken for a classic old time tune. A beginning mandolin player might pick up the melodic line easily and then spend years mastering Nate’s nuances.”
Music City Music Magazine, Nancy Posey

Fingers were clearly flying when mandolinist Nate Lee—who additionally plays fiddle and banjo on a few of the tracks—made this upbeat album of traditional- and modern-sounding bluegrass.
The Morton Report, Blog Critics, Americana Highways, Jeff Burger

“Beautiful, clean bluegrass, played with world class musicians (Wyatt Rice and Todd Phillips join Lee). Nate Lee plays crisp mandolin and has a pleasing voice. There are songs that remind me of David Grisman’s ‘dawg music’… Excellent sound production on this album.”
Americana Music Show, Bill Rutsch

Nate’s voice simply warms your heart (like James Taylor) with the gentle folk ballad ‘Somewhere Far Away,’ before quickening the pace with the exciting bluegrass strumming of ‘All Along.’
JP’s Music Blog, Jim Pasinski

This is an excellent, quite musical recording by a very talented player and singer, with great songs and solid instrumentals, all of them beautifully arranged.
Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association, Peach Hampton

Overall, this album is an ample example of Lee’s range and what he can do… Indeed, Lee works hard to put his tuneful trademark on every note he plays. The surprises are welcome and even the expected inclusions do not disappoint.
HVY.com, Will Phoenix

The disc features a combination of covers and original instrumental tunes… Bluegrass music for me has always seemed to have an inherent power to raise our spirits and push away the darker elements of reality, and we could all use some of that right now.”
Michael’s Music Log, Michael Doherty

Uplifting at the right time!”MisterG, greenarrowradio (Madison, WI)

Nate Lee with mandolin in hallway - photo credit Scott SimontacchiNASHVILLE, TN — Nate Lee is an International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) award-winning instrumentalist and renowned teacher of private lessons and music camps. The overlapping landscapes of folk, bluegrass, old-time, and new acoustic music offer a wide field to hoe and singer/mandolinist Nate ably covers every bit of that ground. Tuneful lopes, the muscular bounce of ‘grass, the sparkling charm of Grisman-Rice inspired dawg music, and more are all in his comfort zone and he moves between them with uncommon ease. Nate is known as the kind of musician who is able to put his own stamp on whatever he plays and his forthcoming album, Wings of a Jetliner, brings that home and out on June 12, 2020 on his own Adverb Records.

Nate is known as a member of award-winning bluegrass group, the Becky Buller Band, which he joined in 2017. For this project Nate assembled an inspired collection of iconic players, modern masters, and rising stars—including bandmates from Becky Buller Band: Becky Buller herself, banjoist Ned Luberecki, bassist Daniel Hardin, and the album’s producer and engineer Dan Boner. Also joining in on guitar is original member of the Tony Rice Unit and flatpicking legend, Wyatt Rice,  icon of acoustic music and sideman to the stars, living-legend bassist Todd Phillips, and rising star Bronwyn Keith-Hynes (Mile Twelve) on fiddle. Bluegrass singer and songwriter Daniel Salyer joins in on harmony vocals on a few songs and Thomas Cassell (Circus No. 9) serves as Nate’s duet partner on the Grisman-inspired two-mandolin instrumental “Serenity.” 

Renaissance man, Professor Dan Boner, came on board early as producer and engineer and primarily tracked the album at the ETSU Recording Lab. Professor Dan says, “Wings of a Jetliner mirrors all that I have observed in Nate’s persona. He is an objective seeker, lifelong learner, patient teacher, and a quick-witted responder to happenstances.”

Brownwyn, Thomas, Nate, Wyatt, Ned, Todd (b_w hi res) Photo credit Dan BonerNate composed all five instrumental numbers on Wings of a Jetliner: The lead-off track and bluegrass ripper, “Wonderbat,” the light-hearted jazzy “Quick Select,” the lovely and spare “Comealong Brown Dog,” and the spiraling “Rook Roller.

Listeners will find equally satisfying variety in the carefully chosen vocal numbers, penned by an eclectic assortment of accomplished songwriters, on Wings of a Jetliner. All here to delight are hard-driving bluegrass songs (“Tobacco” – Daniel Salyer), western swing (“The More I Pour” – Tim Stafford & Mark Bumgarner), nuanced tales (“Miner’s Grave” – Ashleigh Caudill, “Somewhere Far Away” – Bradford Lee Folk & Nicholas Ian Woods ), the waltzy “Sweet Allis Chalmers” (Bill Caswell) and the new-grassy sounds of “Love Medicine” (Chris Sanders), as well as a cover of 90’s rock icons The Offspring’s “All Along” (Bryan Holland).

Nate Lee’s Wings of a Jetliner is an album of significant range and each track breathes with life. This release is a new high-water mark for Nate. Ned Luberecki says, “Wings of a Jetliner is your first class window seat on an exciting musical journey with Captain Nate Lee at the helm. So put on your noise cancelling headphones, recline the seat and enjoy your flight!”

Nate Lee: Wings of a Jetliner Track Listing and Credits

  1. Wonderbat 1:54
  2. Tobacco 3:21
  3. Quick Select 3:05
  4. Somewhere Far Away 3:27
  5. Serenity 3:45
  6. All Along 2:20
  7. Comealong Brown Dog 4:10
  8. Miner’s Grave 2:55
  9. Rook Roller 3:39
  10. The More I Pour 2:54
  11. Sweet Allis Chalmers 3:45
  12. Love Medicine 3:57

www.PlayNately.com (teaching information)

SSR-1200X1500-POSTERSuwannee at Home: Spirit Raiser
Presented by Live Oak Music & Arts Foundation and Relix Magazine
Fri-Sun, May 15 – 17, 2020

Online Everywhere on Zoom via Facebook and Our Website

LIVE OAK, FL —  The Live Oak Music & Arts Foundation, in collaboration with Relix Magazine, is hosting Suwannee at Home: Spirit Raiser 2020. This virtual online festival will take place Friday-Sunday, May 15-17 and is intended to raise the spirits of our music community, to keep us connected to our beloved Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, and to raise some funds for festival support staff.

As our fans, artists, and festival production teams are sheltering in place and dreaming about being at festivals at our favorite music venue, we wanted to do something to raise everyone’s spirits and the online festival Suwannee at Home: Spirit Raiser 2020 was born.

Artists are volunteering their time to participate in this online festival by performing live or sending in pre-recorded content from their shelter in place. The sets will air live on Zoom via Facebook and the Suwannee Spirit Raiser website and will range from brief cameos to longer 30 minutes slots, some with a Q and A.

Suwannee at Home: Spirit Raiser 2020 will be hosted by Suwanee Rising Event Co-Producers: Beth Judy (Suwannee Spring Reunion, Suwannee  Roots Revival) and Paul Levine (Hulaween, Purple Hatters Ball).

Live Oak Music and Art Foundation Inc, a 501c3 organization will collect and distribute any collected funds and will be the sole recipient of any merchandise sold.

SSR---Video-submission-post---1080x1080-480wFans can also get involved by telling us what coming to a festival at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park means to them. Folks are being encouraged to make a short video of themselves telling their Suwannee story through a poem, live art, straight story telling, or any other creative medium that inspires their thoughts about the park.  

If you would like to get involved as an advertiser or sponsor, please contact suwanneespiritraiser@gmail.com to find out more information.

For more information and to watch, please visit www.suwanneespiritraiser.com

Suwannee at Home: Spirit Raiser Artists
Featuring Members of →
Big Gigantic
Donna The Buffalo
Doom Flamingo
Eric Krasno
George Porter Jr.
Grass Is Dead
Greensky Bluegrass
Jennifer Hartswick & Chris Chew
Jim Lauderdale
Joe Craven
Jon Stickley Trio
Keller Williams
Larry & Jenny Keel
Leftover Salmon
Luther Dickinson
Mike Dillon
Nikki Talley
Railroad Earth
Rev Jeff Mosier
Roosevelt Collier
Sierra Hull
Snarky Puppy
Steep Canyon Rangers
The Duhks
The Motet
The New Mastersounds
The Nth Power
The Travelin’ McCourys
Toubab Krewe
Umphrey’s McGee
Van Ghost
Verlon Thompson
Weedie Braimah
Will Kimbrough
Zach Deputy
More TBA

For more information and to watch, please visit www.suwanneespiritraiser.com.